Does Affilorama Work? Is Affilorama really worth it?

Name: Affilorama
Owners: Mark Ling
Target Audience: Newbies – Advanced
Price: Free to Join / $1 for 30-day trial Premium and then $67/Mo + Upsells (Join FREE Here!)

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Does Affilorama work? Is Affilorama a Scam?

I decided to write this post to let you know how does Affilorama work and to take down all those doubts about if it is a scam.

Affilorama is a free online training platform which I currently use. I will show you some advantages and disadvantages of this training, pricing options, what is about and my verdict.

Affilorama is an Affiliate Marketing Training Program, which was created by Mark Ling in 2005. It is, actually, one of the top ranked products in the industry together to Wealthy Affiliate (which is my #1 training).

If you do a quick search on the internet you will see what I’m talking about (you will find a lot of Affilorama reviews – just see an example below taken from de Warrior Forum). Are there any Affilorama complaints?

The program consists of a Basic membership which is FREE. They provide you with all the necessary guides to learn about Affiliate Marketing, email marketing, video marketing and so on.

It also includes what they call the “AffiloTools,” which is a bunch of services put all together, including keyword Tool, Website Health Checker, Website Stats, rankings, etc. (Scroll down to the “Tools” section for more details).

Then, you have a Premium Membership (monthly paid) where you get the complete turn around of the thing. Additionally to this, there are 2 more programs which are called AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack. Costs and in-depth descriptions will be presented in a moment.

Although this training is highly recommended, you might want to check my #1 recommended training platform which is also free to use. Based on my experience, it’s the best legit program in the industry.

Advantages & Disadvantages


    • 100+ Videos Tutorials.
    • High-Quality Trainings by professionals and experts in the industry.
    • It has a Free Version to Join.
    • Forums to ask your questions or get the best ideas.
    • Easy “To-Follow Step” Guides.
    • Free Tool To check your Site Health.
    • Finding Hidden Market Opportunities.


    • Upsells (expensive for Beginners).
    • Support is held by a particular team. No direct contact with Mark Ling.
    • The full range of products offered may cause some confusion on “where to start”.

Tools – Does Affilorama work?

As mentioned above, the Free Membership includes a tool call “AffiloTools“. See below Dashboard screen:

Affilorama AffiloTools Review

AffiloTools is a cloud-based SEO, PPC, and Market Research Software, which helps you analyze your Website Stats (SEO, Traffic, Keywords, Social management, etc.).

I use the free version, and I must say that it really helps you, as the site health of a website is crucial. On my site, I found some errors and broken links which I haven’t realized before, which, fortunately, I was able to solve on time.

If you don’t pay attention to site health, GoogleYahooBing and the rest of the search engines will penalize you and your rankings will go down.

So the Key Benefits are:

    • Help to get you ranked on search engines.
    • Helps to review and solve any issue you have on your website with the Health Checker.
    • You increase your Productivity by having all-in-one Tool. Most of the internet marketers have to look for all these tools separately, which consumes a lot of valuable time.
    • Uncover Hidden Market Opportunities with the Keyword Research Tool.

How Much Does Affilorama Costs?


There are 4 plans under this training program, and I will go in deep on each one here:

1) Affilorama Free to Join Membership.

Affilorama ReviewsWithin the Free version, you’ll get 100+ guides of how to build your online business, how to leverage it and how to get traffic to it.

You also get free access to the “AffiloTools” resource. This is a limited version of the Tool, but it is sufficient for beginners.

This program is recommended for Beginners. You can sign for FREE here.


 2) Affilorama Premium Membership.

Affilorama Premium ReviewPremium Version enables much more tools and lessons than the Free version. You will get full access to the “AffiloTools” resource and Mark shares with you the latest methods he is using, so there is a continuous update on Materials.

This program is recommended for Intermediate-Advanced marketers.

Price: $1 for First the 30 days. If you then choose to continue with the plan, you will be billed $67 monthly. You can sign here.


