Build a List with Aweber Step-by-Step


AWeber Logo blueOn this guide, you will learn how to build a list with Aweber Step-By-Step. These are the contents included:

  1. Creating an Account with Aweber
  2. How to Build a List with Aweber step-by-step
  3. Pricing

Aweber is the autoresponder service I currently use for all my email marketing campaigns. The service provided is really excellent, so I don’t have any complaint about it. What I like the most is the simplicity and how easy it is to find all the tools (sign up forms, subscribers, messages).

(They offer a Free 30-Day Trial, so you can try it yourself).

There is a Free eBook guide “Growing Your Business with Email Marketing” that you can download here. On this eBook, you will learn:

    1. How to create sign up forms
    2. How to create email content
    3. How to collect subscribers
    4. How to use the autoresponder feature
    5. How to measure the performance of your campaign

I have tried some other services with no success. For example MailChimp. The website layout is not user-friendly at all. It’s very hard to find things, and it’s also hard to create campaigns. Also, there was a recent communication from Mailchimp saying that they will not provide autoresponder services to affiliate marketers any longer. (So, Thumbs down to Mailchimp)

Another service I tried was GetResponse. I have no complaints about the service. It’s an excellent autoresponder platform which also offers a Free 30-Day trial version. I have written a review about GetResponse, so you can chek it out here.

Creating an Account with Aweber

If you are willing to build a list, your first step is to create an Aweber account. Aweber offers a one month Free Trial, so you can see if it works for you or not.

Step 1: go to and click on sign up to the Free Trial account for 30 days, as shown in the image below:

AWeber sign up for a free account

Step 2: Choose the “First Month Free” option, complete all your personal details and then click on “Complete Order.”

Notice that if you already have an email list of subscribers, you can easily import it. I will show you later on this post how to do it.

aWeber Plans
aWeber Service Agreement

Step 3: A thank you page should appear selling an Email Marketing eBook. Just click “No Thanks, Continue to checkout” (unless you feel it’s necessary for your business)

aWeber Kickstart

Step 4: See your checkout summary and finally click on “Sign in Now”:

aWeber Welcome

Step 5: Enter your Login details (the ones selected in Step 2)

Step 6: Complete your Campaign information. This will be shown on the emails that will be sent to your subscribers.

You will need to complete the following:

A. Personal Information

You will need to enter your Website, Company Name (if you have no Company Name, your name should be ok too), Address and Sender name (either company name or your name). See below Image:

After Completing this information, click on “Next Step”.

aWeber Personalize account

B. Create Your List

Choose the Name of your list with something that identifies either the product you are giving away or where the opt-in form is placed. For Example: “Free eBook Title Name” or “Subscribers from”

aWeber creating a list

After Completing this, click on “Next Step”.

C. Set up your Confirmation Page

This Confirmation page is optional. It will be sent if you want to request a subscription confirmation to your email list. It’s like this: somebody signs up to your Opt-in form, then a confirmation request is sent to this subscriber and once the he confirms, you will get him on your email list.

I recommend you to leave this option “On” to avoid spam emails. There are many people out there leaving fake emails just to grab your free Book.

aWeber approve

Recommendation: Request your own subject line, as the “Pre-approved” ones may go to the Spam folder and your visitor might miss this emails.

Once all this is completed, you are all set to start writing your emails and designing your opt-in form!

How To Build a List with Aweber Step-By-Step

To build a list you will need 3 things:

    • Give something away
    • An autoresponder account
    • An Opt-in form

First of all, If you already have a list of subscribers because you were working with another email autoresponder service, you can easily import all of them doing the following:

1. Go to “Subscribers.”

2. Click on “Import History.”

aWeber import history

3. Go to “Click Here To Import.”

AWeber importing

4. Choose either to drag a file (Supported file types: XLS, XLSX, TSV, CSV, TXT) or manually one by one:

aWeber Importing From File

Let’s move on and see how to create an opt-in form with your Aweber account.

Go to:

    • “Sign Up Forms” section
    • Then click on “Create A Sign Up Form.”
    • Select “Sign Up Form” from the drop down
aWeber Sign Up Forms

After this, you will get to the Design Page of your Opt-in. Here you can play and tweak your Sign Up Form. You can see my design on the top right of this page and on the footer. If you need additional guidance on how to create good sign up forms, leave a comment below, and I will get back to you.


What I want you to check from the above opt-in is that I’m offering something. This is what I mentioned before about giving something that has value or helps your audience with something special. On my example you will see that I offer:

    • Step-by-Step guide on how to create a free website with free hosting
    • Step-by-step guide on how to build a paid website
    • Tips & Important aspects for your website performance
    • Recommended Tools, Guides, and Plugins
    • PLUS a 6-Day training course to leverage your website creation which will be sent by email

What’s the lesson I’m trying to teach you with this?

That to build a list you need to offer something that is valuable to your customers. Think of what can you offer, take me as an example. If you follow these steps and understand the meaning of this, I’m sure that you will be building your own successful list of subscribers very soon.

With the autoresponder service, you will automatize the process of sending the thing you will be offering in your campaign. This will reduce the unsubscribes on your list, and you will don’t have to worry about hitting the “send” button every time that a new customer signs in.

You might also need the autoresponder service to keep in touch with your list. To let them know if there is any particular offer, any new product on the market, news, training, etc. I might sound repetitive, but you should always think of adding value, never in “How to take money out of the list”. I assure you that if you add value, your list will be loyal, and they will trust on you.

What to Write in your emails? – The effective way

There is an excellent Free training offered by Aweber which has a duration of only 7 days, and it includes a PDF eBook with done-for-you email templates and a “how to create effective emails”.

It’s an excellent starting point, and you can leverage the power of Aweber, so start your training now!


Aweber offers 3 plans:

The best option for beginners is the Free plan with a 30-day trial and then $19 monthly, but if you are already an advanced marketer and already have a list, you definitely need going to the Yearly plan (15% discount vs. the monthly plan)

Hope this guide on how to Build a List with aWeber Step-by-Step helps you start an active campaign!

Feel Free to reach me out if you have any doubt or leave your comment below!