20 Experts Reveal The Best Affiliate Training Course 2019-2020

Many people ask me which is the best affiliate marketing training course and as I don’t like to be biased with my answer, I have asked this same question to 20 experts. Basically the interview consisted on these 2 questions:

As you may already know or experienced, there are lot of crappy products out there. Everyone claiming to have the best program of the industry. Take your time to read each interview and it will help you get an idea of which are the top legit programs that will boost your business.

I have tested a ton of products throughout my entire career. Mainly to have the necessary tools for writing the most detailed reviews and to give the best service to my readers. Before getting started with my business I bought some of the crappy products, so I know what some of you feel and that’s why I created this blog post.

Here, I will not give my point of view (If you are a frequent reader of Residual Income Secrets, you should already know it). Instead, I will leave the work to the experts and we’ll see what’s the result.

20 Internet Marketer Reveal the Best Affiliate Marketing Course!

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Affiliate Marketing Process

Check this 4 minute video to understand what is internet marketing and how can you profit from it:

Results of the Round-up



Wealthy Affiliate (14 votes) – Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com


Affilorama (7 votes) – Website: www.affilorama.com


SiteSell (2 votes) – Website: www.SiteSell.com


Fizzle / AffiliateU / Authority Hacker Pro / SEOThatWorks (1 vote)

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Experts voted for Wealthy Affiliate as the #1 Affiliate marketing training course. There is a Free membership offered which you can get by clicking on the button below. These are some of the features included on Wealthy Affiliate:

Interviewing the Experts

PJ Germain

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - PJ Germain

How Long Have You been in Business?

My business, Pure Residuals, was developed and launched in July of 2013. It is my primary website, but one of many over the previous 10-15 years of earning real money online. I have made thousands of dollars selling other peoples’ stuff for fantastic commissions and I truly enjoy doing it and teaching others how to get started and eventually become a full-time online marketer.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

In my opinion, after trying thousands of other programs Wealthy Affiliate is by far the very best. No hype, no empty promises, just real “nuts and bolts” training and the best blogging platform available to truly become a success. This 10+ year company is still doing it right.

My Second training program is Affilorama. They also have a solid platform and down-to-earth training but lack the finer elements and motivated community of experienced marketers that you’ll find within Wealthy Affiliate.

My third option would be the Chris Farrell Membership. Chris lays it out like it truly is and his training is also fantastic. Again, Wealthy Affiliate edges it out for several reasons, but Chris is the real deal also.

Steve Pronger

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Steve Pronger

How Long Have You been in Business?

I started stevepronger.com in 2002. Guess that makes me a bit of an old-timer. At first I was focusing on providing web design & hosting services but discovered affiliate marketing and decided it was much more fun and rewarding. I was offered a full time SEO consultant but recently moved back to affiliate marketing.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

My first experience with affiliate marketing was with SiteSell (Site Build It) and Ken Evoy. Ken’s book “Make Your Site Sell” was a revelation at the time and that led me to promoting SiteSell products. Although I’ve moved on from SiteSell I learnt a lot from that program and have a lot of respect for Ken.

Another early influence was Rosalind Gardner’s book “How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People’s Stuff Online”. Rosalind was the original “Super Affiliate”.

But my top program now would be Mark Ling’s Affilorama and associated programs AffiloJetpack and AffiloBluePrint. To me they offer the best newbie-friendly resources along with the tools needed by intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers.

John Vanderlaan

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - John Vanderlaan

How Long Have You been in Business?

I have been in business since 2007 when I built my first website with SBI.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

#1. Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate is my top choice for anyone interested in learning how to create an online business. The training is the best out there and websites and hosting are all included in the program. They also have a free option to join without a credit card so that you can see what is available in the program before you purchase.

#2. Site Build It – Site Build It is my second choice for learning how to create an online business. The training is very good and you get one website with hosting included. There is no free option, which is one of the reasons that it is not my first choice. I started here back in 2007 and the education that I received was very valuable and helped me to achieve a great level of success.

#3. Affillorama – Affilorama has some very good training but I am not a fan of all of the upsells. If you can get past all of the attempts to sell you more, I think you will benefit from the training.

Wesley Anderson

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Wesley Anderson

How Long Have You been in Business?

I have been in business since 2005, and still going strong.

I started out in online freelance and worked my way towards my own business in affiliate marketing. I used to write articles for websites around the world and also provided SEO and online marketing services for offline businesses.

