Get Weekly Paychecks Review 2020: Can you make [$130 per day]?


Get Weekly Paychecks is a program that helps you promote Motor Club of America – MCA. This is a service that helps people with roadside assistance, such as gas delivery, towing, etc., and that helps with other things related to medical expenses and other issues that most places don’t want to deal with.


Get Weekly Paychecks Review

In the past, the claim has been made that Get Weekly Paychecks helps to teach the affiliate marketing process for MCA and, to some degree, this is the case. However, as you read more of my review, you will learn more about what the program actually offers and why the training may not be as good as expected.

I have heard that MCA is actually a pyramid scheme because it offers a referral program to anyone who signs up for the company. This is one of the reasons I have shied away from this program to some degree.

The main point here is that you can become an MCA salesperson and earn money by getting others to join you on this journey. However, the issue I found and that many others discovered is that doing this successfully is the real challenge.

The Get Weekly Paychecks site offers a training program that charges you $20 per month. The program is designed to teach you how to promote MCA. I believe that Get Weekly Paychecks may actually be an MCA affiliate, but I can’t find proof on this.

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1. The Training Offered with this Program

Training provided by Get Weekly Paychecks is focused on both offline and online marketing tactics. You will learn about things like advertising using an array of platforms such as ads, craigslist, Facebook, and others.

 Even though the training isn’t horrible and you may be able to get some results when you use it, there are some issues with MCA along with the Get Weekly Paychecks program that I believe you need to understand.

2. The Biggest Issues with Get Weekly Paychecks

One of the biggest issues I have with get weekly paychecks is that I really don’t believe in MCA. While I haven’t taken a deep dive into this particular company, there are a few things that throw up red flags to me. For example, it is much more expensive than the competition. The company also pushes their referral program down your throat. I believe that too many people are joining MCA just to make money, rather than focusing on the services that it actually provides.

Get Weekly Paychecks

In my opinion, I believe if you get into MCA you are getting wrapped up with an MLM model, which is something that (I believe) you should avoid.

Another issue with Get Weekly Paychecks is that it will “limit” the opportunities you have. The issue here is that the only training you receive from this program is focused on promoting the business. While you can work from home doing this and may be able to make a career in this field, it’s a rocky path with no guarantee of success.

The above brings me to my next point – there is a ton of competition out there, which means the odds that you will succeed with this system are not high. There are millions of people trying to build profits from systems like Get Weekly Paychecks. This means there are a lot of people trying to promote MCA. In my experience, if there are a large number of people doing this, there are also many who don’t know what to do or how to promote it successfully.

 Don’t get me wrong – there are a few benefits of this system – you get services from MCA; you can make money; and you get training that is actually pretty good. The cons are that MCA has an MLM vibe, which I personally don’t like. Also, the market is already saturated and there’s a lot of competition. I have found several other, more affordable alternatives to MCA marketing, too.

Regardless of how hard you work, if you don’t have a natural ability to sell, the likelihood of success in this system is low to virtually non-existent.

While this is true, if you are referred to the company by someone else (i.e., your sponsor), they sponsor may work to help you find success by teaching you the methods they are using. However, not all sponsors do this, so be sure to remember that. There are some who are just getting you in the business to make more money for themselves, others don’t care, and there are others who try to help, but lack the ability or skills to provide you with methods that work.

3. Is legit?

In my opinion and from my experience, on this Get Weekly Paychecks review you can noticed that this is not a scam. While this is true, it isn’t something I would recommend for you, either. While there are some who have had success with programs like these, they are few and far between because the system isn’t focused on your success, but instead on bringing in more people to make more money. As a result, if you don’t hve the same mindset, along with the ability to sell virtually anything, reaching a high level of success is very low.

 In the end, it’s up to you; however, in my experience this isn’t a system that you should sign up for or invest in if you are looking for legitimate ways to earn money.

Get Weekly Paychecks Review

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