Residual Income Tips via Social Media

Guest Post by Camroc

Residual Income Via Social Media

Social media can be a fantastic way to get residual income and allows you to go on earning with little or no work. But how? We take a look at some of the easy ways to do so.

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There’s a lot of money to be had via social media. Especially for anyone who is just starting out. Many people have become successful via social media including Caitlin Turner, Shaun McBride, and Brittany Furlan.

A sponsorship happens when a brand pays to associate with someone specific. A good example is a tourism board that will pay someone on Instagram to work together and feature their tourism packages via a podcast or some other means. Sponsors pay to be featured at a point during the podcast.


These are another way that people can monetize their social media accounts. Users that are on YouTube such as Liz Meghan use these ads to help make a living via social media. Advertisers will use a variety of methods to create relationships with such users.


If your business is product based such as ecommerce stores, this may be an ideal method for you. Social media can help to promote and sell your products and build up your following. It can also redirect others to your site so that you’ll have more sales.



Here you can work together with brands to help sell products. You’ll earn a commission each time anyone buys these brands via your site. Many social media sites allow you to create affiliate links and place these on your site within a post. As the users click on your link and buy you get a percentage of the sale.


Service based businesses might be more your style. If so, social media can help to promote this to your potential clients and gain you, even more business. There is a lot of potential by using social media to promote your services and products.



Artists, writers and more can all boost their visibility via social media by purchasing high quality followers. In this fashion, they will gain more business. Jeff Goins used this to boost his writing and Grace Ciao used it to boost her art. It works and they sold more and are continuing to use this as a means to promote their own work. Mixing and matching these methods will work well.