About Me

A Little About Me

I’m Kevin. I’m 25 years old and affiliate marketing is part of my life now. It was back on 2010 when I invested my first dollars on a training Course called “Google Sniper” and unfortunately, money was lost. It was a scam training course which didn’t drive any value to me. (Go here to my Google Sniper Review)

After that, I got frustrated and left what I thought it was the most profitable and successful business. (And it is!). Some months later, I  gave it a second chance and started digging into free stuff. I learned a lot when I finally came across with Wealthy Affiliate. I really got in Love in the “How to make money online from home” business and it was there where I really got passion about it. (You can check here how Wealthy Affiliate works and its features.)

I was 100% Skeptical of the Make Money Online From Home Business until the day when I earned my first 47 Dollars from an affiliate sale. After this, I realized that this was possible and that it was just a matter of learning from the right sources and from the right mentors.


want to mention that I created this site to shorten your learning pathway and for you to get the best courses, the best tips, and the best resources to avoid you going through my frustrated baptism.

Here you will find all the things I’ve been using and that are creditable to me. (Tools I Use Here)