 3) AffiloBlueprint

AffiloBlueprint Reviews Step By StepAffiloBlueprint provides a Simple step by step guide on how to create your affiliate online Business. It’s one of the best programs in the industry.

It’s targeted for Beginners who have the money to shorten the learning path. It includes a First Bonus: “Website Building tool” + 1 year hosting for 1 website.

You also get a Second Bonus which is the Marketing Tool Suite, which enables you to analyze competitors in your niche, build backlinks and track your SEO.

There is a Third Bonus which gives you 1 month FREE trial of the Premium Membership.

Price: One time Payment of $197 for lifetime access. If you choose to continue with the Premium Membership after the 30-day trial, you will be billed $67 monthly. You can sign here.


4) AffiloJetpack

AffilojetpackAffiloJetpack is the most expensive package they offer. I don’t believe this is the best option if you are a Beginner (although it is intended to) because you can do things by yourself and earn pretty good money without paying a high ticket product.

This offers you a “Done for you” business. You get 5 authority websites in 5 different niches. (They give you 18 niches to analyze and then you decide in which of those niches you want to set up the 5 websites). You will also get an Email Marketing Campaign including:

  • “Done for you” autoresponders.
  • Ebooks: that you can send for free in return of subscribers.
  • professionally designed themes.
  • Web hosting.

So, Basically, this pack is what I call “The Lazy Program” which is VERY GOOD undoubtedly but as I said above, you can do this by yourself and learn how everything works to improve your Internet Marketing Skills.

Price: $997 and you can get a discount for a special price of $747 (one-time payment)You can sign Here.

My Verdict – Does Affilorama Work?

Affilorama is an Awesome product. It offers many good pieces of training, guides, and tools for you to build a successful online Business.

It's Legit

I would recommend starting with the Free version taking advantage of the offer. Learn the most you can and remember ( if you are new to the “making money online Business“) to FOCUS in ONE thing first, just ONE way to generate income. Master one thing first and then jump to another.

As you gain experience and knowledge I then Recommend to Join the Premium Membership which will enable you to increase your business plan.

Hope it helped this  Affilorama unbiased and honest review. As always feel free to reach me out leaving your comment or doubt below.


Overall Rank


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  1. Chris -

    Producing income online can be tricky sometimes. Especially when you’re just getting started into things like affiliate marketing. In order to properly gain revenue from systems like this it will take a large amount of patient learning and persistence because it’s not going to become successful overnight.

    Good stuff


    • Kevin -

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      As you said, affiliate marketing requires patience. That’s the key point and where most of people fail beacuse they want to get rich overnight. This “get rich quick” mindset is also the responsability of those “gurus” that make these false promises (and many fall into).

      Glad you like my website!


  2. Carrie -

    Hi Man! What a really cool site. I signed up for your free goodie because anything you can teach me will sure help. I’m brand new at internet, online business and all the stuff that comes with it. The keyword tools help and other free offerings are potentially high value tidbits and I want to learn all of it! I love your explanation on how does Affilorama work. I might be trying it.

    Since I’m a beginner-it means a lot to me to be given the opportunity to have these tools. I trust you are already making the kind of money that defines financial freedom and aside from my civil liberties- the idea of financial independence is overwhelmingly desireble. Life IS too hard to have to struggle!

    Thanks for the help and best wishes to you.

    • Kevin -

      Hey Carrie! That’s a very nice comment of yours!

      I’m happy to hear you are new to online businesses. I love to hear success stories. Just make sure to be patient with this business as you will not become rich overnight. As every business, it requires dedication, hard work and time. Stick to the right path (which means quality to your customers and honesty) and you will see the benefits on the long run.

      As regards Affilorama, it really provides good training. It’s worth of trying it. Just try it for free first and see what’s all about. Another training I highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate (top #1 training you will ever see). You can read my review here.

      Please feel free to ask me any question and I will gladly help you.