I am now educating people on the basics and basis of online marketing and affiliate marketing because I’m a little tired of the generic information out there online. The info that you see today is over engineering the whole internet marketing process and affiliate marketing process.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

I’m glad to be part of a great community like Wealthy Affiliate…a member since 2014 because Kyle and Carson have a created an environment for people to learn as well as share information without all the hoorah and selling you see every where else.

As far as the best affiliate marketing training course out there. It’s really hard to say because I have seen a lot of programs come and go.

There was a good one called the 10k challenge but their information is so outdated, it’s ridiculous. There are a lot of mediocre programs out there. Which makes it difficult to present Wealthy Affiliate at times because people are so used to garbage programs out there now.

Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much the best kept secret online. Even though there are over 800,000 people within this community, the are still so many people missing out on this great platform. I call it the online business social network because that’s exactly what it is.

Steve Razinski

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Steve Razinski

How Long Have You been in Business?

I started my business in 2005 when I was a sophomore in college. I had a number of (failed) websites before starting I’ve Tried That in 2007. That’s been my main business ever since.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training course. You get way too much here for the price of your membership. Outside of WA, I like Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course for learning how to build a business using Amazon and Justin Cener’s Dropship Bootcamp for learning how to setup a dropshipping business through Shopify.



Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Marcus

How Long Have You been in Business?

I have currently been in business since January 2015, after a break of a couple of years. Before that I did some internet marketing since 2008.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

PotPieGirl’s One Week Marketing course was really about 7 or 8 years ago. Travis Sago’s Bum Marketing Method was the start for me in 2008. Dan Brock’s Profiton course (since rebranded as Deadbeat Super Affiliate) was quite good back in 2009. None of these methods really work anymore. though.

Wealthy Affiliate‘s approach these days is much more in line with what Google is looking for – creating high quality content that visitors actually want to read.

Loes Knetsch

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Loes Knetsch

How Long Have You been in Business?

Since July 2014 I read for the first time about affiliate marketing, I never heard of this way of working before. Until then, I have worked in MLM (multi-level-marketing). Which wasn’t that suitable for me. MLM is a very aggressive way of marketing, and you do need to harass everyone around you to join. That’s not quite me. Affiliate marketing works very different. You write reviews about products of a company, and when people decide to buy something after reading your review, you get a few percentage of the sale. That’s more my line of work.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

I don’t know that many. I started at the Wealthy Affiliate University, and it suited me so well, I stayed there. Also because their own affiliate program. You only need to refer 3 people to this education and you are in it for free. Every extra referral is pure profit.

Karl Kangur

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Karl Kangur

How Long Have You been in Business?

I’ve been in the internet marketing industry for over 8 years now and throughout that time I’ve seen thousands of online courses and training programs come and go. There are literally only three of them I’d be comfortable recommending.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

First of all – The 30-Day Challenge. This is a completely free 30-day course we put together over at MonetizePros. The goal of it is to teach you all of the critical skills in internet marketing while getting you to your first dollars in the first month as well as giving you a long-term road map to building out the business to something more serious.

Secondly – Authority Hacker Pro. The guys at Authority Hacker are the kings of content to my mind. They really know what they’re doing and they put in insane amounts of time into creating the highest quality of content. Not many people can compete with them.

Thirdly – Drop Ship Lifestyle. Although I’ve never done dropshipping myself, I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of successful location independent entrepreneurs who have started their businesses thanks to this course. I’ve also met the founder of the company and can vouch for them without having to worry about my reputation.


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Nathaniell

How Long Have You been in Business?

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for about 6 years now. I’ve been “full time”, meaning not having an outside job, for about 4 of those years. I’ve been involved in a variety of niches, but most of my money has always come from small affiliate programs rather than from Amazon or display ads like Adsense.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

#1: Wealthy Affiliate is great for newbies and for anyone that wants to make money on a budget. They focus on free traffic, and do not require you pay for things like an autoresponder, link building, or landing page builders.

#2: Another great program is Jon Dykstra’s Niche Tycoon. This focuses on paid traffic and outsourcing content to make money with Google Adsense (and similar programs). It requires a bit more of a budget, and also has less of a support community than Wealthy Affiliate, so it’s best for people with a bit of online marketing experience and some money to get their business going.

#3: Another guide I recommend is Traffic Blackbook, which focuses on PPC and converting landing pages. This one is the most complicated, but there’s loads of awesome info to get you going with paid ads and making money promoting affiliate offers (or your own).

Jamie Spencer

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Jamie Spencer

How Long Have You been in Business?

I’ve been in business now since 2009. It’s been the best thing I have ever done (apart from fathering my two amazing kids).

