Wifi Wealth System Review 2020: [$4K a month] or Scam?


here’s no question that the idea of earning $80 in commissions on an unlimited basis is pretty appealing. However, if you are like me, you are probably a bit skeptical of anything that sounds so good.

The truth is, there are a ton of scams “out there” online. I have found that erring on the side of caution is always best. Finding out more about this system and if it is legitimate is the best way to know if you should take part. I have done the heavy lifting for you and present my take of this particular system here.

wifi wealth system review

1. What Is Wifi Wealth System?

The Wifi Wealth System states that it is free. The hook of this is site is that you can earn unlimited $80 commissions. However, once you get into it, you are going to see that this is really just a marketing ploy.

While you can earn the $80 in commissions – it is limited to your personal ability to earn it. What this means is that the use of “unlimited” here is a bit silly because you can say that in front of anything – after all, you can earn unlimited commissions in virtually anything.

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2. How does Wifi Wealth System Works?

With this site, you sign up to three different services and products. Once you have done this, you go out into the online universe (or physical world) to advertise what they are and convince other people to do this, too.

The system is set up so that when you have received the three paid services or products, you can collect commissions when someone else signs up to do this selling too, under you.

The entire system uses the affiliate marketing business model. Each of the paid services and products you sign up for is going to have an affiliate program associated with them. When you have someone else sign up for this, you will be able to earn commissions.

The way you will market this system is by purchasing solo ads. These are used to ask others who have large email lists to send your message to these individuals. The goal is to find other people who are interested in making easy money online (and believe me, there are a lot of people interested in this).

 The message generated is going to include your affiliate link to the Wifi Wealth system. When someone clicks the link, you receive $1.50 if they sign up. While this type of system will provide you with some profits, as long as you can generate traffic, in my opinion, it’s not a sustainable method.

3. The Inner Workings of the Wifi Wealth System

When you sign up for this system, all you have to do is use your email and the site will generate a password for you that is sent via email for you to log in. Once you are in, you will be guided by a series of videos showing you how to set up the system. There are ten steps to work through. During this, you are going to sign up for three services or programs. These include Ebates, Motor Club of America, and Aweber. While Ebates is free, you have to pay $19 per month for the Total Assistance MCA membership and you have to pay for two months upfront. With Aweber the cost is $19 per month, but the first month is going to be free.

This means that to get started with this system, you are going to pay $40 per month, on an ongoing basis, until you reach 2000 subscribers; after that, the cost goes up. The initial payment for the system is $40 along with the two months at MCA – the costs go up from there – which, to me, isn’t a good model for making money – why should you have to pay upfront?

 Once you have set all this up, you have to begin to buy ads. This is more money upfront and there is no guarantee that your efforts will work.

4. It’s Harder Than You May Think

Being able to generate traffic (i.e. visitors) and new leads are always going to be the hardest part of any business. This means you need to be prepared to spend a lot of money on ads. If you are getting more sign ups than what you are spending, there is the possibility to make a good profit.

If your ads aren’t successful and they don’t convert, you are going to lose money. So, this is more time that you need to put into figuring out where you should put your ads. The training provided by the program is minimal, but this is the most important part of the entire system (red flag!).

5. Conclusion: Is Wifi Wealth System a Scam?

This is the million-dollar question. The wealth system is not a scam and it is possible that you can make money, but here is the catch – you have to know how to use online ads to sell. Since the training offered by the program is minimal, if you don’t already have this knowledge, your likelihood of success is going to be minimal. 

Another thing that I don’t really like about this program is that your ability to make money is completely dependent on other people. That’s not a good business model and something that does not offer any guarantee of success – so my advice is to find a way to make money elsewhere.

6. My Recommendation: Build Online Assets

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