Is The Emobile Code System A Scam? – Non Affiliated Review

So, what is the Emobile Code System?

eMobile Code System ReviewThe emobile code is a software or application that develops turnkey sites on a wide variety of niche subjects. The aim of this app is to make money from email marketing, specifically for smartphones users.

While the owners of the product claim that the emobile code is free, there is a sign-up fee of 49 dollars. And to unlock more features that come with the application requires spending, even more, money. Is the emobile code system a scam then? Read on to find out on this full unbiased review.

Product Details

eMobile Code System Review Scam

Name: Emobile Code System


Owners: Ronnie Montano

Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

Price:  $49 with a Ton of upsells

When I tried out the system, what are described as steps turn out to be money collection points where I got milked at every step of the way.

Emobile code member’s area

Look at below steps in which you will be taken through after signing up and gaining access to the member’s area:

Step One – Here you come across someone who will guide you through the process of starting up.

Step Two – This is the section where the development of your website as well as setting it up will begin. But before that can happen you have to pay some money for hosting, buying the domain names, purchasing an email autoresponder.

Step Three – in this section, you will be reminded that to enjoy more features, you will need to upgrade. Upgrading, of course, will cost you money. In total, I counted three upgrades. The first upgrade was to enable me to access more business, since the more business I had, the more money I could make. The second upgrade involved acquiring the EMF Amplifier. The purpose of this is to increase the amount of traffic to your emobile code website. Upgrade number three gives you a platform which you can use, create and host videos.

Step four – In this phase, you will be rerouted to a product going by the name Mobile Money Code. You will be required to spend more money for another product that promises to make you even more money.

Step five – in this phase you will be introduced to a money-making system which requires you to do nothing to earn money – all you have to do is pay for it and indicate where your earnings will be sent!

Again, I pose the question, is the emobile code system a scam? My opinion is not as important as those of other users of the product. Besides consumer complaints, there are tons of emobile code system reviews on the internet. That said, below is a rundown of the most common complaints:

    • Buyers of the product have complained that there’s difficulty in getting your money back despite assurances when you are signing up that there’s a refund guarantee if you are not happy with the service. It is made deliberately difficult to make some people give up their money and move on.
    • Some users of the product are charged recurring fees. Unfortunately, you are never warned about this monthly payment, so you don’t know that the cost has been incurred. This is especially the case with those who pay via credit card.
    • Even after paying $49 for a product that was supposed to be free in the first place, it is impossible to kick off using it and making money until you have paid more money.
    • Investing fully in the emobile code will require amounts exceeding thousands of dollars, yet you signed up for a service that was initially advertised as being free. You do such a big expenditure for a product with little or non-existent customer service and with little or no value.

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In addition to the above consumer complaints, there are some uncomfortable truths I uncovered concerning the emobile code product.

First, most of the testimonials have been done by paid actors. The testimonies are scripted, and the money proofs shown are not real accounts of people who have tried out the emobile code product.

Secondly, the owner of this product, Ronnie Montano, has also been involved in other scams which are similar but with different names. These include Commission Cash Code, Tube Cash Code, Easy Cash Code and Mobile Money Code.

So, is the emobile code system a scam? Absolutely yes. I will analyze some of the key features that identify Online Scams below.

Dead giveaways of an online scam:

1. Guarantee of Success

If a particular online venture is making guarantees of success, then you are probably being taken for a ride. As I keep on repeating post after post, NOBODY can assure you a successful online business with little effort.

In the real world, every opportunity carries with it a risk of failure. And this includes investment opportunities where the old wisdom, ‘the higher the return, the greater the risk’, still holds true. If someone is guaranteeing you success, it is because they want to draw you in since you will sign up with the mentality that you have nothing to lose. Well, you have your money to lose.

2. Unrealistic Claims

If the claims about your potential earnings or income sound too good, they most probably are too good to be true. This is the case with the emobile code system.

The product promises you a life of luxury once you sign up. This includes a lifestyle where you will be driving flashy cars and living a jet set lifestyle in a very short time. It is certainly possible to work hard and attain such a way of life, but it certainly won’t be easy and won’t happen in a matter of days.