  3. Tebatso Kekana -

    I am absolutely impressed by the Affilo Jet Pack program as I won’t have to deal with newsletters and autoresponders. Does this mean it includes Aweber or do I also have to pay the Aweber monthly program? Are there any necessary additional charges on the Affilo Jet Pack program? I would also like to know if I’m going to get a free site after joining the Free membership.Thank you.

    • Kevin -

      Hey there!

      Yes, the AffiloJetpack is one of the most powerful packages Affilorama offers. It includes 1 year of autoresponder service plus +100 pre-designed emails per niche. You will have to pay Aweber after 1 year. there are no additional charges for the first year. You will get free hosting, done-for-you sites (five) in different niches, ebooks to give away and plenty of resources. It’s really amazing but that’s why of it’s cost…

      With the free membership you will not get any free website. If you are looking to build free websites, you might want to look to my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out as you will see that the program offers 2 free websites with your free membership, so no credit card is required there 😉

      I Hope I have answered your questions but feel free to contact me directly.

      Thank you


  4. Barry -

    Hi, Kevin.

    I like your site regarding the residual income. That’s one of the great features of online marketing. I notice so many sites with the same niche and wonder how they can all survive, then I remember there are 1.6 billion people on the web every day and it’s clear to see there’s room for many more sites just like yours.

    Your site is very informative and you explain very well how does Affilorama work. The reviews are just what one would need to make a decision to join an affiliate program like this.


    • Kevin -

      Thanks Barry!

      Nice to hear that people enjoys reading my work. It took me time to get where I am and now I can enjoy all of this and help people to take the same steps to be successful.

      My best wishes to you!


  5. Tar -

    So, based on my viewpoint, the AffiloTools is like Site Manager? I mean it checks the stat in terms of site health.

    I think the payment is allocated fairly, I mean, if you make a premium payment, you get more benefits and more access to useful tools for performance improvement.

    Having said that, you mentioned that you can achieve where you want without the most expensive tools. I guess with dedication, there’s no cons to it.

    • Kevin -

      Hey Tar! Thanks for commenting here.

      AffiloTools is like the Site Manager of Wealthy Affiliate, that’s correct. As you may know I prefer by far wealthy Affiliate as my #1.

      With dedication you can get where ever you want. I agree 100% and mainly if you are investing in a business. You should not consider this as an expense but instead as an investment.

      Thank you


  6. Anthony -

    Very interesting I knew there were more products out there other then the one that I am affiliated with but now that I have seen this one makes me wonder. The only thing here is the cost that nine hundred something is a scary figure for the average Joe trying to start out and make it on his own. The more and more people that get into setting up website the more these prices will go down and you will pay more for the support then anything.
    Good review though thanks.

    • Kevin -

      Hi Anthony,

      I agree with you. The AffiloJetpack might be a little expensive for beginners but is a good way to start if you don’t have any knowledge.

      Nevertheless, I think that the most valuable service someone can get is support and in this point Wealthy Affiliate stands out.

      Thank you very much!


  7. Rob -

    I’ve been looking at earning money online for a while and it is very confusing! I’ve heard of this program before. Mainly good things, but the up sells put me off a bit. However as you say you can always give it a go for free. Are you member yourself? have you bought any of the upgrades?? Do you know if there are any Affilorama complaints?

    By the way, thanks for sharing with us how does Affilorama work.

    • Kevin -

      Hey Rob!

      Thanks for commenting!

      As regards your questions, let me say that Yes, I’m a member of Affilorama but only for the free membership. As I already know about affiliate marketing, I ‘m doing quite fine with the free membership.

      The program I am paying is Wealthy Affiliate. That’s my highly recommended product.

      The upsells are high, I agree but if you plan to take an online business seriousle, you must be investing some money into it.

      Another thing I want to point out is that I haven’t heard of any Affilorama complaints. If you look at some forums, you will see high positive reviews.

      Wish you the best mate!


  8. Molly -

    Thanks for the in depth review of Affilorama. I was looking for advice and reviews for it. I am a total newbie to affiliate marketing, so this helped me make some decisions. Are there any other training courses you would recommend? I don’t really like when companies have all of the upsells. I would rather just have one full course and that be it.

