Wifi Millionaire System Review 2020: [$3K a month] or Scam?


It sounds pretty awesome to make $3K over and over again right? However, if you are a savvy individual, you know – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – so, on this Wifi Millionaire System Review, I will answer the question “is this a scam?” and I will share a real legit way to build residual income online.

WIFI Millionaire Review

I took some time to explore this program to help you see it for what it is. In my opinion, you’ll be better off staying away from this particular system – and those like it – because, in the end, it’s just going to cost you – often in a big way.

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1. Getting to Know the Wifi Millionaire System

According to the sales video, the Wifi Millionaire system seems pretty easy. It also seems as though you can quickly earn as much as $10K on a sale. The sales video touts it is a “secret system” that you have to be specially invite to join, so this must mean you are special, right?

If you stick around and continue to watch the sales video, you’ll find the individual being featured states that he makes over $7K per day with this system and, yes, that is pretty exciting. According to him, all you have to do is believe in the system and you can see that same $7K per day. In my opinion, his claims are a bit too ridiculous – no one can make that type of money in a day.

What’s even worse is that they have these testimonies that let you know they make $5K a week and that the individuals received a $30K deposit in their bank account while doing “zero work.” Another individual posted that he earned $1,140 in a day.

Let’s be honest – these claims should be ringing your alarm bells off right and left. I have been working hard to make money online for many years and I know just how thing work – you can’t convince me that this system is going to result in these types of rewards if you don’t put in any work. This is especially true for a system that doesn’t even exist.

Here’s the kicker – the Wifi Millionaire System isn’t really a system. It is just a front that tricks you to buy this high-ticket program. You re being misled from the very beginning to end into a higher ticket program that is called MOBE – My Online Business Education, Ltd. You will see this information when you checkout on the Terms & Conditions and Income Disclosure pages that this is truly MOBE.

2. How This System Works

Here you can learn how the Wifi Millionaire system really works – essentially, it’s a hype video that gets you excited about the prospect of earning thousands of dollars.

 They will tell you a few things about the MOBE system that are true, including how you have everything one on your behalf in the back end. This means they provide you with the following:
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However, the hardest job of the entire system is recruiting. Even before you do that, you have to open your wallet – quite a bit. That is because you have to have products to promote and with their products, you have to purchase the products that you actually want to make money with. The fact is, though, that the products are going to cost you – often a lot.

Something that may be a bit shocking is that the products cost between $2,497 and $29,997, but that’s not all. You also have to cover a rather large monthly fee, too.

MOBE is a program that uses licensing rights business model, which means they charge you first. This allows the person who convinced you to joint can make the thousand dollars in commissions. This is how you will make commissions, a well – by convincing others to get into the system and ensuring they buy these packages, too.

There aren’t any real customers or retails sales, essentially, you are only getting people into the system so they can do the exact same thing that you are. You will never build something of value or help anyone that has a “business” such as this. Essentially, you are simply passing money around to your sponsor, the sales rep that convinced you to make a purchase, and to MOBE through these packages that are going to cost over $64K to buy them all.

 If you opt to only purchase one package, you are going to lose the opportunity to make any commissions – so this is one of the ways that they “get you.”

3. The High-Risk Business Model

A few years ago, the FTC shut down one of the biggest competitors of MOBE, which operates using a similar business model. What this means is that it is just a matter of time when the FTC comes after this company.

 It isn’t going to be a smart move to incest thousands of dollars in your money in something to discover that one day everything is going to go down the drain when it is finally shut down.

4. Is Wifi Millionaire System a Scam?

Is it a scam – well, if you think that being lied to is a scam or misled is a scam, then yes, it is clear that this is a scam.

There are others who say that Wifi Millionaire system is simply a sales funnel for the MOBE system, which means it isn’t a scam – I don’t really buy this.

In my opinion, MOBE seems to be allowing the affiliates to market in this manner and I can’t seem to work with a company that is earning money that’s based on lying to or misleading individuals with so many branded systems that don’t even actually exist.

 After all, you don’t see Apple trying to sell their phones under several different names, just some someone can purchase an iPhone when they complete the process. I don’t recommend this system – or MOBE – so avoid it.

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