Swagbucks Review: What is it about and how does it work?

Swagbucks Review

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User Friendly platform

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Summary: Swagbucks experience is all about rewarding you for all those days to day activities that you can perform online. It’s very easy to use, and at the same time, it’s designed to bring you an extraordinary value for your time. The fact that you can quickly earn a virtual currency and exchange it for real money does make a whole lot of difference, and it provides the Swagbucks product with many layers of revenue for casual users.

Are you wondering what Swagbucks is about? You are not the only one, as many people heard about this opportunity to make money online but they aren’t sure what it is and what it can bring to the table. You are in the right place, so read onward to find out more!

At its core, Swagbucks is very simple. It’s a place where you can earn virtual currency by completing various tasks. Once you accumulate enough of this virtual currency, you will be able to convert it into real life rewards.

But why do you need this type of service?

The reason is simple; Swagbucks helps you earn money from activities that you will do anyways. From watching videos online to clicking on commercials and so on, all of these are activities that we perform on a daily basis. This program helps you harness and monetize those activities in a very simple, refined manner!

Product background

Swagbucks is a website operated and owned by a provider of digital services named Prodege. This mother company also operates Soda Head, nCrave, and Yorgo among many others.

Swagbucks was launched in February 2008, but since then it has evolved into one of the best ways to make money online.

At first, Prodege launched a template for Swagbucks a few years before the official launch as a private label search engine designed to raise funds for charity. They saw the income potential of this idea, and that’s how Swagbucks came to fruition in the first place.

Swagbucks Review rewards

Some key people for the development and promotion of Swagbucks include Eron Zehavi, Scott Dudelson, Josef Gorowitz and Chuck Davis. You can find the company headquarters in El Segundo, California.

Check out this Swagbucks Review video with a thorough walkthrough:

How Can You Make Money With Swagbucks?

The primary benefit of Swagbucks is that it’s quite easy to earn the SB currency. It all comes down to complete a full array of tasks as you see fit. Usually, an SB is worth 1 US cent, but in some situations, the value can be even higher.

So, what type of tasks do you need to complete on Swagbucks? The most popular one is searching via the customized search engine provided by the platform. Not any random search will receive SB, though, and the winner selection is random.

Aside from that, you can win the SB currency by completing offers from advertisers within the mobile app or on the site. You can also get the currency by watching videos on the Swagbucks TV which is a YouTube variant created specifically for the platform.

Moreover, you can acquire the necessary currency if you shop and earn at any of the supported retailers, if you complete surveys or if you play games. They also have a referral program and daily goals that might bring you, even more, SB units. On top of that, there are hourly random winners that receive gift cards, cash and other types of prizes.

You can redeem your prizes either via the rewards store or swagstakes. You will never have a problem knowing what is Swagbucks about since everything is laid out correctly and in a very distinct manner for you to use and enjoy!

Is Swagbucks Real? Important Things To Note

What I liked about Swagbucks is that everything is straightforward. Once you get an invitation from me or any other person, you will receive a video presentation that states what the platform is about, how it works and so on.

You have a mobile version too, so if you need portability, you can easily use that without a problem. There’s no reason to download anything aside from the mobile version if you want to use it. All tasks are performed online and in a natural manner.

The tools are very easy to access, and each task doesn’t take a lot of time to complete. You will always know how many SB you get for each task, something that I found to be very helpful. Once you know what is Swagbucks about, you can easily get into it and enjoy the experience without that much of a problem.

I like the fact that you don’t have to pay for anything when you use the website. You just use it for free and make money on it; that’s everything you need to know. The way they get paid is via advertisers, as you will have to deal with quite a bit of ad when you use Swagbucks. But then again, you also get paid, so everything works in a beautiful manner.

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I found the support to be very good. I did experience a few issues when I didn’t receive any SB even if I completed the tasks but I immediately went to support. They have a good customer service and email is the right option for you. The community is also very friendly. I found myself going to the forum very often to try and get some info from people that are accustomed with the way this system works.

Can you use it in the long run?

Every person that uses Swagbucks will come in with a certain amount of expectations. Some people will be very focused on making a living here while others will come ever so often to get some gift cards. Either way works, although Swagbucks does require quite a bit of work if you want to use it and make lots of money here. Since you get paid a cent or a little bit more for each task, you need to complete hundreds of tasks per month if you want useful results.

I received Amazon gift cards and cash without a problem from Swagbucks. I can assure you that they are genuine and they will always pay you. In fact, they are very professional and one of the best ways to make a real income online.

I found that the best option here is to download the browser extension as it will always let you know what offers are there and if you got paid any SB. This way you can continue your day to day tasks, all while doing the Swagbucks tasks on the back burner.​

Conclusion: What is Swagbucks about?

I found Swagbucks to be a lot of fun to use. There are some things like playing games and the randomness of the reward system that makes it challenging to use at times. However, since you have to perform only simple tasks, you will find this platform to be very rewarding, to begin with. I like the fact that they repay you very fast and you are free to choose whether you want gift cards or any other redeeming system.

You just have to go into Swagbucks with realistic expectations. Do this on the side and see how much you can earn.

Based on my experience, I believe this is maybe the best side income option, and you should totally check it out for that reason alone. Give it a shot, and you will not be disappointed!



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