It’s given me freedom. Not just financially. Freedom to take my kids to school and be there for them at the end of the day at the school gates. That’s the most important thing for me when it comes to running my own business.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

I’ve heard some great things about Brian Dean’s seothatworks course. I know people who have done this course and are now earning $100k a month from affiliate marketing, and that isn’t bullshit. I know this for a fact. They followed his course to the book and have managed to carve out a very good monthly income from it.


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Lynne

How Long Have You been in Business?

I started working online in 2012 when I opened an online baby store. I knew nothing about working online. In 2015 I started blogging on another 2 websites I launched and by 2016 I closed my online store and changed it to a mommy blog. So now I have 3 blogs.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

John Miguel

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - John Miguel

How Long Have You been in Business?

I started working online in 2012 when I opened an online baby store. I knew nothing about working online. In 2015 I started blogging on another 2 websites I launched and by 2016 started my 3rd blog.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

#1: Wealthy Affiliate 

#2:  Product Launch Formula (very expensive and not really an affiliate program but great if you plan to release your own Product)

Tim Schmidt

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Tim Schmidt

How Long Have You been in Business?

Doing internet marketing since 2001.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

#1: AffiliateU

#2: OMG Machines


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Jack

How Long Have You been in Business?

I’ve started barenakedscam.com in late 2014, but before that, I’ve entered into many other business opportunities which turned out to be scams. So, if you asked me when is my actual starting date for my online business venture, I would say it is probably in 2013.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Training Courses?

Well, I know of many Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing Training programs which are top notch, but I couldn’t say that they are suitable for beginner/novice Internet Marketers.

If I can refine your question a little to “Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course for beginners”, I would say the following:

#1: Wealthy Affiliate

Leo Emery

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Leo Emery

How Long Have You been in Business?

I have been online as of 2000 and I have been making a full-time income online as of 2005.

Top Internet Marketing Training Courses?

If I had to list [the top] affiliate marketing courses I would say: 

#1: Wealthy Affiliate

#2: Affilorama

Tony Omary

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Tony Omary

How Long Have You been in Business?

I have been in business for about an year now running eliteaffilaiatehacks.com. It has been has been both fun and challenging because I started this business without my own computer or reliable internet connection.

Top Internet Marketing Training Courses?

While deciding the best programs, there are two things that I must check:

With that in mind. The following are the best Affiliate Marketing Training Course:

#1: Wealthy AffiliateOnline Business Starts Here. Really. There is a program by an EX WA Member proving that WA works. From training, keyword research tool, hosting, website builder, one on one support and the community you cannot fail. The training is step by step and easy to follow.

#2: Affilorama. Almost similar to wealthy affiliate in terms of training but the community is smaller and not as active. Premium membership is also higher.

Programs don’t make make you money. Its your creativity and consistency. Stop jumping from program to program. Take action in what your program has to offer and when you are established, take the next step by taking other courses.

Steph Hill

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Steph Hill

How Long Have You been in Business?

I started working as an affiliate marketer in 2015 when my father passed away and I needed a way to stay home full-time and care for my aging widowed mother. I enjoy having the personal freedom to do what I do.

Top Internet Marketing Training Courses?

The one that I really recommend and where I have learned what I know is Wealthy Affiliate. You get so much training, more than you can image and it is ongoing. Weekly webinars on relevant topics, the standard training to help you get running and all of the training created my veteran members, such as myself.

Kevin Mj

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Kevin MJ

How Long Have You been in Business?

I’ve been in business since 2002

Top Internet Marketing Training Courses?

The top is undoubtedly WA. No others come anywhere near close.

Andrew Shotland

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Andrew Shotland

How Long Have You been in Business?

I’ve have been in business for since 2006

Top Internet Marketing Training Courses?

internet marketing training the only one I have experience with is LocalU.org. It’s a great collection of Local search pros who provide invaluable advice. Definitely worth attending.

Paul A. Goodwin

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses - Paul Goodwin

How Long Have You been in Business?

My name is Paul Goodwin and I am now entering my second year in internet marketing.

Just over a year ago I became unemployed and so i needed to find how to make money fast… I found most things were actually scams and so wasted what little money I had on them.

Top Internet Marketing Training Courses?

It was by pure chance that I was reading an article written by a reporter. The article was about scams but at the end, offered the services of a Canadian Company. The company was called Wealthy Affiliate and they had been in business for 15 years and had at that time over 500,000 members and this somehow looked very serious. Today they have 760,000 members, which means they are certainly doing something right.

I decided to take a closer look because there were no fees to join and the training was free. You could make your own website and start to earn money. This all sounded too good to be true but I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and so I filled in the application form and joined.

