What is the Six Figure Mentors about? – I’m not Promoting this!


What is the Six Figure Mentor about?Okay, if you search on Google for Six Figure Mentors (SFM) reviews, you will find a ton of positive comments of how well it works… Now, in this article, you will get a real unbiased review with no affiliate links promoting this product.

SFM has been created by two guys called Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek back in 2012.

Website: www.SixFigureMentors.com

One question I usually get asked is if SFM is a real mentorship program. So, just to clarify this point from the start, SFM does not provide mentorship from their owners nor their team. It is just a simple training platform with video lessons and basic marketing concepts.

This program claims to teach you how to earn money online with “affiliate marketing” or with your own existing business by leveraging it. So, keep reading that we are going to look at this training in deep, and you will figure out by yourself what is the six figure mentors about, and whether or not you should join to it.

Is the Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

Let me introduce here the term “MLM” which stands for Multi-level-Marketing and if you ask why is it that I mention “MLM” in this blog post, it’s mainly because the way that you will be earning money with SFM is with this type of system. (more details below)

MLM is the synonym of a pyramid scheme, where you get people to join (your downline), and you earn money not only from your referrals but also from the people that join below these. Just take a look at how it looks like:

Sig Figure Mentor Scam Review

Their first promise is to help you create a business asset. SFM offers a platform with educational materials, a bunch of ‘done-for-you’ software and how to get from zero to six figures very fast based on high-ticket products.

The problem with this is simple. Nobody can build a business for you. The type of hype where you pay someone to provide you with an easy income stream has been around forever and has always been turned down. Besides this, if you are new to internet marketing, what’s the point of getting everything done for you and not learning anything by yourself?

Now, the funny thing is that they want you to sell their system (here is where “MLM” part comes in). You will earn money promoting SFM. Your mission will be to get prospects who are willing to become part of your team. When these prospects sign up new members to the system, you will also earn commissions, and the scheme keeps growing infinitely in this way.

There are lots of stories about pyramid schemes like this that ended up very bad…and… the most incredible thing is that you have to pay an up-front fee + a monthly fee to be able to earn with this program… Did you ever saw a product where you have to pay to promote it?

If somebody asks to promote a product of mine, I would be very happy and proud that somebody is interested in promoting it, and it will never cross my mind charging a fee for something that will benefit me and my business…

Now, is the information provided in the Six Figure Mentors that valuable?

Let me tell you that almost 90% of this information can be learned independently for free, in forums (I recommend you Warrior Forum which is 100% free), with YouTube video lessons, etc.

However, they do provide their answer to whether or not the Six  Figure Mentors is a scam. In a short 250-word paragraph, they tell you that you have 30 days to try their thinned-out version of membership. If you cancel within that time, you can get your money back.

Now, our definition of “scam” goes a little more in deep.

They promise many things to many people. The Six Figure Mentors program claims that they have the best, most up-to-date information on how to make money online and that anyone can apply it. They also promise that their training program will help you learn this information faster than any other system out there.

The truth is that Internet marketing is not an overnight deal, where once you listen to a lot of information, you’re ready to make millions. It’s an on-going process. The fact of the matter is that if you want to make money online, you have to go out and do it. You have to build your own business.

The reason they give you all of these ideas of super-wealth with little effort or investment is that they have high-ticket products that they want to sell to you. You then end up spending months in their system when you realize that you “need” these extra products to run well your online business.

What About the “Mentors”?

he truth is that much of the information you will learn here is very basic. They claim this training as a “mentor” program because your sponsors will play this role. There will be no real experts taking you by the hand to teach you step-by-step.

So, what is the problem with this? That your sponsor can be a complete beginner to all this internet marketing world, and he will have to be in charge of “teaching” you how the process works and how you will be earning money online… Think about it just for a second, how can these guys be mentors if they have just started online? Will they drive any value?

Unfortunately, the people who put these courses and events together are not super-rich and haven’t proven that what they’re teaching works.

The real thing is that Stuart and Jay have never earned money with the ways they show you inside the program. Their money comes from selling these high-ticket products and building pyramid schemes.

