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Wealthy Affiliate provides High-Quality training either for newbies or experts.




The price is the very cheap taking into account all the tools provided.

Easy of use


Platform is user-friendly, simple and clean.



24/7 Support. Excellent. 

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Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that teaches you how to build a legit business mainly through affiliate marketing. It was founded by Kyle & Carson in 2005 with huge success in the industry.

There are currently more than 500,000 active members that will help you get started whenever you feel down. If you want to understand how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate, read this 2016 review.

It’s FREE!

Before you start reading what is Wealthy Affiliate about, I wanted to let you know that I’m currently a member of WA. This means that I have tested this program myself, so here you will get a complete real experience about the program. If you ever wanted to get started with Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, this is the right place where to start. Hope you find this article helpful and feel free to contact me whenever you have doubt.    (disclaimer)

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Before I start with this review, let me tell you that affiliate Marketing is not so easy unless you find the right place where to start learning.

As mentioned before, I’m currently a student at Wealthy Affiliate. I will give you my point of view, and I will be 100% honest with you. On this wealthy affiliate review, you will find pros, cons, and weak points. If you decide to join, you will get my personal help and a Bonus Starting Package (Continue reading until the end to see your bonus)

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I did the same as you: I read reviews, forums, and social network comments to see if I could find complaints about the program (I have had some bad experiences before). So, as I couldn’t find any objection, I decided to join the free membership to try it out.

What I found inside the program, was surprisingly a great stuff. I like all of it, and that’s why I’m writing this article. I highly encourage you to try it at least for the free version; you don´t even need to put your credit card.

I hope you can get a sense of what Wealthy Affiliate is about with this full review (and hopefully it helps you start an online business). Now that I have experience in this field, I have been helping people to start their own businesses, so if you ever have any question, you can always reach out to me.

Below you can see a short video of the process to Earn Money Online that will be taught thoroughly at Wealthy Affiliate:

How Does It Work?

Just going back in history, Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle & Carson. They created a very innovative training which includes all the necessary tools that you need to start online but also a unique feature that most people praise about this program that is the Wealthy Affiliate community. The best thing of all is that it’s completely Free to Join forever. There is no credit card required.

To make myself clear, Wealthy Affiliate is the combination of a big Social Network of Internet Marketers and an intensive Bootcamp where you will learn EVERYTHING about affiliate marketing. There are more than 200,000 members that will help you in your learning pathway, and most of them are already earning very decent amounts of money.

Do you want to see some Wealthy Affiliate success stories(Disclaimer):

Use this story as a motivational experience, but the earnings may fluctuate depending on how much work you put on it. Earning money online is possible, but you have to be committed to work and learn.

The structure of the Membership is the following: you have the core training taught by Kyle (owner), weekly webinars (every Friday) and daily training/materials that are shared by the community members. So, as you may notice, content is very fresh and up to date. There is also a live chat window where you can interact 24 hours with everyone, ask questions or request some help if you are having some issues with your website. I love this feature.

Wealthy Affiliate is currently the #1 affiliate training program

Things being said, you can Learn how I built my free Website here. (PS. this site has been created with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform).

ATTENTION! – Some countries have limitations. The following ones are not able to Get a FREE Starter Membership due to several Security Risks and High Percentages of Fraud.

    • Nigeria
    • India
    • Philippines
    • Vietnam
    • Pakistan

(This only Affects the Free Membership. Instead, you can get the Premium Membership Here)

On this program you will find:

    • How To Start Your Own Business
    • Learn How to Build a Website
    • Monetize Your Website
    • Create Your Success Online Pathway
    • Full Expert Support
    • SEO stuff
    • Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic
    • Keyword Research
    • Free Affiliate Program


Pricing – What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

There are two types of Plans within the Program: Starter Membership and Premium Membership. See Below a comparison Chart with details and pricings:

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Pricing Table

If you are new to internet marketing, I recommend you to start with the Starter Membership. Within this free membership, you will get a lot of training materials and tools. You will also get two free WordPress websites with free hosting which will let you test all the features, designs, and plugins before buying a paid one.
After you learn and practice with all the training materials, I suggest you to get the Premium Membership (only if you are determined to work hard on your website and business).

This membership includes more tools than the starter membership, such as, unlimited live chat, endless keyword tool search, live classes by experts and many others which will be very useful if you are going to take Internet Marketing as your serious business.

Tools & Training Materials

Two Types of earnings: Affiliate Marketing or Your Own Niche and Product service.

