JAAXY – The Free Keyword Finder Tool

JaaxyOn this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to do a keyword research for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with this free keyword finder tool called Jaaxy.

This tool helps me a lot in my current businesses, so I highly recommend it. It’s crucial to have a good keyword tool as it’s the foundation of SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting “organic” or “natural” visibility in Search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

I actually take keyword research as a hobby and passion. I use it every single time I want to write something about and to discover niches for my websites; so I hope you find this article helpful.

What is this Jaaxy Free Keyword Finder Tool about?

You will find many free keyword tools out there, but Jaaxy is definitely one of my best options.

Jaaxy offers a simple but effective service to find laser-targeted keywords with very low competition.

There are only 3 metrics I care about when I do Keyword research:

    •  Monthly searches of a particular keyword.
    •  Competition for that particular keyword.
    •  If Keyword makes sense for readers.

With these metrics, most of my pages have ranked #1 in Google, and I was able to get a very decent amount of traffic.

Tool Features

This is just a descriptive overview of each feature, but they will be explained below when we do the Step-by-Step live case.

1. Monthly Searches

You can get the average amount of searches that a keyword has. It’s vital to grab a keyword that had a good amount of searches per month if not your website will not have any visitors.

2. Quoted Search Results (QSR)

This feature shows exactly the level of competition that a Keyword has, so you can see how many pages are ranking for that keyword and analyze if those pages will let you get ranked or not.

3. Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)

It gives you a visual overview of how good a keyword is. It is shown as a traffic light feature. Red is for low-quality keywords, yellow for medium (ok) and green for very high quality (Excellent).

4. SEO Power

This metric is a combination of traffic, QSR and the level of competition. It is on a scale of 1 to 100, where the higher the number, the higher the SEO power of that keyword is.

5. Domain Search

The tool provides you all the available domain extensions for a particular keyword.

Step-By-Step Guide – Live Case

This will be a simple and easy to follow the step-by-step Keyword research live case. After this guide, you should be able to use it for your own purposes! So let’s start:


 Sign up for a Jaaxy Free account at www.Jaaxy.com

Discover keywords with Jaaxy


Fill in your details and click on “Create My Trial Account”. After signing in, you will receive your account details to your email: Username and Password

Jaaxy setting up account


Now we are inside the tool, so let’s do our first search. Let’s look for some keywords for our first blog post!

In this case study, I will search for “Washington Tours”. These are the results:

Finding Keywords with Jaaxy

As I told you, there are 3 primary metrics I care about:

    •  Monthly searches of a particular keyword
    •  Competition for that particular keyword
    •  If Keyword makes sense for readers

On below image you will see where you can find these metrics and parameters I use. As said, doing these types of researches, I ranked #1 for many keywords in Google.

Jaaxy Keyword Ranks

Fortunately, in this case, study, all the related keywords are below 300 on QSR, but not all of them make sense grammatically nor hit the +50 average monthly searches.

See on the image “Best Washington Tours”: QSR of 10 (that’s great! Only 10 pages targeting that keyword!). Oh, but 24 monthly searches… (that’s bad! not a good amount of visitors per month). Let’s move on to a good one.

Look at “Washington sightseeing tours”:

    • Does the keyword make sense? YES!
    • What about competition? Below 300! just 47 pages targeting that keyword in Google.
    • How many monthly searches does the keyword have? 128! That’s above the 50 mark!

This is an excellent keyword for our new blog post!

Let’s do another research. This time, I will look for “Women Shoes”. These are the results:

Take a look at the 2 keywords I have just highlighted in red: “Hot Women Shoes” and “Puma Women Shoes”.

They both have excellent parameters: below 300 QSR / over 50 monthly searches / Keyword makes grammatical sense.

So I think you got the point, right? This is very easy to do, and it takes less than 1 minute!

Please bear in mind that the lower the QSR is, the better. What we call a low “Hanging fruit” is getting the lowest QSR with a high amount of monthly searches. If you find that in your keyword research, then you are near to the verge of success!

Pricing Plans

There is 3 plans for Jaaxy free Keyword finder. You can see details below:

Jaaxy Pricing Plans

Choose the best plan that suits your budget and expertise here. I currently use the Pro account, and it works perfectly well. Jaaxy is the free keyword finder tool of the day!

Hope you find this tutorial helpful! Please leave a comment below if you need my help with anything!