8 Tips To Empower Your Business in Marketing Using Your Website

Having a company website is crucial to any business regardless of size or industry. Through a website, a company is able to engage, educate, and entertain audience and is able to increase the probability of converting these audiences into loyal patrons or prospects at the same time.


Empower Your Business in Marketing Using Your Website

However, planning a website requires weeks or months of preparation and when something goes wrong during the setting up, staging and launching, the website might cause more harm than good to the business. It is imperative that a skilled team be assigned in developing the website to ensure that it becomes a major tool for brand awareness and marketing.

Millennial marketers refuse to stick to traditional marketing and have embraced both online marketing and social marketing as strategies that fit this age and time. With the aid of a company website, these two (2) forms of marketing strategies empower a business to grow and perform well. How does a website boost all marketing efforts? Read the following points below:


Build your credibility online

There is no better place for you to prove the credibility of your business but through your website. How do you build your credibility using your website?

First, look for an experienced web development company like Proweaver that can deliver your desired website.

Second, make your site personable by putting pictures of your team, the founders, your building and various offices, your customers, events and meetings.

Third, make your contact information highly visible.

Fourth, make your website look sleek and professional.

Fifth, show your clients’ testimonials.

Lastly, list all your credentials and certifications.


Educate people about your brand through your website

In your homepage or ‘about us’ page, tell people about how your business came to be. Show in a timeline the major accomplishments or highlights of the company.

Tell your brand’s story through compelling and relevant write-ups. Another way of educating people about your brand is by showing people your vision and mission as a company.


Present all your products and services in your website

When a customer is interested about a product or service, they do their own research first before making an actual visit to the store or making a purchase online. With traditional marketing, businesses hire people to distribute brochures and pamphlets for customers to know their various products and services.

With traditional marketing, a huge portion of the budget is spent on print ads. At this age though, almost everyone nowadays rummage for information online which makes marketing efforts on print put to waste.

Through a company website, your customers will find all the details that they need regarding your product or service. You actually spend lesser on marketing strategies that have become irrelevant to the digital age.


Introduce Values, Offerings and Freebies

Use your website to advertise to customers the things they could get for free from a purchase. Randomly present coupons on the site to increase the chances of customers visiting your site on a daily basis in order to get these coupons. Advertise your events on your site too and ask people to sign up there.


Make your website the landing page for all your social media and email campaigns.

Social media marketing and online marketing go hand in hand. Digital marketers make use of various social media platforms for marketing campaigns.

With social media, you can advertise a certain product or service while targeting the audience who you think is the market for the said product or service. With a click of a button in your social media campaigns, lead all these clickers to your website where they could learn more of the product or service and your other offerings.


Let your website be the first point of interaction between you and your customers.

What is the use of all your marketing efforts if you do not interact with your customers?

Your website is the first point of contact you have with your customers. Whenever they are interested of the brand, they look for your website first among anything else.

Make sure your website design allows easy and quick interaction with your audience. A custom web design should put into consideration various ways for a customer to communicate with your customer support team.


Use your website to establish your presence and availability round the clock.

Being able to prove your marketing prowess by launching various marketing campaigns is not enough if you are unable to attend to your customers’ concerns and complaints communicated online.

As your website is at the forefront of all your marketing efforts, exhaust its maximum potential by responding to every message sent by customers via your live chat or ‘contact us’ page. When users get your response in real-time or within 24 hours, you are cementing your presence online and availability round the clock.


Know your audience more through your website.

A number of strategies and techniques need to be implemented when it comes to marketing. When coming up with a marketing strategy, there are so many things you have to consider – your target market, age and gender of your audience, their preferences, your means and channel, and so on.

When you subject your website to analytics, you are able to generate reports which will tell you more about the source of your traffic, the means with which they access your website, the age and gender of your audience and the day and time you have the most visits. When you have these details, make use of these in drafting your next marketing campaigns.

​To Wrap up

Tap into your website’s potentials as a marketing tool. A website is not just there purely for aesthetics. There are so many things you can use your website for. If you have not fully exploited all facets of your website, read on the points again above and start empowering your business in marketing using your website.

Author Bio

This article was written by Kevin Clyde Sumalinog Digital Marketer at Proweaver, a web development company specializing in Custom Web Design which helps sole proprietors and small companies increase their sales and grow their business. You can find him on Twitter: @proweaver