Wealthy Affiliate Review and Tutorial 2021: How I made +$4K

How I made +$4K per month!

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I will give you my personal experience and insight about this program. Fortunately for you, the platform is available for Free. No credit card required. So, you can decide if the training is for you or not without risking any money.

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*Note* This Wealthy Affiliate Review has been updated on 1/2/2021

1. What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Review TutorialWealthy affiliate is a social network with +300,000 bloggers and an exceptional training platform. It was founded back in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, becoming one of the most successful training programs as of today.

But, What’s the real story?

The big difference between Wealthy Affiliate and other programs is that WA doesn’t promise you to make you rich overnight or anything like that. What the program promises you is to educate and teach you everything related to affiliate marketing, SEO, Social Media, and how to build a successful and legit online business.

So, if you are expecting to become rich overnight, then stop reading this review, this is not for you. With Wealthy Affiliate you will learn the ropes of how to start this business the right way.

This will be a VERY long review, so if you are one of those that love things to the point, I prepared the index on the right for you to decide where to jump over.

Do you want to know how I make $4,700 per month?

I’m accepting up to 5 people in my team to teach how to earn money with affiliate marketing and local marketing.

Residual Income Secrets Teamwork

2. Income Proofs - Show Me The Money!

This section is just for those skepticals that need to see with their own eyes if you it’s possible to make any money with Wealthy Affiliate. 

These are some of the examples:

Wealthy Affiliate Review 1nd Income Proof 1
Wealthy Affiliate Review 1nd Income Proof 3
Wealthy Affiliate Review 1nd Income Proof 2
Wealthy Affiliate Review 1nd Income Proof 4
Wealthy Affiliate Review 1nd Income Proof 5
Wealthy Affiliate Review 1nd Income Proof 6

3. Who Is Wealthy Affiliate NOT for?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build an online business based on work, effort and time. So if you are not willing to work hard, learn and educate yourself, then this is not for you.

Why does this matter??

If anyone promises you to make you rich overnight without any effort, then I suggest you to be careful where you are getting in.

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that anyone can join and work regardless of sex, age and country. All you need is take action and be able to learn.  

Who can benefit from this training?

4. How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

There are 2 types of memberships within the training. You can check below comparison table:

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Fortunately, now it’s free to sign up for an account and you don’t even need to upgrade to the Premium Membership ever (although I highly recommend it).

5. Wealthy Affiliate Video Review & Overview

6. What's Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

This section will be the longest, so take time to check out all the features included in the program.

6.1. WA Training

The basic training is divided in 5 phases (or levels). In my opinion, Level 1, 2 and 3 are the most useful but lets check each one in detail:

Phase 1: Getting Started

This phase consists of 10 lessons. It is oriented on showing you how to build the foundations of your business and how to start earning revenue.

These will be the first steps you will be taking on your business: setting up financial and non-financial goals, choosing your niche, building your website and more.

Course Benefits and Learning Outcome

Phase 2: Building your Own Traffic Producing Website

On this Phase 2 you will learn ways of getting more and more traffic to your website. Mastering this concepts will help you to become a successful marketer. 

This is one of the most crucial phases of the training, as traffic is the main source of income of any website. These are the 10 lessons included in Phase 2:

Wealthy Affiliate Phase 2 Lessons
Course Benefits and Learning Outcome

Phase 3: Making Money!

At this point, you should already have content written on your website, you know how to generate traffic and you might be getting traffic. So, on this phase you will learn ways of converting that traffic into revenue. There are plenty of ways of generating income with your website, so pay attention carefully. As said before, Phase 1,2 and 3 are super important to your success.

Now, lets check the lessons included on phase 3:

Wealthy Affiliate Module 3 Lessons
Course Benefits and Learning Outcome

Phase 4: Mastering Social Engagement

Social Media has become a very important aspect of an online business. With Google latest algorithm update, social signals (i.e. Facebook likes, shares, retweets, pins, etc.) are key to determine the success of where an article will end up ranking on  search engines.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Mastering Social Engagement

Some of the Benefits and Learning outcomes of “Mastering Social Engagement” training:

Wealthy Affiliate Module 4 Lessons
Course Benefits and Learning Outcome

Phase 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

By now, you already have a website fully up and running. You already have the foundation of your business very clear.

