Keep Rewarding Review 2020: Scam or [$100 per day]?


I took it upon myself to create a Keep Rewarding review to let you know if it is a legitimate site or yet another scam. It appears that the site is available for anyone who is over the age of 13, and available in the majority of countries, which means virtually anyone can join. Check out below to see details.

Keep Rewarding Review

The Keep Rewarding program is what many people refer to as a reward site. You earn money (supposedly) by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, and more. You can exchange the points that you earn for all these activities for gift cards to an array of stores.

Remember, though, Keep Reward, along with other reward sites will not earn you very much. If you are able to earn just $10 per month with reward sites you are doing pretty good. If you want to make other, bigger sources of passive income, there are other options to consider.

1. My Review of Keep Rewarding

In this review, you will learn my reasons to give it an “okay” score and while it may be legitimate, this isn’t a site I would recommend that you try. If you want to get paid to complete offers, tasks, surveys, or something else, there are many other sites to consider besides Keep Rewarding.

One of the biggest companies that I have with this website is that it seems to be a bit outdated in the layout and design, but I have encountered a few people who actually prefer this.

Overall, the Keep Rewarding site is legitimate when it comes to “paid to do” sites. As a result, if you are currently a member of this site, don’t worry, you can receive payment, but this isn’t a site that you should use.


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2. How Can You Earn Money with Keep Rewarding

The Keep Rewarding site is somewhat different than the other reward sites, where they have ways you can make money from several providers. However, rather than searching the type of “way to earn” options, you can visit each of the providers to see what type of options they have. To make things a bit easier for you, I have created a list and brief overview of the various ways that you can earn – but, keep in mind, not all providers have all the options found here.

Payout Methods


Viewing Websites

This is referred to as CPC, but it is where you are paid to view ads and websites. There are more than a few ads to see and most of the sites require you to hang around for a few seconds, at least. These will typically pay one point, or less.

There are some other websites that will require you to watch a slideshow and then put in a code at the end. These pay a little more at five to 10 points apiece.


Watch Videos

You can get paid to watch videos too, and you will see a list of videos that you can be paid to view. Most range for about one to two minutes and will pay up to two points each. There are also some that require you to watch more than one video and these will typically pay between three and five points.


Take Various Surveys

The surveys are a bit different than what I initially expected on this website, because, well, they are really surveys, but seem more like an offer. You can fill out information for something free, but there are some survey questions, too. In any case, this is a good way to earn on the website because most are going to pay approximately 50 points.


Social Media

From time to time, you may find offers to share information through social media. There are some products you can share via Twitter to earn some cash, or you can even follow them through social media to earn money.



There are three different categories that are lumped in together here. This includes registration, download and install, and trials and purchases. But each of these are considered an offer. You have to sign up for a free site, sign up for a free trial for a credit card, or even a mailing list to complete the offer. These will pay between five and 50 points each.




You can earn cash back while shopping, too. this is similar to the popular site, Ebates. If you want to get money back for shopping, then this may not be the best method and I believe that Ebates is a better site to do this. There are just a few stores that are going to give you this option, too, and most of them will pay under three percent.


Refer Your Friends

The Keep Rewarding site also provides you access to a referral program. You will be able to post the unique referral link that the site creates You can share this anywhere. You will earn about 10 percent of all referral earnings for your entire life.


Rewards from Keep Rewarding

There are a few ways that you can get paid from Keep Rewarding – you can choose from Starbucks Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal payments, and more. The standard rewards cost 500 points and begin at just $5.

3. Complaints About Keep Rewarding

The most you will be able to make with this site is between $20 and $50 per month. The site also has a rather unprofessional layout. While you may agree with this point, I personally don’t like the way the website has been setup. Also, there are a ton of ads found on the sidebar. It doesn’t really look like the site has been updated recently – this really bugs me. With that being said, the website will function fine, which means it will come down to preference.

4. Is Keep Rewarding Legitimate or a Scam?

I do believe that Keep Rewarding isn’t a scam; however, it isn’t a reward site I would recommend if you are looking for a way to earn money from home. Personally, I believe there are a few other sites to consider over Keep Rewarding, but it is really going to be dependent on your own personal preference.

I do like the fact that the site will provide $1 cash for all new users to the site and that there are several ways for you to earn. However, the overall usability and layout of this site makes me recommend an array of other rewards sites over Keep Rewarding.

When it comes to Keep Rewarding, there are more than a few factors that need to be considered. Being informed is the best way to ensure that you don’t lose money or get taken advantage of with one of these scams. When it comes to finding real ways to earn money at home, there are legitimate options out there. However, in my opinion, Keep Rewarding is not an option that you should consider.

Keep Rewarding Program Review Earn Gift Cards
Keep Rewarding Program Review

By making the right decisions, you can feel confident that you don’t get taken advantage of. The information here will help you make the right decision regarding if you should use the Keep Rewarding platform or if you should seek thee options elsewhere.

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Earning money on sites like Keep Rewarding, is not worth the time. You have to complete A LOT of tasks to get just a few dollars. If you want to quit you 9 to 6 job, then this is not an option at all.

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