Scam Review 2020: [$10K a month] or Scam?


When I first encountered Amazon Secrets, the prospect of being able to make six figures online was pretty appealing. Unfortunately, after reading a few reviews, I became concerned that this is likely yet another scam, designed to steal thousands of dollars

Of course, this was just my first impression. I decided to take a deep dive into the system to see what it was really about and if it was legitimate or a scam. My findings are here for you to use.
Amazon Secrets Review Scam

UPDATE 2020: This course is down and their owners are involved in a Lawsuit with Amazon. If you want to learn a legit way of earning money online jump to section 6.

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1. The 411 About Amazon Secrets

This program is owned by Matthew and Mike, who have been working in the Amazon business for a while now. A good feature of this particular program is that these are real people who have worked the business successfully.

Together, they put the program Amazon Secrets together to help and teach others how to begin selling through Amazon as an FBA merchant.

What this means is that you are an actual brand on Amazon and that you are selling physical products. FBA actually means “fulfilled by Amazon.” This means you can send your items to Amazon, and then the company will fulfill the orders and take control of customer service.

The business this program is selling is teaching you how to sell real products through Amazon. Your main job is to find the products that you would like to sell, source them from China (or another low-cost country), and then work with the manufacturer to have the products shipped to the U.S.

Additionally, you have to learn how to brand the products you are selling and how to make sure your product shows up on the first page of results in Amazon when someone searches for what you offer – this is (in my opinion) the most important part of the process.

While you can find a product with huge profit margins; however, if there’s no one buying it, you aren’t going to make a profit.

When you begin going through the program, you will find that it seems like Matt and Mike have all the answers. While they may have found success – you have to wonder, are they really that good of teachers?

2. The Inner Workings of Amazon Secrets

I believe that the biggest appeal of Amazon Secrets is that you can be mentored by people who have found success in the industry. You can even join a group on Facebook of their “inner circle” that provides you a bit more insight and help.

The claim is that all coaches have a minimum of a six figure business – but I have heard about this in the past and all that I have found is that these are just claims of greatness made by a sales rep who are trying to convince you to make an upgrade and spend more.
Amazon Secrets Review Scam

3. Is the Program Going to Work for You?

The answer to this is complicated – as, success is dependent on several factors. Before you delve into this program, you should think about a few other things.

If you have never sold anything through Amazon, this may not be a good business model. It isn’t something you can just decide to begin doing one day without any prior experience or knowledge. Finding the right products is the least of the issues you are going to face. The real problem is working with suppliers from China – working with Aliexpress or another supplier online isn’t going to provide the bet results, so you have to consider this.

4. Red Flags Related to Amazon Secrets

There are several red flags that I have found related to this particular program. Some of the biggest red flags that make me shy away from this wealth building program include:

5. Conclusion: Scam

In the end, I don’t think that the Amazon Secrets program is a scam. I do think these two individuals can teach you important skills about being an FBA business and hey seem to have a genuine approach to building this business.

However, I have found that some of the marketing tactics used by this company aren’t necessary. If you have a quality program or product, these things aren’t really necessary. Also, I have a few reservations due to the red flags that I mentioned above.

The fact is, selling on Amazon is a legitimate business that anyone will be able to get into – but I don’t think this program is for everyone. You need quite a bit of play money just to get started. As a result, if you don’t have a big bank roll to get started with, then this program may not be a smart option.

 If you want to start selling on Amazon, there are free resources provided by the actual Amazon site – which means you don’t have to make an investment to learn what to do. In my opinion, this is going to be the best way to learn everything about being a seller and earning a profit. Keep in mind, this is a risk business – as there is no guarantee that the products you choose will sell, which is why you need to consider how you are going to approach this business.

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