As you might have heard, content is king. On this phase, you will get advance training on content creation: layout, design, structure, architecture and how to build better engagement. 

You will also get some tips on how to outsource your content efficiently and how to boost conversions. Scaling your business will let you leverage your business A LOT!

Wealthy Affiliate Module 5 Lessons
Course Benefits and Learning Outcome

6.2. Live Chats

This live chat feature is really awesome and helpful in any stage of your business. When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, I spent hours and hours talking on Live chat, asking questions but also having fun and meeting new people.

The live chat looks like this:

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chats

As you may notice from above image, the chat is very active. Just 3 minutes ago, someone wrote something. If you ask any question, you receive help from any WA member instantly, which is great if you are having trouble with your site or anything related to the training.

Anyway…My suggestion is: try to spend more time on your website than on the live chat!! (I know it’s addictive :P)

6.3. Live Webinars

One of my favourite tools of Wealthy Affiliate. Every week there is a live video class around certain topic. It could be related to social media, designing, latest SEO updates, or whatever you imagine.

This helps a lot on keeping you up to date with latest updates. Most of other training programs lack on this aspect, as they offer old and irrelevant stuff.

When you are inside the live class, you are also able to interact with all the other members and with the “teacher”, so you can ask all the questions you need.

some examples of the last webinars:

Wealthy Affiliate Review Live Webinars

6.4. Site Manager

On the Site Manager section you will able to see all your website details: number of posts, comments, feedback, site health, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Manager

The Yellow bar on the image above shows the Site Health of your website. This analysis is based on several factors, like, posting frequency, comments, speed, number of plugins, engagement, etc. You can see below descriptions of the factors involved:

Wealthy Affiliate Review Site Manager Helper

Within the Site Manager you can also manage additional tools like Site Speed, Site SSL (HTTPS) and Site Protect (Spam blocker).

Wealthy Affiliate SitePlus

Site Speed is a recently release feature provided by Wealthy Affiliate technology. You don’t need to install any cache plugin or pay any single dime to a website developer. Everything is covered on WA hosting.

Site SSL (HTTPS) is also an excellent service provided by WA. If you check any hosting service (i.e. Bluehost or Hostgator) they all charge extra money for HTTPS feature. 

To make it plain simple, HTTPS is the way your website visitors can navigate safely through your website. All their personal information is safe with them, which means that your website will look good not only for your visitors but also for Google’s eyes.

Site Protect (Spam Blocker) is another amazing feature which helps to prevent external attacks from hackers or spammers. It also saves you space and speed by not installing a plugin that does this type of work.

**NEW** Google Page Speed Insights, WA has recently launched an integration of Google Page Speed Insights on the platform. It’s now easy to analyze how well your website is performing by a single click of a button. Check below:

Wealthy Affiliate PageSpeed Insights

All green dots are good signs that your website is performing very fast. Normally a website speed is between 60 and 80, but thanks to the Site Speed feature mentioned earlier, WA websites perform a lot faster than others.

6.5. Site Builder (FREE Hosting!)

The Site Builder is the place where you will be building your website. The good news is that it only takes 4 steps to build it. It’s really fast. Take a look:

Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder Free Hosting

So, first you select whether you want a free domain or a paid domain. As a second step, you select the domain name you want (be careful, this can not be changed!). Next step is to select a Title for your website (don’t worry, you can change this at any moment). Final step, is to choose a theme layout for your site. This can also be changed whenever you want.

As a Starter Member ($0), you can create up to 2 free websites with free hosting.

As a Premium Member, you are able to create all the website you want either on a Free Domain or a paid one.

Now, WA gives you the possibility of registering a Domain within the platform, which makes things a lot easier, but I will go more into the details on the next section.

