What Is The Quick Cash System All About? – Another Binary Option Scam?

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Quick Cash System Scam AlertQuick Cash System is a software designed to trade Binary Options in autopilot. They “guarantee” you thousands of dollars just from the start. They even proclaim to make you millionaire very fast, almost instantly. That sounds great isn’t it?

Well, NO! For god sake, don’t trust in all these fake Gurus and their hypes. Do you really believe that you will become a millionaire in 90 days as they say?… If so, why isn’t everybody trying this? At least ONE newspaper or magazine should have written about this “fantastic” Software, isn’t it? And what’s more, Wall Street employees would have been completely replaced by it, don’t you think?

Okay, just check out below details of this scammy program:

Quick Cash System ReviewNameQuick Cash System
OwnersSarah Markel???
Overall Rank0 out of 10
Target AudienceWeak people, desperate to earn money online.
Price“FREE” (I will explain in a minute why the quoted marks)

Why Is The Quick Cash System a Scam?

Let’s go into the details of this hype. You can take a look below to my short video for quick overview of the website:

First of all, why are there so many binary options Software out there if they all work?

Yes… because they actually don’t work

Did you check the website of this program? What do you think about it? Sarah Markel (“Owner”) is excellent, huh?

Did you notice the quoted marks? Let me explain a little bit:

Sarah Markel is a paid actress; she is not the owner of this program, nd it is not her real name either. So, why isn’t the owner appearing there? Strange thing, right?

If you check the website, you will find on the homepage, a video sales pitch which is pretty much exaggerated and overacted. I’m not going too much into the details of the video but watch it yourself and you will notice the scam just in the first minutes.

Secondly, see below some of the “success stories”. These are my favorite ones by far, very funny:

Quick Cash System Earnings 2

Quick Cash System Earnings 1

Please tell me that you didn’t buy this crap. Do you imagine $1.2 million just in 90 days? What a fortunate guy this Jason Brown is.

Also, think of this just one minute. I want you to open your eyes, not only for this system but for all the other thousands scammy products out there. If you check on Google all the positive reviews of this Software, you will see tons of affiliate marketers promoting The Quick Cash System saying that it is an awesome product, excellent to try it over…

Well, let me tell you that these marketers earn commissions per referral, so why do they waste a lot of time and money promoting this product when, if it worked, they could just be running the software themselves on autopilot earning thousands of dollars a day? Simply because there is much more money to be made by getting people into this program than what the system actually generates.

Just keep in mind, there is no tool, no software and no gurus that can guarantee you to earn money without putting some effort into your business.

By the way, if you check the “Earnings Disclaimer” section on the Quick Cash System website, I notice something pretty ambiguous, look below image. I highlighted in yellow something that caught my attention:

Quick Cash System Disclaimer

Wait, but didn’t they guarantee you to become a millionaire in 90 days? Oh, I think I got you again Quick Cash System 😉

Here, at residualincomesecrets.com, I teach you how to earn residual income in a legit way. If you have already checked my #1 recommendation, you will notice that online businesses are a real passive income stream. But, as I said, it requires time and effort. All these “Get Rich Quick” schemes are scams, so please get out of this mindset because it will actually save you time and money.

How Does Quick Cash System Profits From You?

You might have asked “Why is this software Free if it generates millions of dollars?”, right? Well, their hype works like this:

Once you arrive at their website, they will request your best email. This will enable you to proceed to the next video sales pitch, where you have to choose between 2 brokers to open an account (Yes, you can’t select one of your own).

So, here you have “Big Option” and “TitanTrade“. If you ask me, I honestly haven’t heard of them ever…

Quick Cash System Brokers

Big Options Broker: Just checking their location, I found that they are registered in the UK, which means that they should be licensed by the CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). Guess what? They are not licensed…

Titan Trade Broker: They are also located in the UK, so they should also be authorized by the CySec, but I think you already know the answer, right?

After you have chosen 1 of these brokers, you have to complete your personal information and create a username and password.

Finally, you will have to deposit $250 (minimum) into the selected broker… Hey, Wait a minute, wasn’t this for Free??? Nope… you have to pay for it, if not, you will not receive the software.

So how do they profit from you if the money is deposited in the Broker’s account and not into the Quick Cash System?

Just because they are affiliated to these 2 brokers and they receive a commission per referred customer. So, how much do they earn?

  • $500 CPA (Cost per Acquisition), meaning that they receive $500 every time they refer a new customer to these brokers.
  • 35% Revenue Share.

Indeed, The Quick Cash System software actually makes thousands of dollars… but for the owners, not for you.

What About Support?

Take a look to below image:

Quick Cash System Support

Did you notice the email address? “…@gmail.com” that is a very unprofessional way of promoting a Company. I must say that it is pretty much of an amateur rather than a real business.

If you have a business which is generating revenue, the best way of promoting it is by setting up your own email at your own domain and not with a free email as they are doing here. That’s completely rubbish.

And what about the phone number? Don’t waste time calling to the number they provide there. They are not answering any call at all. I have just tried it for the purpose of this review.


Quick Cash System Review by Their Members

I research on forums and some other places to see what were the members saying about the program and guess what? I found a lot of people complaining about it. Definitely, Not getting what the program promises.

I read some testimonials of people who lost $500 in just one day… I actually feel very sorry for all of you who have fallen into this scheme. I hope this review avoids more people like you getting scammed.

Look below to some of the reviews I found out there:

Quick Cash System reviews by others 2

Quick Cash System reviews by others 3

My Final Veredict

With these type of schemes, you will waste thousands and thousands of dollars, and you won’t make a cent at all, so Don’t buy the Quick Cash System software!! It really doesn’t work.

Once you deposit your money on one of those ghost Brokers, you will end up loosing all. Don’t get attracted to their sales pitch even if the offer seems to be excellent to be true. Remember what I said above, there is no place on earth where you will be guaranteed to become a millionaire without putting effort and time. It just doesn’t work that way.

Now that I have instructed you with this, I hope you will be able to detect some scams by yourself moving forward. If not, you can always drop me a comment here on my website – I’m always happy to help people.

By the way, Just to avoid you further problems with Binary options… almost 99% of these programs are scams. So, don’t try any of this. If you want to invest money, do it in the stock market, with substantial percentages of earnings or if you wish to make money online just check out my review of #1 Training Program.

This Is A Scam image

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