  • Classrooms  For Different Topics: Keyword Research, SEO, Website Development, Authoring & Writing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, PPC, plus many others!
  • Done for you Keyword Research: A list of High Traffic Keywords with Low competition are provided to you monthly, which saves you a ton of time with your searches.
  • Live Weekly Training: each Friday/Saturday there is a live class with an Internet Marketing expert called Jay who has +8 years of experience in this field. Some of the latest webinars were about SEO, Niche Research, Keyword Research, Traffic exposure, etc.
  • Hosting
  • Domain Name Service: Easy and fast way of buying a domain name at the lowest price. If you compare prices and services offered by NameCheap or GoDaddy, you will check that WA domain names are taking the lead. Just see below:
  • Community Support (By far the most helpful Feature): Tons of Questions & Answers coming and going. There is full support for Technical stuff within your Website plus live chat 24/7 and training materials created by members. Yes, you can create your own training on WA.
  • Website creation in 4 simple steps

Advantages & Disadvantages

Here are some advantages of Wealthy Affiliate:


The first thing you will learn is how to build a website step-by-step. Then, you will learn about technical aspects of your site (not complicated at all), SEO best practices and how to rank on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). As a final step, you get to know how to generate traffic (visitors to your website) and social media marketing.


There are no other training programs which let you join for Free. You can start a business, literally, in less than seven days and the best part is that your free account is forever. You don’t need to upgrade or pay anything if you feel that you don’t need them.


Wealthy Affiliate University counts with a free affiliate program, where you can earn a commission if you refer people to join the community (and you help them start). The great thing is that you can create a free website with free hosting, so you can promote this affiliate program without even spending a penny. (Investment = $0)


This is one of the top advantages of Wealthy Affiliate. You can place a question anytime, and somebody will answer it instantly (or, at least, they will help you find the answer) – See below proof of what I’m talking about from “Live Chat”:

Wealthy Affiliate Community Support

Wealthy Affiliate counts with a numerous amount of experts who take Internet Marketing as a full-time job. They provide Advice & Tips, and you can also send them private or public messages whenever you want.


Each week you have live classes on a particular topic. This is very helpful, and you can ask any question you need.


The program offers website creation, free hosting, and domain name purchase. You can get your free sites or your premium domain (only for paid members). It is easily set up in 4 simple steps which take no longer than 5 minutes! You also have +2000’s Professional WordPress Themes to choose (see below screen-proof).

Wealthy Affiliate Easy Setup
Wealthy Affiliate Performance Check

This is Superb. You just Register for Free, or you pay the Premium membership, and that’s it. All the rest you get it for free. If you compare this to other programs, you will see that all of them are always pushing you to buy the products they promote. This sometimes might be quite annoying and demotivating.

Some disadvantages I found (difficult job by the way):


The program can sometimes be overwhelming if you are a new member. There are plenty of training and guides where to find information that you might get distracted from the primary goal which is “Build your website.” So, my recommendation is to start on the “Get Started” course and FOCUS just in that for the first weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

It’s a platform that offers you training about affiliate marketing. You have a ton of resources and tools to build a full-time job with online businesses. It’s one of the most recommended affiliate marketing courses nowadays.

  • How Do I Get Started?

You Have to register for your Free Account (Here) and begin with the training lessons.

  • How Long Can I Be a Free Member?

You can be a Free Member for ever! No need to pay for the premium membership unless you are serious about this business and you are determined to be successful.

  • How much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate?

It depends on you and the effort you put into the business. I earned my First $47,  four months later of getting started. Others take one month, others 3.

As I told you above, you have the tools to build incredible things within the program, so if you put your brain into work, you will be successful for sure.

  • Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

If you are looking to create a website and build your own business, I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start and learn all about Internet Marketing. My experience with the program is excellent, and luckily for me, I saw results in a short period. (Remember also that you have help from me and everyone inside the community)

My Final Verdict + Special BONUS

  • If you read my full review you should be able to understand what is Wealthy Affiliate about and how does it work. It’s one of the best affiliate programs I ever met.

    I recommend Wealthy Affiliate program mainly because it’s very easy to learn how to start online. The only thing to point out is that the program works only if you are committed to dedicate time to your business. Earning money online is possible, and it can become a full-time business if you are determined but it’s not an overnight get rich business, though.

    You can also count on my support whenever you need help or have any doubt. I am a great mentor too 🙂 (and very patient)

    You can also take 5 or 10 minutes to read at least some Reviews to see how does Wealthy Affiliate work here.

    It's Legit



    When you join your FREE starter account, I will offer you a BONUS if you decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days. This Bonus include:

    • BONUS #1 – Discount in your First PREMIUM month of 59% (so, the first month will be just $19).
    • BONUS #2 – You will get my personal support 24/7, and I will be the first one to contact you in your WA profile.
    • BONUS #3 – Special Bonus: “Guide to get your Website Ranked in Google for 2016”.
    • BONUS #4 – Live Case Study 2-Part Webinar Series (See a professional internet marketer build a website from scratch, create content, do keyword research, rank, monetization. (+2 hours of Video lessons)
    • BONUS #5 – The 5 Biggest Newbie Mistakes and How to Fix Them! 