6.6. Site Domains

I must admit that I like this tool a lot. Not only because it’s the cheapest in the market but also due to all the features included (i.e. SSL certificate, Privacy protection, email accounts and premium DNS). The best part is that all this features are already included in the price of the Domain cost. Just take a look at the comparison table below between Wealthy Affiliate and other big Domain Name companies:

Wealthy Affiliate Whitelabel Domains

6.7. Site Content

This Tool has been released this year with great success. It’s a very useful tool for your site that will allow you to centralize and organize all your writing activities. These are some things you can do with Site content:

This is how it looks like:

Wealthy Affiliate Site Content Dashboard

6.8. Site Feedback & Comments

Another excellent and useful creation by WA. You can use Site Feedback to request feedback about anything of your website. You can use it for the following:

Site Comments is an interesting feature that allows you to create more engagement with your website. Google loves those articles that have active participation of visitors. It’s not official but some say that having a good amount of comments on posts, increases the possibility of ranking higher on search engines.

6.9. Site Support

Although Wealthy affiliate is a social platform where you interact with other blog and business owners, sometimes that is not enough. For special cases or problems, you can contact Site Support team for help.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

These are all the categories of the problem you might be getting:

Wealthy Affiliate Support Navigation

6.10. Affiliate Bootcamp

This training has been designed specially for those who don’t have an area of interest yet. It gives you the possibility of promoting WA and earn money with this step-by-step training.

The Affiliate Bootcamp has 7 phases. Check out one by one:

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp for Beginners

6.11. Keyword Tool

On this Wealthy Affiliate review, I couldn’t miss going through the Keyword tool. As you may know, keyword research is one of the most important aspects of your business. 

When you are starting a website, you are in desperate need of finding low competitive keywords. Most of the SEO tools (i.e. SemRush or Ahrefs) are very expensive, that’s why this option is really helpful. In my opinion it´s not the best tool of WA but for low budget people, I strongly recommend it.

The tool look like this:

Wealthy Affiliate Free Keyword Tool

You can run your search on the tools and you will get the amount of estimated traffic, keyword difficulty, variations for the term under analysis and more. 

One of the most used keyword research techniques is the “Long-Tail” one. Why is this? Because those terms tend to rank faster and are easier if the niche is too competitive. See illustration below:

Wealthy Affiliate Long Tail Keywords

7. Wealthy Affiliate vs. Other Training Programs

One of the top competitors of Wealthy Affiliate is Affilorama. I have also joined Affilorama a long time ago and the training was very helpful too. What happens now, is that Affilorama is very outdated. Nobady seems to do any update to the platform. 

I prepared the below comparison table with the most relevant characteristics:

Wealthy Affiliate

  • Is it easy to get help?
  • Private coaching available?
  • Can you Contact the Owners?
  • Is there a live chat?
  • Is there step-by-step training?
  • Are free websites included?
  • Is web hosting included?
  • Do they offer a domain platform?
  • Can you try for free?
  • Is there a keyword research tool?
  • Is there an affiliate program?
  • Do I recommend this?


  • Is it easy to get help?
  • Private coaching available?
  • Can you Contact the Owners?
  • Is there a live chat?
  • Is there step-by-step training?
  • Are free websites included?
  • Is web hosting included?
  • Do they offer a domain platform?
  • Can you try for free?
  • Is there a keyword research tool?
  • Is there an affiliate program?
  • Do I recommend this?

8. Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

This is what people are saying about WA. Most of the reviews are recently from 2020-2021:

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials 1
Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials 2

9. Wealthy Affiliate Negative Reviews & Complaints?

Although WA is a great platform, some have complaints that are quite reasonable. After researching online, I found the most common complaints:

10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s The Difference Between The Online Certification Course and The Affiliate Bootcamp?

To make it easy to understand, the “Online Certification Course” is oriented to any type of affiliate program, so if you already have an interest or passion, you can go for this training. On the other hand, the “Affiliate Bootcamp” is an affiliate training oriented to show you how to earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

How To Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

You can earn money by promoting Wealthy affiliate, by promoting someone’s else product or service or by creating high quality training content inside the WA platform.

Will I Start Earning Money Overnight?

Nope. The truth is that you will have to put time and effort on this business. So, don’t believe any false promise guaranteeing this.

How Much Time Do I Have To Spend On Wealthy Affiliate?

You can spend all the time you want on the platform. At first you will be more involved in the training than on your website but the idea is that you spend more time on your site writing articles, doing SEO, etc.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Have a Wealthy Affiliate Account?

