The Real Affilojetpack Review: Is It Worth the Cost?

With this Affilojetpack review, we will take a closer look to see if it really can help you earn profits online. If you’ve ever tried to go online to make money, at some point you will eventually realize that it’s not going to be easy for you. There’s plenty to figure out and you’re going to make mistakes along the way.

That’s why there are a lot of tutorials and programs online that are designed to help you along, or at least that’s what the creators of these tools claim. Many of these tools are rather affordable, but then again most of them don’t work either.

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You’ll probably get the feeling that the low price is just a lure to reel you in. This brings us back to Affilojetpack, which is now in its upgraded 2.0 version. It’s a lot more expensive, but will it really help you rake in the money?

Below you will find a short 5 minute video overview of the members area:

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Program Summary



Really good program with a nice set of benefits.



Definitely not cheap. 

Easy of use


Everything is done for you. Very simple to use.



Not much customer support but counts with an active forum.

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I Don't Like

Summary: Affilojetpack is a Done-For-You program that provides all the tools and services you need to have a business website up and running. On this review you will find what this is all about, advantages, disadvantages, services provided and more.

One time payment of $997 (With 25% Discount = $747)

What is AffiloJetpack and How Does it Work?

Affilojetpack is a set of tools and programs (called a jetpack), that helps you create and profitably run your own website. Actually, you get 5 jetpacks because you can create 5 websites at once.

The good thing is that you don’t have to wonder about what you have to do. You’re given the precise instructions and the assistance you need every step of the way.

AffiloJetpack Review


So what exactly should your website be about? There are generally 2 considerations here. First, it should be a profitable niche, or else there’s not much point to the website. Then the subject matter of the site should also be of interest to you. You’re much more motivated to work on a site if you care about the subject matter, and at the same time you also have the knowledge about the topic that can help you fill it with the most appropriate content.


Here you have 18 options, and you can pick 5 of them for your website. The chosen niches are all obviously very popular. Here you have the natural health, weight loss, muscle building, and diet and nutrition subjects. You have the self-help niche, spirituality, green energy, and Hawaii travel.

You can focus on golf, dog training, survival, or even learning how to sing. You have dating tips for men and women, advice on getting your ex back, and even fertility and pregnancy info. You can also help other entrepreneurs with a site on Internet marketing or for wholesale sourcing.

If you think you want more sites, then you can always buy an additional jetpack to cover another topic.


Now that you have your niche, you can then set up your site. You get your domain name and set up your web hosting, and the Affilojetpack basically does everything for you. The hosting is provided for 12 months, and you also get a WordPress theme preinstalled. You’re also connected with Fluttermail, which is an email autoresponder tool you can use for email marketing. All these steps will take just about half an hour or so.

Afterwards, you now have the basic framework for your site. You have and you can log in to the WordPress Admin so you can customize your flesh out your website.


Here you don’t get actual articles, since you’re not the only one using Affilojetpack for your niche. That was actually the problem with the old version of Affilojetpack. Everyone just copied and pasted the articles on their sites, so they didn’t have much SEO value. They also annoyed the website visitors when they realized that these websites had the same articles word for word.

This time you get only article research snippets. You get 20 cheat sheets that accelerate your research so you know what kind of articles you can use for the website. You’re also given a researched set of keywords that you can focus on. The keywords will get you more SEO traffic and will also help you focus on the proper subject matter of the content.

You can come up with the articles yourself, or you can farm out the work. In the Affilojetpack membership area, you can get training on how to do both tasks.

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Now you can fiddle around with the look of the site. You can start with the 5 header graphics and layouts and customize them to the look you want for your site. You have to do this, or else your site will look like the other Affilojetpack websites.


You won’t have to come up with your own email messages either. Instead, you already have more than 90 highly informative email messages that you can just customize and change so again you’re not like everybody else. These email messages can last up to a year, and you can program Fluttermail to send them for you automatically. They also have promotions for your affiliate products built in.


So now your website is ready for visitors, so it’s time to drive traffic to your site. The jetpacks also offer a traffic generation guide so you’ll know what to do. The membership area also offers tips on what to do in terms of SEO. In addition, with the right layout and content your site should gradually become more prominent in Google listings.

Basically, you can be done with all 5 of your sites in just a few weeks at the most. However, all these aren’t free. You will have to pony up $497 for everything. Still, you get to buy this from ClickBank, and there’s a $60 day refund window. You can also console yourself that Affilojetpack used to cost $997. Other sellers may offer a higher price, but with more bonuses and membership to their own training sites.

Who Is Affilojetpack For?

