This Is Why Amazon Reviews Matter for Ecommerce

Are your Amazon sales in need of a boost?

Selling on this platform is a great way to make money online. They are one of the largest online stores in the entire world.

This company allows sellers to list their own items for sale but it’s tough for a seller to succeed on a large website like Amazon without having positive reviews. Not having any feedback impacts your conversion rate which affects your revenue. Customers want to see that others have used a product and found it useful.

One way to research a product is to see other people’s experience with it. Receiving Amazon reviews from customers offers many benefits for your online store.

Keep reading to find out how reviews can improve your e-commerce efforts.

Amazon Reviews Create Trust

Are you more likely to buy something with many reviews or no reviews at all? Knowing someone else has tried and liked a product makes you feel more inclined to try it.

The feedback helps to create trust in the seller as well as the product. Sellers with no feedback aren’t providing any evidence that customers are satisfied or have even purchased from their store.

85.57% of people read reviews before making an online purchase. Reading reviews of your products gives a customer peace of mind.

Valuable Market Research

Not having any feedback at all leaves consumers and the business in the dark about product quality. Obtaining Amazon reviews lets a company know what they are doing right and wrong and is an essential peg on the customer service ladder.

Reviews let you know what your audience likes and dislikes and helps companies to learn more about their target demographics.

Having constructive criticism from customers is a valuable form of market research data among a wide range of people. Monitoring merchant and customer data provides market research about you and the competition.

You will undoubtedly have competitors. Study reviews of their business and products to find what customers praise and dislike about what they offer.

You don’t have to learn new software or buy a program for this research. You’ll only need a bit of time and patience.

Don't Worry About a Negative Review

Sellers are sometimes fearful of collecting feedback. One reason for this fear is seeing the negative criticism. No one wants to log into their seller account to see a bad review waiting for them.

Research shows a negative review isn’t as bad as you might believe. One study found that they can improve conversion rates by 67%.

Some customers are suspicious of every comment being perfect. A negative review provides insights into what might be legitimate product problems. Fixing these problems could mean increased sales for the future.

We would still be drinking New Coke if Coca-Cola hadn’t listened to their customers. Having positive reviews is great but where you get them from is critical for the trust of a customer.

Amazon is a Trusted Domain

Many online shoppers know all about Amazon. In recent years, the platform has branched out to offering music, movie, and television streaming services.

People trust an authority website more than an unknown competitor. Having Amazon reviews shows customers they are buying from a website they can trust and helps to have your product listing show up higher on the results page.

How to Get Non-Incentivized Reviews from Customers

In the past, many companies would offer a free product in exchange for a review. This strategy worked well to get a flood of reviews for products but there was a problem.

People receiving incentivized products were 12 times less likely to give a one-star rating. People took notice of the skewed review scores. Amazon responded by disallowing this shady business practice.

You don’t have to give away product to boost your ratings. Your competitors are likely feeling the same as you are about this problem.

There are creative ways to ask customers for Amazon reviews. You want to compel customers to share their experience with your product.

Marketing Inserts Work Well

You don’t want to bluntly ask for a comment and leave it at that. One way companies communicate with customers is through marketing inserts.

Placing inserts inside of an order shows you appreciate each customer. Let the customer know how much you value their business with a few kind words.

One great tactic is to include a discount for a future order in an insert. The insert can contain a message of appreciation as well as a polite request to leave a review.

Sending Emails to Customers

Contacting customers through email for a review is a great idea if done the right way. It’s important you don’t spam customers with many emails. Sending spam will be detrimental to your efforts.

You can send a series of emails over the course a few days or weeks. In these emails, you’ll want to thank the customer. The next email could contain more information about said product including tips.

Next, send an email politely asking a customer to share what they thought of the product.You’ll want to offer value in the emails you send to a customer. People receive enough spam in their inbox already.

Don’t add to the problem. Giving your messages value ensures you build trust with your customers.

Having reviews is extremely beneficial for e-commerce. Selling on Amazon is a way to potentially make hefty income. Keep the previously mentioned tips in mind and start working on growing your reviews.

Having great content on your site can also make a huge difference. Informative content and blog posts will continue to establish you as an authority and trusted seller.

Now all you need is an amazing content writer! Contact us to get pointed in the right direction!