3. Fictitious testimonials

Testimonials are supposed to be from people who have used a certain product for a decent amount of time and, therefore, enjoyed its benefits. But scams tend to create fake and flowery testimonials, where fake people or hired people go on to paint a rosy picture of a product or service.

With regards to written reviews, most people don’t write correctly, and when considering a product or service, there will be errors. If the reviews, however, look too polished, it’s most likely some paid gun who wrote them.

They also shouldn’t sound as if they are drafted in the tone and voice of one person. If they do, that’s a dead giveaway. In the case of the emobile code system, there is the use of hired actors. What’s more, the houses and the cars in the videos are hired. It’s all a big show.

4. Missing company or owner information

In most scams, the owners or the company behind the product or service will not provide information about their background, offices and so on. They might also resort to using hired actors as fronts for their businesses because they already have a soiled reputation.

If people were to know that they are behind a certain scam, they would certainly avoid it. In the case of the emobile code product, the actual owner is Ronnie Montano though he uses a hired actor, Bill McKnight, to act as the company’s front man.

5. False Promises

Some scams will try to lure you in by assuring you that it is all free. They will also make claims that their only interest is to help you become terribly generous. Then when they have seduced you, you realize that it is not free after all and you are required to pay a certain amount, a ‘maintenance fee’.

By the fact that they have advertised that it is the easiest way to make lots of money with little or no effort, of course, you will wonder why they need your money. So they will come up with a flimsy reason for requiring you to pay up while still maintaining that their service is free! In the case of the emobile code product, the reason given for the sign-up fee is to pay support personnel!

6. Scarcity

Claiming the product is limited is another tactic employed to lure the unsuspecting, and to make them not waste another minute before they sign up. Thus, some scams will scare you into thinking that if you don’t grab the opportunity right now, it will be gone in the next minute.

They will also use the tactic of claiming that a few places are remaining in your state or area and then urge you to take it up before the spaces run out. This is aimed at making you think that it is now or never so that you quickly take out your credit card and give them your money. In the case of emobile code, the promotional material, especially the videos, are full of information stating that there are limited spaces in individual countries or states or areas.

7. Upsells and more upsells

Most online scams will take you on a never-ending upgrading spree. In the case of emobile code, you will be made to get various upgrades all in a bid to make you cough up more money. This includes paying for unnecessary things like website templates which are otherwise available for free online. You will also pay to host videos. I find this ridiculous because you can host videos for free on either Youtube or Vimeo.

These are globally recognized websites, which receive massive amounts of traffic. But with emobile code, you are paying for your videos to be hosted on servers that you never have heard of. Another thing they claim is that their websites are mobile-friendly. Well, it does not take a rocket scientist these days to develop a website that is optimized for smartphones, since there are free products like WordPress do that pretty quickly.


What to do if you have bought emobile code system and wanted a refund?

If you have bought the emobile code system product and you are not happy with it, you can get a full refund. However, it has to be within 60 days from the day you bought it. Many people fail to get a full refund because of not following the proper channels.

You will certainly not get your money back by contacting Bill McKnight or Ronnie Montano (if you are lucky to find even their contact addresses!).

The proper channel is using the affiliate network where you bought the emobile code product. In this particular case, it is Clicksure.

To get your refund, first retrieve the receipt from Clicksure that you received in the form of an email when you purchased the product. On this receipt, you will find a link to Clicksure support. Click on that link and then create a ticket asking for a refund.

Some people who bought the emobile code system might have trouble retrieving the receipt. In this case, look in the spam or the junk folder as the email receipt could have landed there.

For more information on how to get refunds from Clicksure, log on to their refunds webpage: 

Verdict – Is the eMobile Code System a Scam?

 After showing all the above information, the question can easily be answered: YES.

First of all, you do not get any value at all from the product. While the product is loosely based on the concept of affiliate marketing, you don’t need to pay money to learn about this model of internet marketing. Tons of free resources are available online that can help you get started.

It also promises unrealistic returns in a short amount of time for little or no effort. If it were that simple, to make such an enormous quantity of money, everyone would be filthy rich. But that is not the way affiliate marketing works. It takes a lot of hard work and, even then, there are no guarantees of success.

Emobile code system, on the other hand, tries to make it look all rosy and natural, which is far from the truth. So, yes, this system is a scam, and you will only have yourself to blame if you fall for it.

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