Cash for Invite Reviews 2020: [$1K a Week] Scam Program?


Being able to work at home and make money while being your own boss is a dream for many people. It’s also a promise that’s been made by Cash for Invite. Unfortunately, if your gut screams “no,” I can’t say that it’s wrong.

Nothing is that easy. Nothing in this world is free. However, before making a decision for yourself, you may need to get to know a bit more about this program and what it offers.

Cash For Invite Review

1. Cash for Invite Explained

Cash for Invite is a program that’s been around for a while. Even though this is true, their system has gone through some significant changes through the years. With that being said, it’s important to note that, in my opinion, the newer version isn’t much better than the original.

It offers the same link posting scheme that was present before, but there are more membership options available.

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2. How Does Cash for Invite Work?

Do you believe that this program could be legit? If so, you probably haven’t learned too much about it. How is it that you could just sit back (as the program claims) and earn real money for doing absolutely nothing more than inviting a few of your friends.

The first thing you should ask is – what exactly are you inviting your friends to do?

If you aren’t born into a lot of money or if you don’t have the pleasures of collecting interest off of lottery winnings, how exactly can you earn money for doing absolutely nothing?

When you sign up for Cash for Invite, what you will be doing is sharing the referral link provided with others who are online to earn money – that occurs when they sign up for the same program you have signed up for.

To receive your referral link you are going to have to choose one of the three membership options. The Basic program is $5 per month; Pro is $10 per month; and Ultimate is $15 per month. The difference between each of these membership plans is the amount you are able to earn for each referral, the wait time you have to go through before you receive a payment, and the number of referrals and banner ads.

A breakdown of each membership program is as follows:

The banner ads that are listed in these plan outlines are randomly displayed on the company’s website and they (according to the website) will drive traffic to your own website.

This alone doesn’t make sense, right? The goal is to drive traffic to the website – not to get traffic back.

You also want to make sure that your referrals (the ones you are sending to Cash for Invite to click on banner ads and then be redirected to another person’s website. Also, if you currently have a website, Cash for Invite isn’t going to be the right revenue stream.

 This isn’t the only strange issue that is related to these membership options.

3. Be Careful When Choosing Your Membership Option

After you have selected one of the membership options, you can’t ever upgrade it. I have been putting time and effort into reviewing and testing various money-making programs online for several years and this is something that I haven’t ever encountered before. This is either some type of clever scam to try to create a sense of urgency, or fear that after you pay five dollars and see what is really being done, you are never going to come back.

Perhaps it is a bit of both. However, in any case, this implies deception – that’s because it is an unnecessary, arbitrary decision – and it states that the company is not willing to be flexible.

 Any company that is driven by quality customer service will work with you to try to find the very best options available. Cash for Invite doesn’t offer this.


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4. Is Cash for Invite Review a Scam?

If you put some time into thinking about what’s going on with this program, you may come to the same conclusions that I have.

You sign up and pay the $5 to join Cash for Invite. If someone joins under you, you receive $3.00 from Cash for Invite, and they will keep $2.00 for themselves.

What is the service or the product that is being sold? The answer is – there isn’t one.

Cash For Invite Scam

There isn’t even a training program offered here. There is nothing – well, maybe one thing – a Ponzi Scheme.

There’s no viable income proof that is available, at least none that I could find. In fact, I could not find any claims that anyone had ever been paid from this company. In my opinion, it’s really starting to look just like a scam.

One of the things I consider when it comes to companies (or, in this case, scams – as it seems) like this is to look at the “buzz” that is on social media. If someone has developed a system where you are able to earn money without doing anything, this is going to gain some attention, right?

If you look for Cash for Invites one of the things you will find out is that they aren’t on social media. This is a huge red flat. However, it is important to note that there are some programs that have unique social platforms built in the website, but this isn’t the case with this company.

 In my humble onion, this program is a scam – and I am pretty careful when making these types of claims.

5. The Inner Working of This Scam

Usually, these things wind up being phishing scams. There are many that are free to join, but they will sell your email address along with other personal details that are gathered during the actual sign-up process. In some situations, they will even request that you add your bank account or PayPal account so that you can receive payment.

There are some people who use the exact same password for each of their accounts, too, which is also captured when they sign up for these types of schemes.

Also, Cash for Invite, just like any other phishing scam, will ask you for information that isn’t relevant to the program – in any way.

I have several memberships that include programs that are very reputable and that cost several hundred dollars to join – none of them request your gender or address. There is no reason that Cash for Invite requires this information, rather than to sell it.

 However, Cash for Invite doesn’t stop there – they have created a real-life Ponzi Scheme or money pyramid. In my opinion, you will do best to avoid this money-making scheme because that is all it is – as scam.

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