What is Marketing Automation and how can this help in your business?

Marketing Automation

If you heard about marketing automation and you don’t know exactly what this is all about, this article will help you get a clear perspective of it.

Marketing automation has been designed to make repetitive procedures of your business more efficient. This is achieved by software programs.

By automating all repetitive processes, you free up your team to focus on bringing new customers and making more sales. You aligned your marketing and sales efforts and empowered them to increase ROI and revenue.

But, what kind of things can be automated?​

So, how Does Marketing Automation Work?

Imagine you are selling a personal fitness plan package.

Thousands of people visit your website with various levels of interest and engagement. Unfortunately, a 98% of those visitors, won’t be ready or willing to buy right away.

So, how do you capture their interest?​

With lead generation. Let me show you how it works:​

When someone visits your site, you offer them a free download of your top 10-morning exercise routine. To download, all you have to do is provide your email address and some personal information, for example, name. Congratulations! You just captured a new lead.

Once you capture a lead and match specific conditions, he will be added to a personalized email drip campaign to gradually warm them up from cold to warm leads.

One day after downloading your exercise routines, your workflow automatically sends them another email with a “Killer abs in 10 minutes video”.

Two days later, your workflow, sends them a third email with the top 10 healthy fitness recipes blog post.

After some days, you will be sending a how-to guide on how to create a personal fitness plan.

By nurturing your customers this way, you develop a relationship as well as engage them with your business, gradually heating them up as leads. Finally, you will strike when the lead is warm, offering what you know they will kill for.

Know that you know about your customer and know what he wants, you can import that lead to a CRM software.

Does the process finish here?

Nope. Marketing automation has way more to offer.


Firstly, you can upsell on their first purchase by using email automation to promote the next featured product. (In our example: a “Pro Fitness plan package”.


Then you can cross-sell necessary or optional accessories, like diet plans, protein shakes, etc.


Finally, you can offer cycle-based selling. For example: promote the bikini training program for female customers to get them in shape before summer starts.

Now your ROI shot through the roof!

By automatically upselling, cross-selling and cycle selling, you turned a one-time purchase into a life-long customer.

So you see? Marketing automation workflows help you nurture, warm and ready your leads for sales.​

Benefits: Save the time of you and your team, boost customer happiness and, of course, increase revenues.

Some tools that can help you with Marketing Automation:

What is the Difference between CRM and Sales Automation?

Usually, people tend to confuse both terms as CRM solutions have parts of sales automation.

The reality is this: CRM focuses specifically on customer experience, while sales automation only focuses on sale cycles, attract prospects, etc.

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