There is no minimum or maximum age to have a WA account. I know a lot of people going from 15-70 years on the platform.

How Do I Get Paid For My Sales?

The most usual payment method is Paypal but you can also choose wire transfer or check.

How Can I find Affiliate Products To Promote?

That’s the most easy task. You have a lot of places where to find products to promote. (i.e. Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, etc)

Kevin – Do You Provide Ongoing Support To Your Referrals?

Of course. If you sign up under me as a referral, I will get a notification and I will reach you out and give you my email, and Skype address. I will make sure that you get your first sale!

What’s The Advantage of Becoming a Premium Member?

The advantage of being a premium is that you unlock a lot of features that Starter members don’t have: unlimited websites, keyword tool, private messaging, live chat, and much more.

Can I Earn Commissions With the Free Starter Membership?

This is a very frequent question I receive. The answer is YES! but… you get double payment by being Premium.

If you feel all these answers are not enough, just leave me a message on the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

11. Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

If you read the entire wealthy affiliate review, well done! I tried to go step-by-step through each of the features included in the program. 

As regards to the final question “Is wealthy Affiliate Worth it?”, the answer is Yes. I do recommend it to anyone who is willing to put hard work and effort on his business online. As I said previously on this review, you won’t get rich overnight but if you manage to follow the training step by step and you are consistent, I guarantee you that you will se results.

If you decide to become a WA member, just say “Hello” on my profile and I will get back to you and help you on getting your first sale.






Ease of Use





If I have to choose one program to recommend, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of them. It is an indispensable tool for Residual Income Secrets.


12. Bonuses worth $20K to Join My team

If you want to become part of my team, you will be getting Free training from my end. My goal here is that you get results = sales = money

I believe that the best way to get results is through TEAM WORK, and not figuring out how things work by your own. In order to get results for you and to build a successful online asset, I will share with you all the training that I have taken and bought! (Yes, this is worth $20K+) but I will give it for Free. The only thing required to join my team is to be consistent and put hard work. That’s all. If you don’t have this, then please don’t submit you application.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Training Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to Start an Online Business?

Sign up to my #1 FREE training course and be part of a community of +800,000 Bloggers!


  1. Dave M. -

    This is one of the best posts I have seen on Wealthy Affiliate. You certainly covered everything a person needs to decide if they want to give it a try or not. I am a starter member and am enjoying the learning process so far. I think I will turn premium in a few days, so I wanted to know if you can help me get my first sale online.

    Take care,


  2. Eric Chen -

    Hello Kevin,

    You have definitely covered every little detail and it was quite easy to read through your article.

    I decided to give it a chance since it’s free to try. How long do you think it would take to see some success? I have tried other training called Chris Farell Membership but it didn’t help me too much.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Eric,

      It depends on how much time are you willing to put on this. The more you learn and practice, the quicker you’ll see results.

      Hope it helps!

  3. Joshua -

    I’ve read a lot of reviews on WA and I’m not joking when I say this is the best one I’ve come across! You’ve put in some serious effort to go into every detail – including your opinion on Affilorama (which is something I’ve been very interested in).

    Congratulations on your success! May I ask, how long did it take you personally to reach that level of income? Is it purely from affiliate sales?

    Thanks for the awesome review!

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hey Joshua,

      Yes, my main source of income are affiliate sales and to be honest, it took me 1 month to get my first sale. But I started seeing nice results after 1 year. 

      The key here is to work hard the first year and then things will come alone. Once your business is established, you will need to work less than when you started.

  4. Josh Ellery -

    Nice and honest review of wealthy affiliate my friend,as a personal user it has helped me so much in becoming an entrepreneur and being able to work on the niche I’ve always wanted to do. I would advise anyone who wants to make money to start using affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate is the best for this

  5. Weston -

    Great review! I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since March and love it. I appreciate you sharing your income and the success stories of other members. It’s so encouraging to see different stories and know that success comes differently for everyone. There is no secret. It all comes down to hard work and time.

    I love WA because they are honest about what it takes to succeed. They don’t lie to people telling them that they can earn quick money by doing these simple things. If you want to succeed online then you have to be willing to work. And WA provides all the tools you need to succeed. Plus, the community of like-minded people is always ready to help. I’d recommend WA to anyone.