Overall Rank

Wealthy Affiliate Free Training Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to Start an Online Business?

Sign up to my #1 FREE training course and be part of a community of +800,000 Bloggers!


  1. Cherie -

    Hi Kevin,
    Particularly, the FAQ’s section answers so many questions.

    How long have you been involved with Wealthy Affiliate? I’m looking to join Wealthy Affiliate as I have been laid off and I need to work urgently.

    Shall I invest my money on the Premium Membership right away?

    • Kevin -

      Hi Cherie!

      First of all, I’m sorry to hear about your current situation.

      I would suggest not to go for the Premium Membership right away. Instead, I recommend you to join the Starter Membership which is Free. This includes a free website, free hosting and free training, which will show you how to start your online business step-by-step. With these tools, you will have a good starting point and it is a cost-effective way of doing it.

      Hope it helps you,

  2. Monica Bouteiller -


    I was reading your article and I find it really helpful. I have been reading about internet marketing but never decided to start.

    I’m very confused on where to start, there are so many programs that I don’t know which is the best for me… just to see if you can help me, I’m very new to all this, I have a low budget and I have a child to care about. Do you think Wealthy Affiliate is for me?

    Thank you very much for your help

    • Kevin -


      I see you have a real intention to start with internet marketing. That is the first and very important step.

      about your situation, I know that caring a child takes time and effort, so I think that your best option is to try Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership, where you can start building your website for free and learn how to set it up. This will let you manage your own time as per your convenience, as you don’t need to hurry up nor pay any fee.

      I’m glad to help you whenever you want, so feel free to reach me out at https://www.residualincomesecrets.com/support


  3. Melanie -

    Hi Kevin,

    I agree the FAQS section is great! It spells it out very clearly.

    If I sign up to Wealthy Affiliate can you help me start?


    • Kevin -

      Thank you Melanie!

      Glad to help people on their success. So, sure Once you sign up, I will be reaching you to give you a walkthrough.

      Best Wishes,

  4. Sarah -

    Did you find it overwhelming to go through Wealthy Affiliate’s program? I don’t know everything about making a website, but I wouldn’t call myself a complete newbie.

    How is the training structured for an amateur? I’d like to read about your experience with it for a better understanding. Do you have another post here for that?Thanks!

    • Kevin -

      Hey, Sarah!

      At first glance, Wealthy Affiliate might seem a little overwhelming but once you get used to the site, everything is fine.

      Don’t worry if you are newbie. I was too when I first started and look where I am now.
      I didn’t started with Wealthy Affiliate by the way, it took me a lot of work to get here. One day I heard about this program and I found excellent information for people seeking to start online. This program shortens your learning pathway with easy step-by-step training and video lessons, so I highly recommend it.

      On the training section, you will find a way to monetize your website with your own niche or through the “making money online niche”, so basically this program covers internet marketing aspects end to end.

      If you still have any doubt, feel free to reach me out.


  5. Joon -

    It definitely does teach newbies a lot about online business and starting a website as you have mentioned. I’m still a newbie myself so I’m still learning as I go along. I went through all basic classes and currently I’ve been just focusing on creating contents. I don’t know what the future will bring me but I’ll keep going and see what happens.

  6. Ray -

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member for a few months and I particularly agree about the community support that I find extremely helpful. I think that’s one of the reasons that’s motivating and keeps my membership.

    And yes as you said the disadvantage can be the amount of information that’s overwhelming. That’s why I find your instructions very helpful. I haven’t yet used the Live Chat module – I must try!

    Thanks again for the great article!

    • Kevin -

      I’m glad you are doing well with Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

      I encourage you to try the Live Chat as it will help you a lot with any doubt you have. I use it frequently for technical questions as I’m not a techie expert but you can give the use you need, either if it is a problem you have with your website, terminology (I know a lot of people having some problems with this), tips, advices, etc.

      Let me know how are you doing!

  7. Joel -

    Hi Kevin,

    Really enjoyed your review of wealthy affiliate. I was really overwhelmed when I first joined wealthy affiliate because there is just so much to learn.

    I have been doing what they teach and have already made 2 sales so far, so for anybody that reads this it definitely works! I’m very happy with this.

    Thanks for all your support and I would like to work with you. Please PM me.

    • Kevin -


      That’s awesome! First sales are the most valuable. It shows that affiliate marketing really works.

      I will send a PM to help you out in whatever you need.

      Best regards mate,


  8. Brian -

    Very good post about Wealthy Affiliate. I really like how you laid out the benefits of it and the best way to start if you join. You also have a kind of FAQ for some common questions such as what is Wealthy Affiliate and if it is a scam and others which really help.

    I will join today to Wealthy Affiliate, can you please help me get started?

