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SEOPressor is one of the most important on-page optimization superior WordPress plugins which can play the role of a catalyst in ensuring higher positions on SERPs. 

Numerous bloggers and advertisers use the SEOPressor plugin as an alternative of Yoast. It is said that more than 128,000 websites are using SEOPressor.

Just $9 per Month!

I’ve been blogging for a long time now but off late I bought SEOPressor which drastically improved my SERP rankings speedily.

Hence I would love to share my experience by writing an SEOPressor connect WordPress plugin review on this sterling product to let you know how this plugin helped me reach my optimization goals.

If you’re a novice who’s curious about how to do on-page optimization efficiently, then you got to go through this SEOPressor connect WordPress plugin review. It was exactly three months ago that I started using this plugin. Initially, I kept myself away from buying the plugin as I thought it was easy to manage on-page optimization manually. I was mistaken!

SEOPressor – A short background of the product

Touted to be one of the best plugins for WordPress, it has got advanced features like content decoration, LSI keyword, image SEO and much more.

Daniel Ten, an SEO expert, developed this product and launched its 6th and latest version, on 4th April 2016.

SEOPressor an all-rounder SEO plugin which has a solution for all on-page SEO problems and no wonder; it is loved and preferred by all marketers and advertisers throughout the world.

SEOPressor Content Optimization

You must be wondering why you would select this particular plugin when there are many others available in the market.

Well, to be frank, the problem with other SEO plugins is that they’re obsolete and old-fashioned. Since the last few years, Google had launched some algorithms like Panda and Penguin.

The new SEOPressor effortlessly optimizes Penguin and Panda-friendly content for SEO. Not only that, the latest version of SEOPressor, also included features like ‘Add Rich Snippet in search results’ and ‘Over Optimization Checker’ which are all discussed in detail in the SEOPressor Connect WordPress plugin review given below.

Check out a video walk-through and Tutorial of how SEOPressor Plugin works in a nutshell:

SEOPressor Connect WordPress plugin review: An in-depth analysis of the features

If you’re a fledgling and not pretty sure of how to do effective on-page optimization, then you need to go through this SEOPressor Connect WordPress plugin review. I’m sure you might have got an almost-clear idea of the main goal of this plugin, but now I’m going to clarify each feature and peculiarities to show you how influential it can be. 

SEO Score and real-time analysis

SEOPressor Dashboard

One of the best features of SEOPressor plugin is that it continuously displays the score of your On-page optimization.

You can have a clear comprehension of your progress and advancement with the help of this plugin.

Irrespective of whether you’re a beginner, it’s easy to use as the plugin directs you real-time. Your keyword density and SEO score will be displayed real-time, and the higher is your keyword density, the higher will be your SEO score.

Alerts you on over-optimization

When an SEO marketer does manual on-page optimization, there’s no way of checking whether he is over-optimizing his keywords.

Google applies severe penalization for over-optimization of keywords, and it can even lead to a penalty for the blog from which it is tough to recover.

But when you use SEOPressor plugin, you can safeguard your website from such penalties as it alerts you real-time on over-optimization. This is one big reason why marketers love this plugin.

SEOPressor Features

Rich Snippet Will Show on SERPs

SEOPressor Rich Snippet

My SEOPressor Connect WordPress plugin review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this feature.

With Rich Snippet feature included in this plugin, your posts will henceforth contain few additional information and useful lines when they are shown in Google search results.

Visitors can decide on how valuable and relevant your website is at first glance.

Moreover, the Rich Snippets feature of the SEOPressor Connect also garners visitors and assists users to understand what your post is all about.

Provides you important LSI keywords

LSI is the abbreviated form of Latest Semantic Indexing, and it generates for enhancing search engine ranking.

After Panda update; you require adding some LSI keywords to your blog post before posting it.

Though there are various ways of finding LSI keywords like LSI Graph or Google search, yet LSI finding tools often generate many and sometimes irrelevant LSI keywords.

Using all LSI keywords can lead to a penalization. LSI keyword is all about finding those particularly relevant to your blog post and SEOPressor can help you with this.

SEOPressor LSI Keywords

Automatic decoration of keywords

SEOPressor Automatic Decoration of Keywords

The keyword decoration feature of this WordPress Plugin also deserves mention in the SEOPressor Connect WordPress Plugin review as it automatically decorates your keywords either with ItalicBold or Underline.

Being a marketer, you should know that search engine bots give added preference to decorated keywords.

The SEOPressor plugin adds Alt tags to the web images that you use as well. If you’ve missed H1, H2 and H3 tags in keywords, the tool adds them. You just require focusing on the content, and the rest of the on-page optimization is taken care of by the plugin.

Augments machine readability via Schema Markup

Other search engines and Google give extra benefit to a blog which uses structured data.

SEOPressor utilizes a following structured data markup. Due to improved categorization, your website will attain superior ranking in all the main search engines.

It leverages a better schema markup which guarantees a higher rank.

SEOPressor Advanced Schema Markup

The testimonials only further back up what a high quality product this is:

SEOPressor User Ileane Smith

SEOPressor helped me get over some of the toughest challenges I ever faced when I started blogging. This plugin has become one of my dearest friends. I'm glad that SEOPressor updated their version to Version 5. Simply amazing.

when I looked at the features of SEOPressor, I immediately knew that this is was going to be one of the plugins used for ShoutMeLoud. It will not only solve on-page issues but will offer so much more. It’s something that you can’t resist yourself from buying!

Harsh Agrawal

Final Thoughts on SEOPressor Connect WordPress plugin review

I was indeed eager to voice my opinion about this plugin through this review and now that I’m almost done, here are my final thoughts on this product.

It is undoubtedly one of the best on-page optimization plugin as it does everything automatically and effectively.

I strongly recommend website owners and advertisers to use SEOPressor. With it, you will only need to focus in the off-page optimization aspect of your site (which you can outsource on Fiverr at just $5 or so). 



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