I Have been working with Wealthy affiliate for a year. When I joined I was at the bottom of the group but I have very quickly moved up through the ranks to what is called an Ambassador. I am now at number 12 and very proud of what I have accomplished.

Final Thoughts - Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Thanks for all the internet marketer experts that participated and shared their knowledge with our Residual Income Audience!

This blog was intended to help all those who are struggling to start online and for those who don’t know which is the the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course.

If you still have any doubt or you need any particular internet marketing strategy, feel free to leave a message below and I will answer it as soon as possible. I will also appreciate if you share this article with your friends and colleagues!

All the best!



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Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses
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  1. PJ Germain -

    Hey Kevin,
    Awesome article! It was an honor to be listed among your Top 20 Experts in the Affiliate Marketing arena! There are some fantastic affiliate marketing training venues listed here and it’s easy to see the real winner that continues to stand out among the crowd.
    KUDOs brother!!!

  2. Dave -

    I love your best affiliate marketing courses list. Wealthy affiliate is the one program that has been rated by thousands of bloggers for almost a decade now.

    And I would highly recommend it too.

    It’s by far the best and most caring platform on the web. It caters for both the newbies and experts in an amazing way.

  3. Norman -

    Its amazing of the many affiliate programs that are out there where people are making a good living from them. For example the few that you mention that has such a great training model, wealthy affiliate tops them all because of the way this business is structure and I believe that wealthy affiliate has the best training program in the world when it comes to affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jeremy Hood -

    Hey I couldn’t help but agree with you and the experts about Wealthy Affiliate being number one!

    I have been there for about six months and I have learned a lot and my sites are starting to make money. I really thought the training was easy to follow and any time I have a question I always check with the community before even going to Google.

    I really enjoyed reading your expert’s answers, nice post!

  5. Hannah Levi -

    I was looking for the right place to learn internet marketing and for the right price too. It’s hard after being ripped off more times than I’d like to remember! I like your review and what people are saying about Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, I’m quite tempted to try it.
    How do I know that this program isn’t a rip off as well? Can I stay as a starter member without paying for as long as I want? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Hannah,

      Just hear what others are saying about Wealthy Affiliate and you will see this is not a scam. I tried it too and it was one of the training courses that helped me build one of my first business websites.

      You can stay as a starter member as long as you want. No need to put your credit card nor pay anything.

      Another program I recommed is Affilorama. They have some special done-for-you products that will make it easier to start but a lot more expensive than WA.

      Hope it helps but feel free to reach me out.

  6. Glen -

    Over the last 20 years, I have seen lots of training courses. I agree with most of your experts. Site Build It was the first good training course I took shortly after Ken Envoy launched it. I have gone the Affiliorama route and thought it was a good program for beginners. At the time I took the course, there weren’t many options for niches. I have heard good things about Chris Farrell’s program but personally have not taken it. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best program. Members learn to build an online business regardless of the niche(s) they select. Wealthy Affiliate also has a very strong support system in place. The active community of members means people can get their questions answered quickly.

  7. Kathy -

    This is a great list that you have compiled here Kevin. No doubt really that Wealthy Affiliate is THE best affiliate marketing training platform out there. I am a premium member, and proud of it.

    The WA environment is just perfect for both newbies and experts alike and for me the best part of it all is the support that you get inside. Besides the awesome community , the technical support from WA is really great, really responsive. Thanks for this post!

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Yeah, WA is a great training platform to start with. Especially, for the support, community and tools they provide.

      I like to combine both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama but with just one of them you will do perfectly well.

  8. Mr Bing -

    Hey watsup Kevin! What an excellent splash page for Wealthy Affiliate. I am a web developer, I made a semi-splash page on our product & services website to share Wealthy Affiliate with new visitors. But after seeing yours, I will definitely be upgrading it! I love the clean crisp feel of your design, it fits perfectly with WA resources.

    Also feel free to message me, and I will update you with the progress -and maybe even solicit your advice.

  9. Bishop -

    Thanks for taking the time to show us the value of these company. My mentor says that documentation beats conversation, and if so many people agree that Wealthy affiliate is the best program to join, then I must concur as well.

    If someone that is new to Internet Marketing, how long do you think it will take for them to see some investment with this program? Thank you for your input.

  10. TinyBelle -

    Man! I freaking LOVE all these top notch testimonials that you created!

    Thank you for taking the time to interview all these people, gather up all that information, and display it so beautifully.

    I have heard so many great things about Wealthy Affiliate,but I was still hesitant and finding this really takes the “is this a scam” stress off my shoulders.