  9. Curt -

    Hey Kevin,

    I must say that this review is a great read and it lines up with my experiences with wealthy affiliate to a tee.

    I’ve been a member for about 4 months, started out as a newbie and have managed to start developing my own website straight from the get go.

    I have a friend who I’m trying to convince to give WA a try, this article will come in handy.
    The WA community is amazingly knowledgeable and supportive. Nicely presented article mate.

    • Kevin -

      Thanks, Curt!

      I’m glad to hear your experience with Wealthy Affiliate is good 🙂

      And, yes, feel free to share my post to your friend. I’m happy to help too (if your friend or you have any problems).

      thank you

  10. Armando -

    Hi Kevin

    I looked at your website, you are giving a good information about wealthy Affiliate. I am also a member of this community and platform, I can say that it is one of the greatest sites I found on Internet, I have been learning a lot about online business and websites construction, I also started my online business and building my websites for the first time.

    Wealthy Affiliate is one of the greatest educational programs and platforms on the Internet, very safe place with lot of information and possibilities for people, like me, want to start an online business and learn more about it.

    I also recommend the Premium account if you are serious on this issues, as I did.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Kevin -

      Hey, Armando!

      Thanks very much for your thorough comment and I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying of Wealthy Affiliate. Good job!

      I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is worth it every single penny.

      Let me hear your success story soon!


  11. JP -

    Awesome article about a product that I can say is one of the greatest affiliate marketing education platforms out there on the web right now. The training takes you step by step so you have everything pretty well organized. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading further posts.

    • Kevin -

      Thanks, JP!

      You must be a Wealthy Affiliate member, so it’s great to hear you like the training.

      Looking forward to work with you!


  12. Raymond -

    Hello Kevin,

    Great work on giving a good review on wealthy affiliate. If I was new reader who had no clue what is wealthy affiliate and if it is legit, your site explains it all.

    The pictures, the headlines are really great for my eyes to read. Infact I can skim thru the whole page just by reading the headlines to give me a good clue on how the process goes when joining WA.

    Plus the comments down below helps support other new readers that it’s legit.

    So keep up the great work.



    • Kevin -

      Hi Raymond!

      Thanks for your comment! Nice to read positive comments from people.

      Wealthy Affiliate is really good so I’m encouraging people to try it. It’s really helpful for any kind of marketers. Either if they are beginners or advanced.



  13. CrewMonkey -

    Wow! Absolutely great content! You literally have EVERY detail about WA listed here. There is so much that WA offers, that I love it.

    You explain and answer clearly the common questions, such as, is wealthy affiliate scam or legit? or is wealthy affiliate worth it?

    I’m already a Wealthy Affiliate member so I can give my own opinion too…

    The only disadvantage of WA is definitely how overwhelming all the information SEEMS to be. At first it seems like there is just so much going on and you just want to hop right in there but its always best to start with the courses and follow through or it will remain overwhelming. If you follow the steps they tell you to do then there really are no cons at all!!

    • Kevin -

      Hey CrewMonkey!

      Thanks very much for leaving your own experience with Wealthy Affiliate!

      It’s good to know that people is learning quite well with this program. That’s why I created this article, to show people where to start and avoid all the scams out there.

      Hope to see you around here again!


  14. Jeff -

    Hi Kevin, I’m a complete newbie at working online. Thank you for all the great info on your site and I will take your advice and head over to Wealthy Affiliate for a look.
    Kind regards,

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hey Jeff,

      I’m glad you like my website 🙂

      By the way- Nice to have you as a new member of Wealthy Affiliate! I wish you all the best in your new journey to success. I will be there to help at any moment.

      Talk to you soon.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Linda,

      It depends on How advance your knowledge is. One of the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the community, where you will find daily updated content and help. If you are struggling with your current website, you can give it a try with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Hope it helps

  15. Helen -

    Hi Kevin, I run a small business from home offering treatments and therefore looking for more local clients rather than attract interest from people too far away – is WA something that can help me with this? Thank you! Helen

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Helen. If you already have a website and you are struggling to make some sales, or if you need to improve your knowledge, then Wealthy Affiliate will help you a lot.

      There is a weekly Live webinar (each Friday) on specific topis, so content is up to date and fresh. For example this Friday (5/27/2016) the webinar is about generating more traffic to your website. Here is the link: “Hot Seat 2016: May the Traffic Be With You

      Additionally, you have the community support which will help you answer all the questions you have or solve any issues you may encounter.

      Hope it helps and do not hesitate to ask me any question.


  16. Tony -

    Hi Kevin, have you done any research on a company called polaris Global and if so, what results did you come up with

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Tony, I have heard of Polaris Global and my suggestion is keep away. This is a pyramid scheme which will not teach you the correct way of earning money and if you do make some money, they will not pay it out.

      Be careful with this type of businesses as there are a lot out there.

      Hope it helps

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