  9. Alex L. -

    What an interesting article! I am new to the affiliate marketing business, and I have high hopes for the potential of this avenue. I was not aware of affilorama before but I am always on the lookout for additional resources and will definitely give it a look.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Kevin -

      Hi Alex,

      Welcome to affiliate marketing! It’s nice to hear that new people is coming in.

      Affilorama is worth it, so you can use the free membership and it’s 100% helpful. Also, use Wealthy Affiliate free membership that helps a lot too.

      Hope to hear your goals for this year!



  10. Dyl -

    Affiliate marketing is very tricky and it is hard work. Everyone is looking for the get rich quick schemes but I hate to break it to those people, they don’t exist! Great article man, if you are persistent and don’t accept failure you will be sure to succeed in this crazy rat race!

    • Kevin -

      Hi mate,

      I agree with you and it is useful to highlight that you should get rid of the “get rich quick” mindset.

      Earning money in any niche does not come overnight but if you are consistent and you dedicate time to this, benefits will come for sure.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  11. Chris -

    I was looking into this training platform a few months back but I came across so many different experiences online I didn’t know which way to turn. It does seem to have the cons to go along with the pros. Do you know of any other programs out there that teach more advanced marketing?

    • Kevin -

      Thanks for your comment chris!

      I actually recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 affiliate marketing program. Main reasons are:

      1) It’s working for me

      2) It’s less expensive than Affilorama

      3) Tools, trainings, support and all that stuff is of great help

      As I always mention, you have the final word. You can choose either Wealthy Affiliate or Afiilorama and you will definitely do a very good job.

      Hope it helps mate! If not feel free to reach me out.


  12. Roope -

    Thank you for the review.

    I remember hearing about this program at least once before. One guy was comparing between Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate and Chris Farrell Membership. All of those are legit programs and important valuable trainings.

    I have bought the yearly membership from Wealthy Affiliate and now I’m studying all the things there. Would you still recommend to try Affilorama at the same time?


    • Kevin -

      Hey Roope!

      Definitely NO! Just stick to one program, if not you will become overwhelmed, you may get stressed and you will probably quit due to lack of focus on a topic.

      This is an error many beginners do as they tend to buy all the programs out there and they test all the ways to earn money without success due to this lack of focus.

      Please go here and start with your training in Wealthy Affiliate. After you complete it, move to phase 2 training and so on. You will be creating a nice profitable website for sure.

      Wish you all the best Roope and feel free to reach me out on my profile!


  13. Brendan -

    Now that I’ve signed up with Wealthy Affiliate I’m asking myself what am I missing? Should I have a look at this as well? Am I likely to get conflicting arguments? In your opinion is WA better?

    I guess I’m a believer in ‘you pay for what you get’ and WA is pretty cheap in comparison to this so again I’m questioning my decision. I look forward to your thoughts.

    • Kevin -

      Hey there,

      If you already signed to Wealthy Affiliate then you should be ok. There is no need to be on 2 courses as you will become very much overwhelmed. Just stick to WA training and you will do fine.

      In my case, I joined Affilorama just for their “Affilotool” which provides an additional view of how my site is performing but it’s not necessary at all.


  14. Jovo -

    Hi, thank you for this useful text. I have been searching some information about Affilorama and have read several articles today. It appears that all of you agree about this program, it seems average rate around 8/10. Others also reported wide range of products and not a clear structure how to make progress. So I think I have a much better picture after all. This Affilo Tools look a useful thing indeed. Thanks again.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Jovo,

      Nice to hear that my article was helpful. Yes, you can definitely be sure that Affilorama is legit. It’s not my best option but yet is pretty decent and helpful.

      You might also want to read my #1 recommendation program which is free to join and has a lot of training videos and lessons.



  15. Chris -

    I heard about this educational program many months ago but never decided to start – Thanks for putting this information alltogether. I’m ready to start now but I have doubts in wether to start with Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate. Which should be my best shot?

    are you able to contact me? I sent you an email to to see if you can help me get sarted. Hope it’s not a problem for you.