    I am super duper excited to be entering the world of online marketing. My goal is to live in an RV and travel while still earning a decent income online and I know in my heart that Wealthy Affiliate will help get me there!

    Thank you again for this great post it really closed the deal for me!

    • Kevin Balcker -

      I’m glad you like the round-up Tiny 🙂

      I wish you all the best with your online business and feel free to reach me out if you have any doubt.

  11. Tar -

    Hello Kevin,

    Indeed it is the best guide for starters who would want to start their business online. It gives them confidence and belief that there is no second thought as to which affiliate training is trusted to gain knowledge. Mentioning Wealthy Affiliate, we can all agree it is the benchmark for other sites because of the transparency needed for site developers and the search engine websites such as Bing and Google.

  12. Jaclow -


    Its really wonderful to be able to read about the 20 Expert interviews with real and proven experience with the Chris Farrell Membership. I also tried Affilorama and it works pretty well.

    It’s the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course you can find on the Internet.The programme had help numerous newbie into successful Internet entrepreneurs worldwide.

    Thanks for sharing Kevin

  13. Dominic -

    Hi Kevin,

    Really enjoyed this article, great to read all of the expert opinions as there is just so much rubbish out there now. Have to agree with the top rated program at Wealthy Affiliate, I have been using their services I am now starting to see some reasonable income. Nice to know that there are other reputable options out there though.


    • Kevin Balcker -

      Yeah, Dom. There are a lot of scammers out there trying to promote high ticket program just for the sake of commissions. What I tried with this round up is to provide an unbiased opinion of each program and I think it work well.


  14. Martina -

    Hi Kevin,
    I was just reading your article and it seems like all of these experts are pointing primarily towards this one course – Wealthy Affiliate. Do you have anymore information about this course? What is it exactly and how does it work? Furthermore, I actually have a bit of experience myself with Affiliorama and I find that it’s so tough because of all the information. I get so overwhelmed. Is Wealthy Affiliate better in terms of this?

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Martina,

      You might want to check a deep analysis of Wealthy Affiliate on this post: “What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

      If you ask me, I like Wealthy Affiliate more than Affilorama mainly for 2 reasons:

      1) The low cost

      2) Integral program (tools, support, community interaction, website builder, etc).

      Hope it helps but feel free to reach me out if you have any doubt.

  15. Travis -

    Really good information to get some guidance on where to start with online marketing. These look to be legit sites and not get quick scams. I think people need to see that there are ways out there to make money online if you put in some work. Thanks for all the information and testimonials!

  16. Roman -

    Thank you for providing this information. It shows you really care about others making effort in Affiliate Marketing.

    What I want to mention is how Wealthy Affiliate is mentioned by literally most of the experts. I, personally, am doing the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate and I see it as very promising. It is just taking time, which I am willing to invest.

    I may look into these other resources suggested (e.g., Authority Hack Pro, Fizzle). It is always to get multiple perspectives.

    Thanks again!

    • Kevin Balcker -

      Hi Roman,

      If you are yet a newbie in all this affiliate marketing world, then Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for you. Also CFM (Chris Farrell Membership is a good fit for newbies).

      Just to let you know- affiliate marketing, as any other business, requires time and effort to make it profitable and successful. Unfortunately, it does not happen overnight as many so called “Guru’s” tell… but it works 100%.

      If you ever need any help, you can get in touch with me.

      All the best,

  17. Mike Mahaffey -

    Good review article! I like that you have so many witnesses.

    Some how I found Affilorama about 5 years ago, but like other people, I was afraid of wasting my money. What a mistake that was… I have spent $1000s and have downloaded a dump truck full of free “stuff” instead.

    After being around the web for a few years I know there are a lot of ways to make a little money, but I haven’t found anything at all to compare with the knowledge, and mentoring that comes out of Affilorama.

    • Kevin Balcker -

      I’m sorry to hear that you wasted thousands of dollars on useless material but it’s good to know that you find your way to earn money online 🙂

      Wish you all the best, Mike.

  18. Mukhtiar Ali Khan -

    Thanks, Really Love to see your great information shared in this article. This article will really help to newbies who are interested in learning Affiliate Marketing.

  19. Harish Kumar -

    Hi I am newbie affiliate marketer. I am looking for the course on affiliate marketing, please tell me how can I contact you, keep doing great work

  20. John Smith -

    Really interesting post, thank you so much for sharing! I’m just starting out with blogging and affiliate marketing review, maybe you could check it out: xxxxxx Also made a post on ClickBank and its new affiliate marketing training courses.

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