  6. Simon -

    Wow, that’s a super professional review – thanks for all the useful info.

    I’ve heard a lot of praise for WA, however, I’ve also come across the AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp. It does seem like a more sophisticated thing for tech-savvy folks.

    But I don’t get one thing – from what I know WA puts no importance on backlinks, while their one of the most important search engine ranking factors.

    Any idea why that is?

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Simon,

      It’s good that you ask about ranking factors. Let me explain:

      Backlinks were one of the most important things back on the day. The more backlinks you had, the better results you were going to get on search engines.

      Nowadays, backlinks still have some importance but there are a lot of other factors: social signals (facebook shares, retweets, pins, votes, reviews); user experience, click through rates, avergae time spent in a page, website speed, and many others. So as you can see, backlinks aren’t enough. You need to master all these other things and which Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how.

      Hope I have answered your question, but feel free to get back to me anytime.



  7. BooBish -

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I highly recommend it myself. I also agree that in order to derive benefit or results, one has to put in sufficient time and energy. But other than that, with the help of WA training and support, the sky’s pretty much the limit. One can have 0 traffic or 100,000 visitors per month depending on how well one follows the instructions or training. I admit I myself have previously not followed all the instructions closely and spent too much wasted time on things that don’t matter very much (at least not in early stage of game) such as obsessing over which WordPress template to use, but now I remind myself to stay on track more and follow instructions.

    Bottom line is I believe Wealthy Affiliate has unparalleled training (clear and easy to follow) and support.

  8. Paul -

    Hey mate
    Really awesome review and it comes just at the right time for me as I come up to my 12th period without having made a sale yet, which is disappointing and I have been thinking about canning it. However, after reading your review and being reminded that success will come as long as I don’t give up has inspired to do just that.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Paul – determination is the key here. If you are writing good posts with a good publishing frequency and applying some SEO techniques, you will definitely see results. 

      If you need any help in getting your first sale, just leave me a message on my profile and I will try to help you.

      All the best,


  9. Alysanna -

    I think you did a great job with this review of Wealthy Affiliate. You pretty much covered everything but what I like the most about your review is how you included not only your own testimonial but also those of other successful Wealthy Affiliates who are making money online. This just goes to show that you can really make money online by applying the training and lessons taught by WA.

    How long did you actually start making money? How much work did you have to put in before you started seeing results?

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Alysanna,

      I started making money on the second month but with up’s and downs. 1 year after, my business took off and I started earning a decent amount of money per month. 

      I put a lot of work on my site: quality content, designing, I wrote an eBook, started an email marketing campaign, etc etc. I’ve also spent a lot of time doing SEO and building relations with other bloggers. I think that’s the key for this business. 

  10. JohnB -

    Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform. I signed up for it a few months ago and I love the environment and appreciate the help from others. The good thing about WA is that no one ever tells you that success comes overnight. You have to work hard to earn your spot in the online world. Sticking to the training and showing passion and patience will lead you to success eventually.

  11. eric -

    Your website has a a lot of good visual representations of the things covered in the wealthy affiliate program.

    I see a lot of good examples of the earning potential too. A lot of people will likely become members after reading your review. I think this is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to get out of the everyday 9-5 schedule, and who is ambitious about owning their own business online.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi eric,

      Yeaps, that was my goal. To show real earning proofs of Wealthy affiliate members in order to show that this is  a legit training and that it’s possible to earn income online.

  12. Dani -

    Great review! I love how you showed proof of your earnings. I feel like you never really know what you’re getting yourself into, but your post proves that this is the real deal.

    I think it’s great that you can start a free account without providing a credit card. And from what I can see, it’s not a “free trial” where you will only get so much time and then you have to pay. It looks like you can work in the free version indefinitely if you wanted to. That’s really cool. So if you don’t want to commit to paying for Premium, you never have to.

    Thanks for all the details.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Exactly Dani, you can stay as a free member as long as you want. Learning about affiliate marketing has never been easier than now, so it’s a great opportunity to take advantage.

