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Knowledge is power. That’s the basic principle in valuing educational courses for affiliate marketing, over simply just Sailing the various tools and services you may stumble upon online. That’s the point of having a website builder, an autoresponder if you don’t know how to use them properly? But these are among the things you learn about when you attend AffiliateU.

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There are, of course, quite a few very informative articles online for affiliate marketing. The problem is that you come upon them piecemeal, and they only cover one specific aspect. Sometimes you may encounter terms and concepts that aren’t very familiar or clear to you. You may even find two different articles on the same topic with opposite opinions.

To counter this confusing state of affairs, you need a comprehensive study course that gives you the definitive data to work with. That’s where AffiliateU comes in.

Check below video where Tim shows how the course is structured:

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AffiliateU Review Summary



Really good program with a nice set of benefits.



Not cheap but definitely worth the price.

Easy of use


Well designed member’s area and easy to follow training.



1-on-1 support if needed plus active private FB group.

I Like!

I Don't Like


AffiliateU is an affiliate marketing training course created and designed by Tim Schmidt. I have joined this course about 5 months ago and I’m able to say that the tips and information provided here is Top-notch.

I will give you a very detailed overview of the course on this review, so keep reading and in case you have any doubt, just leave a comment below this page and I will answer it as soon as possible.

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What Is AffiliateU and How Does It Work?

AffiliateU is a self-paced online study course that covers the topic of affiliate marketing. It’s created by Tim Schmidt, who has been in the affiliate marketing business for more than a decade now. It’s important for you to note that he has ample experience, because he cites that experience to illustrate his lessons.

You have 5 video modules and they’re basically presented just like a university classroom setting. But you also have the transcripts of all the videos just in case you want to refer back to some part of it without having to find the exact time frame in the video.

AffiliateU Review

This is a Screen of the Member’s Dashboard:

AffiliateU Member Dashboard
Let me go deeply on each of the courses:


AffiliateU Module 1 Orientation

1. This is the introductory module, which is common enough among educational courses of this type. What’s uncommon is that this is a module you really shouldn’t skip. It’s not like other introductory module that gives you images of huge house and luxury cars that are waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

Instead, Tim actually offers a revealing overall look at the entire study course. You receive the “syllabus”, and the concept of affiliate marketing is explained to you clearly. You’ll know what it really is and why it’s a great option for generating income online. You’re told what to expect, and you’re also instructed on how you can get the most out of the study course.

This lasts for about half an hour, and it’s actually quite compelling. It’s not really boring at all, unlike some of the university lectures you’ve attended back in the day. There’s very little fluff either.

The style of the presentation here exemplifies what you can expect from the other modules. Tim speaks naturally, and it’s evident that he’s not working off a script.


AffiliateU Module 2 Choosing Your Major

Now we come to the meat of the study program, and here Tim expounds on different types of affiliate programs. He explains the difference between private and public affiliate programs quite well. He also emphasizes the advantages of private affiliate programs over public programs like Commission Junction.

Here he also covers the topic of analyzing the competition. Surprisingly, his method of analysis doesn’t involve spying tools and metrics. Instead, he looks at the competition by evaluating the strength of their brand and the quality of the engagement between those competitors and their followers. He then concludes that your task is to be better at these areas (brand strength and customer engagement) than the competition.

Tim doesn’t really pinpoint the specific small niche you should go for. Instead he discusses broader niches. Mainly, he specifies that your niche should be something that you’re passionate about.

This contains several videos, and it totals about an hour and 40 minutes.


AffiliateU Module 3 Library

Before you get to this stage, by now you must have chosen your niche and perhaps you also have an idea about the affiliate products you want to promote on your site.

This module introduces you to the various strategies and tools you will need for your website. However, it assumes that you already know how to go about establishing a WordPress website.

This module is instead an addendum to that info, and here you have the supplemental info that will fill the gaps in your basic knowledge. Here you’ll get tips and hacks in what to do with your WordPress site to maximize its usefulness, so you don’t have to discover these tricks for yourself.

You will find a list of Tim’s favored plugins and find out why you should use them too. You’ll get tips and shortcuts to really boost your productivity, and topics such as how to find stock images for free are covered. These various hacks are very detailed, and you may not easily discover them from other sites.

In addition, Tim also expounds about how you need to manufacture a “voice” for your brand that potential customers can relate to and believe in. This step is vital if you want to succeed using the AffiliateU methods.

This module runs for at least an hour and a half. You should always check on it even if you’re already done with the whole course because Tim updates it regularly. He finds new plugins, tools, and hacks that he shares with all his “students”.


AffiliateU Module 4 Off Campus

Here the module concentrates on how you can generate website traffic, create a following, and build a community of your own. Now the focus isn’t strictly on your site. It’s now on what you do online that’s outside your website. Tim offers a lot of SEO tips, but he emphasizes more active measures than just SEO and great content.

Here the module holds forth extensively on how you can use YouTube for your affiliate marketing business. He also explains that you don’t necessarily have to appear on camera, as there are other ways.

He also covers other social networking platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and even Web 2.0s. This entire module goes for about an hour and 10 minutes.