    Thank you


    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hey Chris,

      I was in your position too when I started. Very confused, so I understand how you feel.

      Heading over your question – I currently recommend you to start on Wealthy Affiliate which is a very easy to follow training.

      I got your email, so I will be reaching you tomorrow 🙂

      Nice to meet you and have a nice day.


  16. Gloria -

    This sounds like a great program. Even the free version sounds great. Do they have a community that you can bounce ideas and stuff off of? I like the affilo software where you can see how you are doing and errors on your site. Do you have experience with any of the paid for memberships?

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hey Gloria,

      I have only tried the free version and is enough for my objective. It depends in your needs and the Marketing level in which you are.

      For paid Memebership, I currently recommend Wealthy Afilliate as it provides beginner and advanced trainning.

      Hope it helps

  17. Mark Grundy -

    I agree that the upsells for Affilorama are expensive. You have to consider their target audience though, it isn’t people wanting to walk into a network, make a quick buck and leave.

    Great review overall, I will have to check out the program.
    Also love the layout of your site, comes across very professional!

    All the best,


    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hey Mark,

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

      I agree with you. People looking to buy a course in Affilorama is serious people that will try to make out the best out of internet marketing. So, if someone is decided, an expensive course should not be seen as an expense but instead of an asset.


  18. Neil -

    As a previous member of Affilorama some years ago, I can confirm it’s a 100% legit affiliate training platform.

    However, the only 2 reasons why I left is because the training wasn’t really organized in an easy to follow manner and I also found the training and the tools a little expensive.

    I see the membership is still a little costly and there are upgrades. But saying that, the advantages certainly say a lot about Affilorama. 🙂

    Thanks ever so much for your review, Kevin.


    • Kevin Balcker -

      Thanks for giving your opinion about Affilorama. It’s true that the program is expensive but the good thing is that the free memebership gives a lot of value and you can signup as a free member forever. Something similar to Wealthy affiliate

  19. wilfred -

    Personally, I joined affiloblueprint in March of 2017 and had high hopes of making money from this course. The course has lots of disadvantages which are:

    1. Outdated tutorials. Most of the tutorials were created in 2011 and are not updated since then. Its very hard apply what they teach in those tutorials and relate to the challenges online users face in making money online in 2017.

    2. They hide alot about making money online. The course talks about making lots of money from evergreen niches like weight loss. But they forgot to add in their tutorials that the affiliate marketer must try those products so that they give honest review and win the heart of the soon to be buyer.

    3. Silent complaints in the forum. I checked their forum and noticed that some clients complained that they have not made a sale. Customer care responded that they did not follow the instructions correctly and yet we knew that they followed the instructions correctly. So instead of the clients trying to prove customer care wrong, they left the program with a bitter taste in the mouth.

    4. Poor outdated wordpress theme. Its so sad when they give us a 2011 wordpress theme thinking that it will attract customers to our site. My website kept on gettin 100% bounce rates.

    5. Its a blueprint. Its so sad when they tell us that we will make money after the 4th month of registering for the course. Then later on I realise that its just a blueprint.

    6. Harsh reality. In those tutorials they tell us that if we register of affilojet pack thats when we will make alot of money. Affilojet pack cost 1000 dollars! The question is why cheat us that we will make money from affiloblue print?

    Sorry for my criticism but just to inform everyone that yes they are people that paid 197 dollars for this course and did not get what they want.

    But feel free to join, maybe you shall be lucky to make money.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      I agree with you in most of the points, but I do believe it is still a useful training for beginners. I’m only subscribed to the free membership, so I understand that if you pay 197 USD and you don’t get results it’s really a shit. That’s why my #1 recommendation, if you are willing to pay for a training, is Wealthy Affiliate.
      I have created an article where I interviewed some of the most successful marketers, asking to tell me which training they recommend. You can check the results here: 20 EXPERTS REVEAL THE BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING TRAINING COURSES

      If you have nay doubt, just feel free to reach me out.

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