Learning How to Make money Online With a Website?

There are so many people asking “How to Make money Online With a Website” that I decided to write this post to give help to those who are struggling to start.

I will show you one way in which you can earn money online with a website, but bear in mind that there are many other methods which will be discussed on further posts.

Making money online and creating a Web site hasn’t been easier than nowadays. I created my very first website without any knowledge of techie stuff.

Information is all spread around and affordable to each one who really wants to make the best out of this business.

There are also many training courses which will help you a lot in getting you started. You can check my recommended ones Here.

Please take a look at the graph I prepared for you below. It’s a simple summary of how the process works.

Money Making Process

FIRST, the “how to make money online with a website” process starts with an Audience. This audience has a problem which needs to be satisfied.

Your audience is a targeted group of people who have the intention of buying your product. What you need to understand about your audience is:

  • Who are these People?

Is it a woman of 35 years old with low resources? Or a high executive of 50 years old?

  • What “Problem” are you solving?

Do this 35 years old woman need to make extra money to pay debts?

  • How do you plan to solve this “Problem”?

Do you plan to provide a service? Sell a product? Both?

For Example This website is called “Residual Income Secrets“, so the target audience is:

    • Residual Income Seekers.
    • People who are ready to invest in their own business.
    • Retired individuals looking for extra money with low effort.
    • Low salary employees.
    • High salary employees that want more.
    • Laid off employees.
    • Investors.
    • People looking how to make money online with a website.

To understand which was my audience and what was the problem I was solving, I had to research in forums, websites, chats, friends and books.

I finally understood that the best way to help my AUDIENCE was to provide information and advice (from a personal point of view and experience) on how to build a residual income stream.

If you noticed, on this site I provide tools I use for my online businesses. Also, training in which I had good experiences at and how to avoid scams online. This is my action plan to help people.

How does an audience reach your website? 

This is an easy question. You tell me – how did you get here?.

Maybe it was “Googling”, through Yahoo search, Bing or maybe it was on any social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin). These are all free traffic ways to get people to your website.

But there are also paid ways to get people to your site. Did you ever hear about Google Adwords? See below:

Google Adwords

If you notice, I will remark in red all the ads which people pay to get on top of google searches. This means higher visitors to their websites.

Almost 85% of the people looks to top ranked websites rather than the ones which rank on place 10.

…and it is quite true, right? Do the test yourself: On which website do you look information? the one that appears on top or the one on page 16?

You need to understand that traffic is very important if you want to be successful with your online business. Without visitors you don’t get sales, which means NO MONEY.

So, How to Make money Online With a Website?

This was the principal question we were looking for.

Okay, there are many ways to monetize a website, but I will put just a few of them. These are:

1. Affiliate Programs

If you never heard about affiliate programs, it’s just promoting other’s people product or service in return for a commission. On average, depending on the program you are in, commissions go between 6% to 50% or even 60%.

This is a list of affiliate programs you can search for:

    1. Amazon (top used program)
    2. Clickbank
    3. JVZoo
    4. Comission Junction
    5. Shareasale
    6. MaxBounty

Amazon is one of the most used affiliate programs. You can earn a commission promoting whatever they are selling. It can be an iPhone, a McBook Air, Books, clothing, etc.

2. Google Adsense and other Ad programs

To make money with Google Adsense or any other Ad program, you have to display Ads which are provided by Google, Yahoo or Bing. Once someone clicks on the ad, you get paid.

What is the payout? The payout depends on demand for that Ad and its competition. It can go from $0.1 up to $15.

You just need to sign up an account with Google Adsense (Be patient because this needs approval from Google). Once you are accepted, you will be abe to get an Ad code to add it to your website. You can see a short video below or click here to get a FREE training on how to earn money with Google Adsense.

Are there alternatives to Google Adsense? YES absolutely! There are many others. These are:

    • Yahoo/Bing network
    • Chitika
    • Kontera
    • Clicksor
    • Infolinks
    • Media.net

3. Your Own Product/Service

Creating your own product is one of the best ways to earn money online. Product can be either physical or digital.

A Physical product can be anything that crosses into your mind. For example, you can create an e-commerce site and sell sports clothes, furniture, books, electronic devices, etc.

A Digital product it’s usually in the form of an ebook, but you can also offer training courses, website design, website creation, SEO improvement.

This is just a brief explanation of how you can earn money with your own product. If you have an idea in mind, and you need information in depth, go here to learn more.

4. Build a List

Building a list is another amazing way to make money online. You build a list by capturing your client’s email address.

What’s the purpose of capturing client’s email addresses?

This will allow you to keep in touch with your visitors/customers and you will send them solutions, tips, and advice. You will be building authority in the niche and field you choose, so people will get back to you for help.

You can also send discounts and offers to your client. Be sure that if your product/service is good, people will rip it off from your hand. You must provide a high-quality product or service and never give false promises or fake products. If so, people will leave you very soon.

But how do I build a list? 

The easiest way to build a list is to give you visitor something valuable in return for their email address. For example, it can be a free small ebook. They get the ebook for free, and you get your visitor’s email address.

To keep in contact with my visitors, I use an autoresponder service email. With this service, you can schedule emails to be sent over a period. You don’t have to send emails manually every time you get a subscriber in your list.

Personally, I use Aweber for this purpose. If you check in the section “Tools I use“, you will see that I made a short description of it or you can read my full review here. I have been using it for years now, and it works perfectly well.

If not, you have GetResponse which is also a good option and is really helpful for many internet marketers.

As mentioned before, don’t be afraid of getting into this new world. Always keep in mind that:

    • Anyone can accomplish success online (I did it without any experience, and it’s 100% right).
    • Anything NEW can appear to be overwhelming at first.
    • You do not need any experience.
    • Success is not an event; it ’s real, and it could be achieved if you are decided.

This was a summary of How to Make money Online With a Website. I Hope you can take advantage of this.

As always, remember you can contact me if you have any doubt, or you can also leave a comment below. I will answer you in a rush!

See you around!