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 How to Get started online?

If you got into this Site, you are probably looking for the best ways to earn extra money or even creating a full-time residual income job. The Core of this site will be “Online Businesses” and the different Legit ways you can create them with discipline. So let’s get started online!

What you need to know and I want you to remember is that for online business you must first focus on ONE way of generating income online. There are plenty out there. Once you get your business up and running, you will get things clearer.

Please STEP AWAY from any “quick ways to get rich online” or “getting rich overnight” without effort. These promises are all SCAMS. Nobody can guarantee you a millionaire lifestyle without effort or without learning, testing and applying things to your own business. For this purpose, I prepared the section “Avoid Scams” which I will be updating constantly with latest informs. 

So, things being said, this is what you will get from this Site:

To Whom is This Content Intended To?

  • People Who Are Ready To Invest In Their Own Business.
  • Retired Individuals Looking For Extra Money.
  • New Career Seekers.
  • Laid Off Employees.
  • Residual Income Seekers.
  • Those Who Like Freedom and Independence, No Bosses.
  • People With Undesirable Jobs.
  • Work From Home Jobs.

Which are the Advantages of Online Businesses?

 To Understand the advantages of an Online Business, you will need to know and have a clear view of which are the differences  between an online business and a physical one.

On a Physical Business you need:

  • Store: to offer your products to the public.
  • High Investment: includes rental costs, security deposit, employee salary, location improvement costs, etc.
  • Employees.
  • Physical Product (What are you selling?).
  • Stock (Be careful with your inventory balance!).

On an Online Business you need:

  • Hosting (it’s like the Store of your physical Business).
  • Domain Name (Name of your site). In this site, the domain name is:
  • Low investment: only the cost of the hosting and the domain name.
  • Digital or Physical Product.

If you notice, it is easier to get started online than opening a physical store.

The FIRST advantage I want to point out of online businesses is the world wide accessibility.

Nowadays, everybody has access to internet and can easily access to your site to buy your product.

It doesn’t matter where your customers are based. They can be based on China, New Zealand or Brazil and they will be reaching your store anyway.

This is opposed to the physical store because your market is limited to the zone and location your business is.

Bare in mind that there are more than 3 Billion people using internet and the number keeps increasing as time goes by. See below stats:


* The estimation for 2016 is that 3.5 Billion people will be using internet from home. This represents almost a 50% of the World population.

The SECOND advantage I want to point out is the contrast of investment level between both businesses.

As stated above, on a physical store you need a high investment amount. You have to pay:

  • Rental fee.
  • Security deposit of the rental lease.
  • Advance rental payment of 1 month or 2 (depending on some variables).
  • Employee’s salary.
  • Costs related to location improvement. Such as, space customization, racks, shelves, cash counter, etc.

Depending on the location and the store size, the total initial investment might be of +$30,000.

On the other hand, to get started online you will need a lower investment. These are: Hosting account, which costs between $4 to $5 a month and you will also need to buy a domain name, which costs between $10 to $12 a year.

The total initial investment needed to get started online is just $70 a year. Imagine how many online stores  you will be able to build with $30,000…

The THIRD advantage of online businesses is your free time disposal. As you may know, once a website is up and running, it will remain open 24/7 and for the whole year, while the physical store can be opened between 10 – 11 hours a day. So, “Get Started Online” scores another goal.

So, if for example you put your digital product for sale on your website you can generate sales even if you are sleeping or enjoying vacations. As said before, of course, you will have to take care of your online business, but it’s less stressful and more pleasant.

FORTH and last (not to take it so extensively), I want to mention that, to get started online, you need a Digital Product or Service. There are some simple examples, such as:

  • Ebooks.
  • Video recording training.
  • Affiliate Marketing, etc.

So as you might have noticed, I decided to get started online a long time ago, so I’m taking all the advantages stated above. That’s why I can write this article post with a full overview.

Online businesses are pretty scalable. With your first Website, you learn and you get the idea of how this business works. The second, third, and future websites, become easier to build and you have the possibility of outsourcing your website creation to focus on other important aspects of the business.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this! and let me know if you have any question.

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