  13. Gomer Magtibay -

    Finally I found an unbiased opinion about Wealthy Affiliate. Your review is very detailed and answers most of the questions I was having. 

    I have one additional question I need to know before joining: If someone joins Wealthy Affiliate today as a premium member, knowing that there will be a cost monthly, what do you advise to do so that profits will be realized ASAP?

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Gomer, 

      Thanks for stopping by. As regards your question, unfortunately this is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s probable that you don’t see any earnings on your first months. You will need to invest time building your site from scratch: this means publishing good articles, creating a nice layout, etc. If you want to accelerate the process you can outsource your content and SEO but that will cost you more money.

      My recommendation is to start slow and be patient with your business. I guarantee you that if you work hard, you will definitely see results. It happened to me, and I didn’t have any knowledge of this. The secret on my sucess are 3 things: Work, perseverance and patience.

      If you ever need my help, just leave me a private message on my profile.

      All the best,


  14. Dave -

    I really love webinars because I feel like I am getting one on one training, like face to face.

    Do you get to ask questions when you feel lost somewhere in the explanation of the topic being discussed?

    Also, I have seen that the only con is the overwhelming information and knowledge. Does this happen with the webinars too?

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Dave,

      On the live webinars you can ask all the questions you have without any problem. The presenter will answer you on the QA section after the training ends.

      Regarding your other question, the overwhelming information is for those who are just starting online and don’t know anything at all about online marketing. But if you follow the training step-by-step there is no issue at all. The webinars are oriented either for new people or for advanced so, I recommend that you first join those webinars targeted to newbies.

  15. Steve & Kris -

    I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and I can honestly tell you this review is fantastic. I love the fact that you are upfront about this not being a get rich quick scheme. I think it is so important for people to know that they will get out of it what they put into it. There are a lot of resources available, including the training, and just a lot of very knowledgeable people. There are webinars, live chat, support. It’s up to the individual as to how much effort they are going to put into building a website with quality content. This review is very thorough and I don’t think you left any stone unturned. I also love to see that you are willing to share your income so people can see this works. Thanks for sharing, you definitely motivated me to get to work!

  16. burleyboy -

    Wealthy Affiliate is by far one of the best affiliate marketing platforms for anyone to use. I love all of their tools. I love the online community. I also love the potential for growth when it comes to becoming an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate bc it is based on a monthly recurring payment when you make a sale and bring someone into the site. It is a great way to go, and I recommend it to everyone!

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Thanks for leaving a comment and your opinion about WA! It really helps to have feedback from other people to avoid being biased. 

  17. Jason -

    Lot’s of information to digest on here. It’s great how you get 2 websites just under the basic program. All of the assistance that you get with going premium on here can cost thousands of dollars on other make-money-overnight-online platforms.

    There is a lot of value here and the big part that sold me was NO UPSELLS. Those annoy me greatly. I have been burned by them before and didn’t succeed with them either to have anything to show for it.

    By the way, I hope that isn’t YOUR sitehealth score above. GET ENGAGING MAN! 🙂 I enjoyed reading your review

  18. Dancinscot -

    This is a well laid out and easy on the eyes review of the training system. One thing I like is that it’s not the typical sales page with the bright colored and huge-lettered claims.

    However, a couple of years ago before I had significant training myself, my brain would have frozen and I might have left this page because I wouldn’t have understood enough about the elements you were referring to.

    On the other hand, your financial success is a motivation for anyone to keep reading and battle through the initial overwhelm, then move on to try the free usage of the site.

    Is it really true that a person can use the site for free indefinitely? Wow.

  19. james -

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for your post on this. A friend of mine recommended WA but I see that you offer personal coaching. If I join through your affiliate link, will you help me on my business and answer any question I have?

    I have some other questions:

    1) How do I get paid for my sales?

    2) If I have 5 different niches which I’m interested, do I have to create website for each niche or how does it work?


    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi James,

      If you sign up through my affiliate link you will get my personal help and some bonuses (including: premium themes, Advance training by myself and my Skype contact to reach me out whenever you feel like it, etc.)

      As regards your questions:
      1) You can get paid via check, paypal, wire transfer, or direct deposit.