But does this mean that Six Figure Mentors is a scam?

The results are in, and they don’t look promising. But before we close this case, we should give it a thorough and honest review, because nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems.

The Six Figure Mentors club also offers live events. Have you ever been to this hyped-up money making opportunity events? Granted, they’re not all as bad as the ones you see on TV, where you’re sitting on a hard steel chair in a dimly-lit room with five other hopeless people.

These are not usually motivational events with dancers and music, but more like professional speakers on stage who know exactly how to motivate a crowd to buy what they’re selling.

Even people who’ve been around for decades and have made money are susceptible to their smooth tactics. Just to be clear, what we’re talking about, and what the Six Figure Mentors offer regarding events, are high-priced sales presentations.

These are not masterminds with multi-millionaires. You’re not going to see real people stand up on stage and share their experience with you, of how they made millions of dollars with the information that they learned. Instead, you’re going to see paid speakers who’ve never used the information that they’re selling.

A cool hang-out is not the same as a mastermind. A mastermind is where you’re pooling knowledge with like-minded people and have access to information that other people don’t have.

Six Figure Mentors offers more of a cool hang-out. The group of people that don’t have access to the information includes you. Although you can ask questions, it’s designed to get you started in the system of buying their products and selling them to others.

So, the live events are not a scam. But the sales pages, videos, and testimonials selling these live events are misleading. They get you to think that going to them will help you make money when in fact they are sales presentations.


Another indication of this being a scam is that they offer a “FREE” access module. Did you notice the bold quoted term? Yeah… this is not free… They try to get all those who are undecided about the program with this “free” sign up. After you click some buttons, you credit card will be required, so don’t be fooled.

Check out the pricing scheme:

Six Figure Mentor Pricing

If you notice from above image, you can see they charge you with an “Application Fee” to apply to the program. All this plus a monthly charge which ends up costing thousands in very short time…

So Really, What Is the Six Figure Mentors About? – Final Verdict

My view of this program is that it’s all about pulling money out of your pocket. Even just looking at the testimonials on their sales pages, you can see that these are not real people who’ve made money, but rather false forms of social proof.

Affiliates will argue with this statement. When you think about it, though, if you were selling a product, would you agree with others that it’s a bad deal? Or would you try to convince them that you can make money with it so you can get paid, knowing that you haven’t made much money yourself?

Here’s a better question. Would you promote the Six Figure Mentors internet marketing training knowing that the people you’ve sold products to haven’t made any money, even though they’ve gone through all of the training? How about if they’ve already been a member for months or even years?

This Is A Scam image

The target audience of SFM are people with no internet marketing knowledge or experience. People with failing businesses, stay-at-home moms, young and old people can fall for their sales hype quite easily.

Just ask someone who’s made money in this business. They’ll probably tell you that you can learn SEO basics and how to use WordPress, and similar subjects as simply as using the materials provided by Google and WordPress.

It’s certainly not something you should pay thousands of dollars. The point I want to make clear here is that you’re not learning from experts who know this, and have the results to show that this information works.

You’re learning from salespeople. While they do have an impressive platform and exciting promises, you’re still going to be the ‘lone wolf’ in the world of business.

The type of support you receive is not what you’d expect. There are people just like you who are looking for valuable information that you’ll have access to, not business experts.

It’s not like they’re trying to hide these points from you. They’re made clear in their promotions but done in such a way that you don’t realize it until it’s too late. Their hope is that once they’ve sucked you in, you stay long enough to buy more products before that happens.

I must say that this program is completely a scam. The program does not deliver what it promises. Even if they were clear with you about what you were receiving when you gave up your hard earned money, it would not be worth anywhere near what you’re paying for it.

Have you ever heard of online entertainment that costs thousands of dollars? I ask you this because even if the Six Figure Mentors offered that much value in entertainment, it isn’t worth the frustration and disappointment of not getting the tools and resources you wanted.

Hope it helps you. As always, feel free to reach me by leave a comment below telling me about your experience and help everyone with a biased opinion.