How to come up with ideas for a blog?

How To Come Up With Ideas For A Blog?

Blog writing is one of the most interactive mediums that we have today. Blogs have given everyone the freedom to express their thoughts on a variety of topics. You can find Blogs related to any niche like cooking, travelling, sports, films, etc.

In fact, it’s known that many famous personalities  write blogs as a medium to connect with their fans. If you are a blog writer then it might had happened that you got stuck with content creation. This is what we call the writer’s block. It happens when our thoughts and ideas just dry up, and we are unable to think of a real and interesting topic to write about.

Blogs are also an indirect way of promoting a product or service or redirecting the visitors to an individual website that offers something. Blogs must be fresh, short and very readable. If you go on and on about a particular topic, then people might lose interest. In fact, bloggers must have the ability to make ordinary and boring topics into an interesting one. There are in fact very simple ways to come up with new ideas for the blog.

1. Observe and write

With the internet and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) there is always a constant flow of news coming into your smartphone, tablet or laptop. These should serve as ideas for your blog. There are plenty of topics to write about. For example: sports, cooking, politics or even electronic devices. The key is to write as soon as a local news or event is happening as that will mean more traffic to your blog.

Writing about something that has happened a long time back will not get you the desired amount of traffic. (i.e. if a football event is due to take place in the next week or so, that is a good time to write a post).

2. Question and Answer

One of the most used ways to get ideas for a blog is to start with an interesting question.

With your niche in mind, start thinking about problems that people might be having. You can then go to Yahoo Answers, eHow or Quora and check all the questions that people are asking.

Doing this you will easily get 5 ideas very quick.

3. Look at your competition

What are they writing about? I’m 100% sure that there will be something you might have missed out.

I’m not telling to copy their content, absolutely not. This will harm your website, Google will penalize you and your rankings will drill down dramatically.

So, just take a good idea and prepare the topic with your own words targeting a +1,500 word post.