This is basically for everyone. Newbies will like how they get directions and assistance they need every step of the way. All the tools are here, and so is the web hosting. If you’re new to creating a website, this offers a very clear blueprint with all the things you need already available.


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Intermediate and veteran Internet website marketers will appreciate this too because it really saves you a lot of time. So if you want to add more sites to your portfolio of websites, then you can just use this. You can then use your Internet marketing experience to customize and run the websites.

Affilojetpack Tools and Training

So let’s a take a clear look at all the tools and training you do get with your Affilojetpack membership and package:

You get 5 different jetpack packages for 5 different types of websites, from up to 18 niche options.

You get the WordPress AffiloTheme which you can then customize as you see fit. The website setup automates everything.

You also get 5 header graphics and layouts.

You even automatically get your domain hosting for 12 months.

You have the Fluttermail autoresponder tool that can automatically send the emails for you.

To incentivize people to sign in for your newsletter, you have 3 in-depth ebook reports that are relevant to your niche.

You also 20 cheat sheets and article research snippets that should make it easier for you to come up with the content you need.

You also receive researched keywords for your content focus and for SEO.

You get more than 90 emails (at this time it may be a hundred already) and newsletters you can send regularly throughout the year.

There’s a free guide on generating traffic

You have affiliate products to promote, so you can earn money right away.

You can enter the membership area and get additional info on creating content or getting other writers to do it for you.

The membership area does have a forum where other members can share ideas and info.

Affilojetpack Support

There’s no monthly membership fee with Affilojetpack, and that’s generally a good thing. However, the drawback to this one-time only pay scheme is that Affilojetpack isn’t really motivated to provide you with any sort of enthusiastic customer support.

You can go to the membership area and download additional info, and other members may provide you with answers to your questions. You can also send an email ticket and your question may be answered in 2 days or so. But there’s no live support at all.

Affilojetpack Support

Here are the great things about Affilojetpack:

You have lots of niches to choose from. Many of these packages tend to have a limited number of niches for you to pick. In some, you’re even limited to just one niche such as Internet marketing. So it’s nice that you can get a site about dog training and Hawaii travel, so you’re not competing with so many sellers of Internet marketing tools.

It really saves a lot of time. Just setting up your website can take too long if you have to manually set up your web hosting and domain name along with your autoresponder. This time you can complete the entire task with just a few clicks if you want. The webhosting is provided for and that lasts for 12 months. But you’re also not locked in.

You have ready emails to send. It can be time consuming and tedious to come up with emails to send on a regular basis. But now you don’t have to. You don’t even have to manually incorporate any affiliate products in the emails you send. Those are built in already.

You get messages when the affiliate products you promote are no longer available or viable. This means you’re always updated and you’re not stuck selling products that are no longer for sale (or are sellable).

The cheat sheets are great. You can easily use this to write your own articles. But you can send the same cheat sheet to different writers and they can come up with very different ideas and articles for your website. What that means is that you won’t have trouble coming up with fresh website content on a regular basis. That’s necessary if you want Google traffic, since SEO checks for updates.

You buy it from ClickBank. That means you’re able to test-drive your purchase for up to 60 days. That’s ample time to see if it’s worth your money and if you can actually generate profits from your 5 websites. If you don’t see any improvement within those 60 days, you will get a refund +$100.

You can discuss matters with other Affilojetpack members. There are quite a few of them, and many are willing to discuss various matters and answer questions.

It should be obvious at this point that it’s not perfect, however. Here are some Cons:

The price is the main drawback to this. Even at the cheapest offered price, at $497 it is hardly cheap at all. Although it may be argued that it does offer very helpful tools and info, few beginners may be brave enough to actually send this amount of money in one go. It should have been a membership fee for 12 months instead.

It’s a shame that you can’t really use your own email autoresponder with your websites. It’s just Fluttermail for you and nothing else.

There’s really not much info about how you can drive traffic to your website. That’s the main problem, and no free traffic generation guide will be enough. What you really need is a full course on SEO.

There’s very little customer support too. You won’t be able to contact the creator Mark Ling. He’s busy. It seems like the whole customer support staff is busy, since it can take a while for them to answer your emailed questions.


On the face of it and without considering the price, the whole package looks good. You get everything you need, and you get your websites running with minimal time and effort.

It’s just that the price is too much, and there’s a big chance that you can find a better package for a lot less. So Affilojetpack is good, but at the price it may not be good enough. If you find an Affilojetpack review that pooh-poohs the price, then that review may not be all that objective about it—because they’re selling it in all likelihood!

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