PARTSURVEY.COM REVIEWS 2020: $300 PER WEEK? [Honest Review]


Survey sites have grown in popularity recently, thanks to the promise of “fast, easy money.” One such place, Part Survey, promises to pay users up to $14 per survey completed.

In this industry, this is unheard of, with most sites promising just a few cents to a few dollars per survey completed. This is gotten us wondering – is it legit, or just a scam?

In this reviews, I will try to answer this very question, and point out a few of the things that I see as being red flags.

PartSurvey Review

1. What's About?

Personally, paid online surveys have never been my cup of tea – they seem like a lot of work for potentially no reward. While this is true, I do know that others find them quite appealing, so my goal is to help ensure you don’t waste your valuable time on a site that’s a scam.

As mentioned above, Part Survey promises up to $14 per survey completed. Also, you have the opportunity to complete up to three per day, which provides you with potential profits of $42 – a day. That would be almost $300 per week if you completed these surveys daily.

There’s another feature on the site that states you can earn money via the referral program. If you recommend others to the site who sign up through your given affiliate link, you receive $15 for every person along with 20 % of the money they earn. (It’s important to clarify that I’m not an affiliate and I’m not promoting this at all).


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2. How the Scam works

Here’s one of the red flags I found when using the site. You can’t cash your funds out until you reach $700. Also, it will take up to 14 “workdays” to have your funds sent to you via Payza or PayPal.

While you may feel like this sounds like an amazing opportunity to make some money, from my research, this isn’t industry standard. If something isn’t following the industry standard, it could be a red flag – but more on this in a bit.

Truth About Scams

3. The Truth About Part Survey

To fully understand how this site works, it’s a good idea (in my opinion) for me to point out all the possible red flags. Knowing what these are will also help you avoid similar scams in the future.

PartSurvey Review archive

High Payout of $14 Per survey

There is no legitimate survey site that’s going to pay you this much to complete a simple survey. This type of offer is typically made because the site has no intention to pay you – ever.

High Minimum Payout of $700

This is another red flag because most survey sites set a minimum payout amount of around $25 to $50. I haven’t seen too many that have payouts that breach the $50 mark and $100 is virtually unheard of. Again, this is probably because the survey site never really intends to pay anyone.

Long Waiting Period to Receive Your Funds

It should take less than 24 hours to receive money via PayPal, but with Part Survey, you must wait for 14 “workdays.” Any time I hear that you have to wait for a payment via PayPal, it means the payer is stalling to provide you with their funds.

There’s No Survey Profile

A real survey site, in my experience, is going to have you fill out a survey profile to gather your information. This is necessary to provide you with surveys that meet your personal status and information. Some of the stats that other survey sites request include your name, age, gender, household income, and additional basic info. When I signed up, I was asked to create a username and password along with my PayPal address.

Requesting my Pay Account Info

Stealing pay info, like your PayPal account of Payza is a genuine scam.

While these individuals can’t get into your accounts with your email address, there are methods they can use to steal info. It’s really not worth the risk, in my opinion.

4. Wrapping up & Follow up Questions

With all the red flags I have found with this site, my final ruling is that it is not worth the risk. If I had to label it as legit or a scam, I would definitely say scam. You aren’t going to get anything positive with this site, and there is a possibility that you end up losing money – and a lot of it.

The surveys themselves on Part Survey were only a few questions, way too simple, and took under five minutes to complete. For most survey sites, you are going to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes answering questions – and you may not even qualify in the end.

While this site is anything but legitimate, it seems this is a money-scamming set up for the owners (especially since they don’t reveal who they are). So, my suggestion is not to join.

This is going to help you avoid wasting your time and ensure that you don’t lose the money you have earned legitimately. Be smart when signing up for these sites to ensure you have the best opportunity to make money and that you don’t put yourself or your bank account in a vulnerable position.


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