How To Earn A Living From Blogging

How To Earn A Living From Blogging 9 Step Guide

How To earn a living from blogging is one of the trending topics nowadays. 

Do you know you can earn a decent living with a blog? People often treat blogging as nothing but a hobby.

While you can try blogging as a hobby, you can also decide to make a living from it by creating a profitable blog… but how to do so? Keep reading to discover the secrets.

To create a profitable blog, you must treat your website like a business and not something you do only when you feel bored. Keep reading if you want to know how to make a profitable blog.

So maybe you’ve created a blog already. You update it three times a week and have visitors coming in regularly, but you still haven’t made a penny off it. What did you do wrong?

Making a profitable blog is a long term thing so don’t expect to get rich overnight. Just concentrate on creating a blog that offers maximum value to visitors as this is the fundamental aspect of making a profitable blog.

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How To Earn A Living From Blogging?

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Dominate Your Niche

To make a profitable blog, you have to understand your niche. Make out time to study your competition. Learn the monetization methods they employ and learn how you can create a valuable experience for your visitors.


Niche Down Further

Just picking a niche is not enough. You have to niche down even more. This way, you’ll dominate your niche faster simply by creating content that your audience is searching for.


Think of Blog Posts Topics on Time

Before you go live, think of at least 10-20 quality blog post ideas. Use Google for related searches when you are running out of ideas or niche back up one level if possible. How to earn a living from blogging


Choose the right Domain Name & Hosting Service

Your domain name goes a long way in determining professionalism. Remember, it’s business, so you have to get a business name.

Use any of the generic TLDs (. net, com, Org) and use something easy to pronounce and remember. Stay away from dashes and numbers. Use a name that would make a user aware of what you offer without having to ask or even before opening a page. (how to earn a living from blogging)


Install WordPress

WordPress is the best solution for someone who is just learning how to make a profitable blog. Most of the web hosts have a one click installation. Also, WordPress has natural optimization which would be very useful for bringing organic traffic to your blog.


Create Value-Adding Content That Generates Leads

It doesn’t matter how you want to monetize; affiliate, selling your products or endorsing the products of others, you need to create 100% original posts that add real value.

Supposing you are into affiliate marketing, and you want to promote a link to book sales, a good way to go would be writing a blog post on the benefit of reading. Use only correct information and add the link in between as a recommended book.(how to earn a living from blogging)

In case you want to sell portable generators, then write a review on that and insert the links as well.

Write guest posts on other sites related to your niche to improve domain authority. Focus on winning titles and engaging content.


Don't Sell Ads

Do you already have an engaged audience that trust you? Selling ads would not be a smart move at this point. If you’re just starting and you do not have your products to sell, then sell the products of other brands and get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is always on every blog post that has to do with how to make a profitable blog. Intermediate affiliate marketers make an average of $100 daily. You can promote your affiliate links on social media sites you have a large fan base.


Don't Joke With Your Mailing List

This is one of the legitimate ways to generate quality leads and continuously grow your audience. 70% of your first-time visitors will never come back.

However, visitors who subscribe to your mailing list are more likely to come back over and over again. Using popup windows that are easily dismissible is one way to grow your mailing list. You can give out freebies to earn the loyalty of your visitors and get them to subscribe.


Create Your Products And Offer Services

In addition to all the other common ways to make money blogging, you can create your own product and offer quality services for a price. As long as you have decent traffic and your goods and services that are related to your niche, you would make sales.

Apart from the fact that selling your products increases your earnings, it also builds your brand gradually. You can sell anything from a resource guide to actual tangible products. ((how to earn a living from blogging)

It’s always fun to read a post on how to make a profitable blog, but it’s not always easy to implement all you have read. You most likely already own a Blog, if so, then do a review and correctly make the necessary adjustments.

If you haven’t started but you are interested in how to make a profitable blog, then you know what direction to go. Whatever it is, remember that the key to every successful business is patience and hard work.

Blogging would not get you money overnight, at least that’s not how mine happened, it would take some time to generate real income from blogging, but when it starts, it hardly ever stops coming in.

If you do not want to fall within the 99% of bloggers who fail in the first year, then learn to patience and earn money with a profitable blog.