      2) Unless you target your website for multiple niches, then yes, it’s recommended to build separate website per niche. Anyway, I recommend you to focus on just 1 website when you start. Put all the efforts and work on 1 website because (believe me) it’s difficult to manage 5 website if you are a complete newbie.



  20. theodore -

    Really impressive review on wealthy affiliate. I agree with you totally that it is not for people who are not willing to work and learn. The premium membership is well worth it for all the tools, training and live feedback you have access to. Phenomenal product, I am happy I signed up.

    Kind Regards,

  21. Manny -

    Hi there,

    looks very interesting, I just have one question:
    Is that platform teaching me how I can make my own website about a topic I choose or do I promote something else?

    I always wanted to start a website but never found a good place where to start. It seems Wealthy Affiliate is pretty awesome.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Manny,

      The goal will always be to promote something if you want to monetize your site. WA teaches you how to create a website from scratch, how to “sell”, SEO concepts, etc.

      If you have any doubt, just let me know!


  22. Simon -

    Kevin, this has got to be the most informative review I have read regarding Wealthy Affiliate, well done!

    Your introduction regarding no overnight success stories sums up the legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate and their members. There’s no ‘Get Rich’ promises, it’s all down to how much work & determination you’re willing to put in.

    Once you learn the technique of building a website and blogging I gather the recurring procedure relates to attracting visitors in order to generate conversions through affiliate marketing.

    How long did it take your website to gain organic traffic via the search engines and how far on in the course were you when you noticed an increase in traffic?
    Superb review, thanks again,

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hey Simon,

      I started gaining organic traffic  on the 3 month after being live. After 1 year with a good variety of posts, I gained a nice amount of traffic per month.

      Hope it helps!

  23. Jordan -

    Yesterday I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I can’t wait to see where this platform will take me. A lot of places guarantee success overnight, but this seems not to be the case. Generating good income involves a lot of work and time and I’m really decided to do this.

  24. Gail -

    Wow this is a really comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate and I have learned things I never knew even though I’ve been a member for nearly 3 months. I love the program though and agree with what you have said. I also love the testimonials you have and the evidence you have given that people can make a living online. My own income is small but growing and i know that I’m investing in my future. Thanks for such an thorough review.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Absolutely true. You are investing in your future. Put your hand into work and you will see results. If you need any advice feel free to reach me out.

  25. Aria Len -

    I’m really glad I came acrossyour site. I’ve joined WA (on May of this year) and after requesting site feedback to improve my site health, I was discouraged about my site design and after viewing your site I see you’ve also chosen to keep things simple whichjust gave me a HUGE boost of motivation.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Nice to know that you have joined WA, Aria! If you need any help with your site design, SEO or whatever you need, you can ping me through private message.

      Let’s keep in touch!

  26. luciao avalrez -

    I have one question: how can i join wealthy affiliate in order to have your help in person? will you help me on getting started and answering questions i may have?


    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hey Luciao,

      if you join through my site with any of the links above, you will be my referral. I will receive a notification, and your information to get in contact with you. Of course, I will help you start with the training and your business.

      Once you get more advanced with the training and with your knowledge about affiliate marketing, I will send you additional training materials of my own and from other sources I know.

      Feel free to reach me out whenever you like.

  27. rahul -

    Hi kevin,
    I came across many programmer like this but WA seems a little better. how you can help me finding a niche as I am confuse and not good at any thing. Maximum new WA members choosing to promote its affiliate programmer I don’t like this because I know nothing about how to make money online. First I will choose another niche and able to make $1000 per month then I will confirm that this the way for online earning(first I will prove it myself on further I will go to promote it). English is not my first language and before I have never written any content how I can write 1500 to 2500 words unlimited content, as we know content is the king in this business.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Rahul, how are you?

      Look, don’t overthink about the niche. Try to choose something you like to write about, something you may know, something you can learn on your own, etc. There are a lot of ways to find a good niche and validate it. If you join WA, reach out to me on my profile (https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/?a_aid=20503f94) and I will help you find a niche.

      As regards the language of your site, it doesn’t necessarily be written in English. You can write and target your home country with your own language. If you still want to write in English then, I recommend you to use any translator or hire a native english writer.

      Hope it helps, and talk to you soon

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