AffiliateU Module 5 Advanced Classes

This is the part that goes much further than the basic stuff. Here Tim takes a stand on various debatable issues and explains the reasoning behind his beliefs and opinions. He covers quite a lot of ground here, as the module runs for a very long while. It’ll take you about three-and-a-half hours to finish the entire module in one go (which isn’t really recommended, by the way).

All these tips and strategies aren’t cribbed from other online sources. Instead, they’re based on Tim’s personal experiences. All the lessons he learned through trial and error in his career are shared so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of the mistakes.

Here are samples of what’s included in the module:

    • You can learn to create website welcome videos and also use them effectively so you can improve your Google rankings and stimulate engagement with your visitors.
    • You’ll know how to pick the right keywords and how to use them properly to increase your sales.
    • You’re taught how you can use Google News to monitor the offers you’re promoting with your affiliate website. You’ll be able to spot promotions and also get more ideas for your website content.
    • Google Alert can be used to help you come up with fresh content, engage with others online, and manage your online reputation.
    • The module also teaches you about cost per acquisition (CPA) affiliate marketing and why it should be used for your website. You’re also shown how to use it correctly.
    • SEMRush is introduced, and Tim explains why it’s a premium subscription tool that you must use. It can be used to track your rankings, find the trending content for your niche, get more ideas for your content, discover new products to promote, and also keep an eye out on your competition.
    • Various other WordPress plugins and features are also presented so you can boost your engagement with your web visitors and increase your traffic. For example, there’s a particular plugin that’s very effective in boosting your opt-in rates, and you get a tutorial on how to use this plugin.
    • You’re also made aware of how you can use FTC-compliant legal disclaimers. There are also seals of approval you can use to boost your authority and even improve your SEO.
    • Tim teaches you about using to establish your authority and to attract more website visitors and followers.
    • You find out how ranking charts can be used on your site to boost conversions and profits.ranking charts can be used on your site to boost conversions and profits.
    • Real world trends and holiday events can also be used to boost your web traffic and sales.and holiday events can also be used to boost your web traffic and sales.
    • You’ll also learn how to create the right partnerships that can provide mutual benefits. If you’re good at creating video and hate writing, you can make deals with others to help with articles so you can continue focusing on making videos.
    • There’s even a secret method discussed here that somehow maneuvers your competitors to earn money for you.

There are lots of hacks here, which should be expected given that the module lasts for 3.5 hours. Many of these are new even to veteran affiliate marketers, and they’re all backed by Tom’s personal affiliate marketing experience.

Learn How to Build a Website and Start earning passive income:

Wealthy Affiliate Simple 4 Step Process


This is a breather module that’s only about 20 minutes long. It contains info that’s more general, compared to the specific tips given in Module 5.

It’s all about the affiliate lifestyle and how you can schedule your work schedule on a daily basis. It also repeats all the advantages of being an affiliate. Part of this module covers how you can manage and improve your relationships with your affiliate managers. It may also provide answers to questions you may have about the other modules.

This section, like the others, isn’t complete, and it will never be truly complete. Tim adds to the module continuously, as he goes about being an affiliate marketer himself. When he encounters a new challenge as an affiliate marketer, he will talk about here so you can find out what he did to solve his problems.


Tim holds a webinar every month, and they’re all recorded so you can download them at any time. Since he has started with AffiliateU at the start of 2016, by now there’s a fairly large number of webinars already included in this module. Here Tim tackles example websites and also participates in Q&A sessions.

So how much will this study course cost you? It’s available for $1,497. So you’ll have to think of this as taking a Master’s program in Internet Affiliate Marketing in a proper university.

However, according to Tim it’s a bargain. He’s available for private coaching, but that costs at least $$5,000 a month. In fact, he says that one of his students even pay $1,000 an hour.

Who Is AffiliateU For?

This study course is for affiliate marketers who already know how to build a site and are familiar with WordPress. You have to go somewhere else if you need more basic info than what’s offered here, or if you can’t afford it.

AffiliateU Support


Here, you get access to the private Facebook group where Tim, his team, and other members can discuss your concerns and answer your questions. You can also email Tim if you want, or you can also send an email to the seller.

What’s more, if you’re not doing well even if you’re following all his strategies, Tim will even coach you 1-on-1 until your site actually earns money. This is part of the service you get with your fee.

The Good and The Bad

What’s great about this is that it’s very comprehensive, and Tim knows whereof he speaks. Everything here is directly learned from his own affiliate marketing experiences. The modules are very helpful and they cover multiple topics in depth.

Tim is very natural in the way he speaks, so it’s very engaging and not boring at all. You don’t feel like you’re getting conned. On the other hand, since he’s working without a script sometimes he does get off the topic every now and then.

Of course there are two main problems.

    • It’s not for you if you don’t know WordPress.
    • It’s very expensive.


If you have the foundational knowledge needed for this, if you afford it, and if you’re having trouble with your affiliate marketing site, then AffiliateU can really work for you. It may be expensive, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. You’re simply handed a map and a plan of what to do, and it’s up to you to do it or not.

As Yoda Says: “You do or do you not. There is no try. May the force be with you!”