Profitable Niches to Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business Around

The profits you can make as an affiliate marketer will vary from one niche to the other, and that’s because each niche has different products to promote.

How much money you make in affiliate marketing will depend on the affiliate commission you get from your product.

A niche is just another word for market, and what makes a market more profitable than the other is the average affiliate commission, which is affected by the product price.

A product can offer you 75% commission on a $100 product, and another can offer you 50% on a $15 ebook.

For this reason you need to find niches that offer high paying affiliate products so you can make the most profits.


There are 3 types of affiliate compensations offered:

Pay per sale is just as it sounds, you get paid only when you make someone buys a product through your affiliate link.

Almost in every niche you will find a pay per sale affiliate products.

Per per action or most commonly known as “pay per acquisition” is another affiliate compensation model where you get paid when someone download an app or fill out a survey.

These kinds of affiliate programs are limited to certain niches like forex and insurance among others.

Recurring commission is most popular on products that offer monthly services.

So by building your affiliate website around services based niches you can expect great profits potentials, since you are paid every month by just referring 1 buyer.

Niches like web hosting and SEO services are known for their affiliate recurring commission programs.

How to Find Hundreds of Niches

Some affiliate marketers prefer to target niches in which they have more experience in.

This can be turning your hobby into a business venture, for example if you love fishing then you can promote fishing products and teach others on your affiliate website how to do fishing.

Other people use their life experience to make money.

Like people who were used to be overweight can start teaching others how to lose weight and in the process promote their affiliate products.

If you are the kind of person that can learn quickly about any topic, then you can browse through niches and find the one you like the most.

Using you can find multiple niche choices.

Google “how to get rid of a” (replacing “a” with other alphabet letter)

google suggest
Google will return to you a list of niches that represent problems people are suffering from.

You can then try to solve these problems and suggest affiliate products that can help them solve these problems in more efficient manner.

Another way to find profitable niches is to browse through the marketplace of any affiliate network.

Affiliate networks are companies that host many products from different vendors, and affiliate marketers are required to sign up for the affiliate network of the product they are promoting.

Affiliate networks marketplaces list their products in a categorized manner, which is something you can use to browse through niches.

Let me show you how to find profitable niches using Clickbank’s marketplace, a leading affiliate network with many quality products.

Open Clickbank marketplace and click on any category to see its sub categories:

Clickbank categories

Once you select the sub-category you will be able to see different affiliate products offered.

Check the product prices to determine how profitable the niche is.

The prices you see on Clickbank marketplace is your affiliate commission and not the product’s price.

Finding High Paying CPA Niches

You also should check out various CPA offers that you can make money from with affiliate marketing.

OfferVault is the leading marketplace for CPA affiliate programs and by browsing through their affiliate programs you can find profitable niches.

CPA niches are very lucrative not just because they offer commissions that pass the $100 mark but also because you don’t need to make a sale in order to secure your affiliate commission.

Take for example this CPA affiliate program:

 You get paid $16 for just making someone download this game.

If you managed to generate 100 downloads each month (which is not hard for a free game download), you can then make $1600 per month from just this affiliate program.

The problem with CPA affiliate programs is that they have some restrictions on the type of traffic that will qualify you for affiliate commission.

For example the above CPA affiliate offer will only pay your affiliate commission for people who are based in Netherlands.

But with a well planned traffic strategy you can target local markets to get qualified traffic. This can be done by doing location based SEO or targeting people on social media who are from certain countries.

Paid ads campaigns like Adwords and Facebook ads allow you to get country-based traffic to your affiliate offers.

So if you have a budget for advertising you can use it on CPA offers, especially because you don’t have to make a sale to get paid.

So if you spent $50 to generate 5 download on your CPA offer, then you will be making $80 ($30 profits plus your original $50).

You can then re-use the whole $80 to run another PPC campaign and increase your profits substantially.

This is a pure business strategy, as you try to generate as much ROI (return of investment) as possible.

Final Words

Affiliate marketing is an art in itself; it requires devising business strategy that covers as much areas as possible (like traffic generation).

But you need to understand that your affiliate success will start with how well you do your niche research and how wisely you select your niches.

Don’t rush niche finding as it is the most important step you will take in your affiliate marketing business, and doing it wrong could be the reason why you progress slowly in your online business.

Take a look at affiliate marketing courses and training available, they can help you with many things in affiliate marketing especially in niche finding.

Using a good niche finding tool will save you a lot of time researching, and allow you to focus better on the more challenging areas of niche research.

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